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  1. Re: Fragrances for classic Guerlain lovers to try

    Seconded, also adding Houbigant, Jovoy, Frederic Malle, Le Couvent des Minimes, Lutens as further houses to test almost in their entirety and irrespective of gender, exclusiveness/regularity of their...
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    Re: Oud/Aoud for an ignoramus

    Would also recommend a few of the more Western and/or more easy access takes on oud at first, including but not limited to:
    YSL M7 and its Oud Edition flanker, Habit Rouge EDP, Mystique Homme and...
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    Re: Why do people do this ?

    Tending to agree with all the posts expressing so far that the alcohol contained has to dry down, the notes settle and/or the first impression turn into a more long term one.

    In fact, often the...
  4. Re: Smooth, supple, sophisticated nighttime leather

    Among the more inexpensively priced choices, perhaps also:

    Avon Black Suede Touch and/or Black Suede Leather, Yves Rocher Cuir Vetiver, Daniel Hechter Cuir Sensuel, Pierre Cardin Cuir Intense,...
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    Re: Vintage Scent of the Day

    vintage Old Spice EDT splash
  6. Re: A Lounge Just For Us "Over-Sprayers" - 2021

    10 dabs from a splash bottle of Old Spice
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    Re: SOTD: Friday, 15th January, 2021

    Old Spice EDT
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    Sticky: Re: Synchronized Fridays 2021

    Great sync idea and fairly easy to personally join-with both current and vintage options around the sync theme available.
  9. Re: What other fragrances are there,in the style of Blenheim Bouquet?

    This one happening to be a personal favorites, have gotten among the recommendations Cefiro by Floris.
    But also tending to second especially Opus 1870 and Pino Silvestre from the recommendations...
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    Re: Which perfumes to try next ?

    Would stay with most if not even this entire list and add/second almost any Memo Paris fragrance available for testing, particularly the Les Echapees line.
    Same with most if not any Guerlain...
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    Re: Male's 35-40, would you wear A&F Fierce?

    Incidentally being in this age group as well, would not have a problem with wearing Fierce and maybe also further A&F scents
  12. Re: Oud + flowers(incl. rose) sampling suggestions

    Many great recommendations so far, also adding Rose Oud by Yves Rocher (actually quite unisex) and also two Guerlain highlights, namely Habit Rouge EDP from the regular and Songe d'un Bois d'Ete from...
  13. Re: Brut Cologne 25.6oz size...becoming expensive?

    While no expert on the pricing of Brut bottles (especially in larger sizes of this) still considering this a fairly advantageous price/by both the standards of a Brut enthusiast and even for no...
  14. Re: Recommdtions Orange Woody Dry ( something between Bigarade Concentrée and Eau d'Hermes )

    Maybe also certain both dry as well zesty aspects of Jaguar (green bottle) for Men, with certain woody hints especially in its vintage rendition
  15. Re: Icy Cold Fragrance That Resembles the Coldness of Winter

    Maybe also (and not just due to the naming) Glacier by Oriflame
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    Re: Vintage Scent of the Day

  17. Re: A Lounge Just For Us "Over-Sprayers" - 2021

    6 ample sprays of Lomani
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    Re: SOTD: Wednesday, 13th January, 2021

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    Re: Cheap frags but top shelf smell?

    Many great recommendations, also adding:

    Chevignon Brand for Men
    Best of Chevignon
    Caractere by Daniel Hechter
    most Halston scents including Z-14 and 1-12
    Sir Irisch Moos
    Ginepro Nero by...
  20. Re: What male fragrances come to mind when you think of a texture: soft

    Especially Dior Homme plus flankers, mainly due to the smoothness of its iris but also cocoa, vanilla notes.
    Same with Endymion EDC, this time mainly due to the creamy feel of lavender, again...
  21. Re: Imagine a scent with these ingredients

    Great idea. While both enjoying herbal and/or perfumy smelling liqueurs and also fragrances with a comparable (even if not identical) note profile, so far mostly found such options-though imperfectly...
  22. Re: I'm new to fragrences, and constantly worried about "overspraying."

    Mostly seconded, as long as you enjoy the fragrances worn AND gradually find out (including with trail and error) what works best not just for yourself but also most of your interactions and...
  23. Re: $100 for 3.4oz of Dior Eau Sauvage parfum a good deal or just normal!?

    From a personal viewpoint alone:
    while fairly within the quite regular/average price range, seconding the opinions that this rate remains fairly affordable even slightly advantageous
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    Poll: Re: Tom Ford Ombre leather VS Tuscan Leather

    If having to choose, to go for and to recommend only one of these two: the choice would likeliest be Tuscan Leather
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    Re: Vintage Scent of the Day

    One Man Show
  26. Re: A Lounge Just For Us "Over-Sprayers" - 2021

    8 sprays of One Man Show
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, 12th January, 2021

    One Man Show
  28. Re: Name a fragrance and the person you envision wearing it

    A native of and/or frequent visitor of the French Riviera, of a rather dapper, simply while also conservatively style and fashion sense:

    Caron pour un Homme in the past, l'Occitan by l'Occitane...
  29. Re: doubts about the blind purchase of eucris edp

    Even if there is still the possibility to sell/swap etc. the EDP version of Eucris when in doubt or if too similar with the current collection (while also agreeing on the greatness and variety of the...
  30. Re: Looking for recommendations! Female newbie :)


    Already many great scents recommended, also taking the liberty to add in no further particular order to a possible (re) testing and/or ultimate purchasing list especially:

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    Re: Game Day! 2021 Edition

    Have not made any plans yet, so will quite likely wear whatever happens to be the next/respective SOTD anyway.
    However if attending (especially should the current lock-down eventually end, ideally...
  32. Re: A Lounge Just For Us "Over-Sprayers" - 2021

    8-9 sprays of Zino
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, 11th January, 2021

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    Re: Dried fruits and Dates note

    Also adding ADP Fico the Amalfi, however more off topic since having rather a fig note, same with vintage Globe by Rochas and also most of the unisex Lubin EDP (however still very appropriate for...
  35. Re: Recommdtions Orange Woody Dry ( something between Bigarade Concentrée and Eau d'Hermes )

    Also adding the ADP scent Arancia di Capri from the Blue Mediterraneo fragrance line or, at a much more affordable price than the the first: Accordo Arancio by l'Erbolario
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    Re: Sample Purchasing Behavior Poll

    Voted for C-partly for not always looking for a specific house alone (though having certain long term preferences) but due to being rather interested in testing and knowing as much as possible from...
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    Re: Four kinds of fragrances - please help

    1- Sir Irisch Moos, Tsar by Van Cleef&Arpels

    2- Mugler Cologne

    3- Ginepro Nero by l'Erbolario, Opus 1870 by Penhaligon's

    4- Solo Loewe Intense, Solo Loewe Cedro, ADG Profumo
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    Re: Which three do you like best?

    Owning both this and also Anateus as well as Armani Eau PH and enjoying all three very much- can say that while Versace l'Homme has a marginal resemblance with both of the latter two beyond just a...
  39. Re: is there somthing more densed and concentrated than PARFUM?

    Seconded, so far did not encounter any stronger scent concentrations yet
  40. Re: what is the most asthetically appealing perfume u know?

    Likely too many to think of, but especially a few vintage Creeds like REL, the 7 Parfums Capitaux series by Jovoy and a few (mostly vintage offerings) by classic French designer and niche houses like...
  41. Re: The Carousel of Fragrance 'Collecting' - does it ever stop?

    While personally not considering myself a collector, the carousel might actually stop o significantly slow down if at least two factors are met, ideally at once: 1) a more easy/readily available...
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    Re: Vintage Scent of the Day

    Bogart Signature
  43. Re: A Lounge Just For Us "Over-Sprayers" - 2021

    6 abundant sprays of Bogart Signature
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    Re: SOTD: Sunday, 10th January, 2021

    Bogart Signature
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    Re: Original ADP Colonia but without herbals?

    Maybe also Hugh Parsons Yellow, Boucheron pour Homme EDP and Etro Lemon Sorbet to certain extents
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    Re: The Four Families of Fragrance Fandom

    While having found the sweet spot in Armani Eau pour Homme and a few more classic male designer and also niche scents like Knize Ten-few to none of these personal favorites are truly outstanding in...
  47. Re: Recommendations next purchase ( any good or must here ? )

    From this list recommending and likely to personally go for at some point:
    Lalique White, The Body Shop White Musk, the current formulation of Ungaro III, both the d'un Soir and the Parfum flanker...
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    Re: What's trendy on Basenotes currently?

    Seconding especially Polo and Aventus, while rare (er) niche, designer exclusive, artisan/alternative scents and fragrance houses in general (though this seems a more prevalent-longer term trend here...
  49. Re: The most "different than expected" fragrances

    Also remembered Azzaro PH and Tuscany by Aramis (at least the vintage versions of each) to be both more Oriental, heady and/or beast mode than the final re-testings before the full bottle purchases...
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    Re: Vintage Scent of the Day

    Vintage C&E Sandalwood
  51. Re: A Lounge Just For Us "Over-Sprayers" - 2021

    6 hefty sprays of C&E Sandalwood
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday, 9th January, 2021

    C&E Sandalwood
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    Re: Jasmine, leather, smoke...and watermelon

    Have yet to find any scent which manages to combine all these notes at once.
    Jasmine, leather, smoke in one single scent at once-no problem, yet still have to find a scent that adds the forth note...
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    Sticky: Re: Synchronized Fridays 2021

    In the end have chosen an icy scent to join the sync, namely Individual Blue by Avon
  55. Re: The most "different than expected" fragrances

    Among the testing and wearing impressions/experiences had so far: likely vintage Guerlain Heritage in its EDT concentration-always remembering this fragrance as a solidly crafted and good quality...
  56. Re: Can you help me find a cologne that I will LOVE?

    Great recommendations already, also adding to a possible (re) testing list:
    Eau des Baux, Guerlain Homme Intense and most of the l'Homme Ideal range, Endymion by Penhaligon's, Jaipur Homme EDP,...
  57. Re: A Lounge Just For Us "Over-Sprayers" - 2021

    8 sprays of Individual Blue by Avon
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    Re: SOTD: Friday, 8th January, 2021

    Individual Blue by Avon
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    Re: The best "woodsmoke" fragrances

    More affordable, to certain extents: Mugler Pure Wood, R&G Open, Derrick by Orlane, Kenzo Woody, Zara Exclusive Oud

    In the pricier while still great value for money category: likely the...
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    Sticky: Re: Synchronized Fridays 2021

    Might join the sync (being the first snow not only this year but also this winter - at least as far as can remember - where I live) with something icier and cooler/colder in the current personal...
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    Re: Pick Your Tobacco Scent

    Out of the ones listed in the thread staring post: Franck Boclet Tobacco.
    Mainly due to being available pretty much anywhere and on realistic budget categories, while also remaining a fairly...
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    Re: Vintage Scent of the Day

    vintage Old Spice EDT in a splash bottle version
  63. Re: A Lounge Just For Us "Over-Sprayers" - 2021

    More than 12 dabs from a splash bottle of Old Spice
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, 7th January, 2021

    Old Spice EDT
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    Re: Armani - Eau de Cedre

    Did test this a few times in the past and enjoyed it every time, enough to consider owning and wearing this.
    However these particular samplings/testings did happen quite significantly before...
  66. Re: Best Gentlemen Fragrance for 55+ year old man?

    Many great recommendations already, also adding:

    Azzaro pour Homme l'Eau
    Opus 1870 by Penhaligon's
    Boucheron pour Homme EDP
    Lalique Homme EDP
    Guerlain l'Homme Ideal Cologne and/or Guerlain...
  67. Re: Similar perfumes to Chanel Paris-Deauville/eau de rochas/eau de campagne?

    While unfamiliar with the first, knowing the latter two well enough to recommend (at least partly along these lines) as possibly similar testing suggestions-at least but not exclusively the...
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    Re: Which three do you like best?

    If having to choose and to recommend only three from these, would go for and endorse especially-without any further particular order: Armani Eau pour Homme, Creed BDP, Gucci Nobile (however without...
  69. Re: Does Eau Fraiche perfumes also have head & middle & base note?

    Seconded, even if less perceptible, cannot know, understand nor explain why these notes should be entirely absent rather than at least with (marginal) hints of each note groups/types/phases
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    Re: Masculine & seductive fragrances!?

    1- both are still quite reasonably priced at least compared to their quality/value for money ratio and do have a certain style likelier to be complimented nowadays

    2- the notes actually differ...
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    Re: Vintage Scent of the Day

    Meanwhile discontinued Trussardi Jeans Men
  72. Re: A Lounge Just For Us "Over-Sprayers" - 2021

    6 hefty sprays of Trussardi Jeans Men
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    Re: SOTD: Wednesday, 6th January, 2021

    Trussardi Jeans Men
  74. Re: Can you help me find a somewhat affordable cologne that will WOW me?

    Among the fresher types: Best of Chevignon, Lalique Homme EDP

    among the sweeter ones on a reasonably affordable budget: Jacques Bogart PH, Aramis Havana, Jaipur Homme EDP
  75. Re: Has fear of reformulation, discontinuation etc. ever affected your buying to an unreasonable ext

    Not so far in terms of wildly overpriced extravagant shopping sprees, purchases and/or seeking out, sourcing possible future purchases beyond any budget but also any scheduling limits. To the point...
  76. Re: A fragrance tha makes you think of pride and prejudice

    Mr. Darcy- Creed REL that reportedly already existed before the book was released, plus matching his persona and (at least public) image anyway

    almost any character in the book, with genderless...
  77. Re: Interesting/unique contemporary summer scents...

    Many great recommendations already, also adding most of the fragrances within Blu Mediterraneo scent line by ADP, most of the Azzaro PH limited edition summer flankers, Best of Chevignon, Cerruti...
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    Re: Vintage Scent of the Day

    Mid 2000s Eau de Cedre Bleu by Yves Rocher
  79. Re: A Lounge Just For Us "Over-Sprayers" - 2021

    8 sprays of Eau de Cedre Bleu
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, 5th January, 2021

    Yves Rocher Eau de Cedre Bleu
  81. Re: Lowest temp a bottle of EdT can take before starting to freeze or otherwise go bad?

    Slightly below room temperatures but still (slightly) above zero degrees to fully be certain the fragrance is neither spoiled nor otherwise affected-though can also imagine that a fragrance might...
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    Re: Jovan Sex Appeal

    Also a personal fan of this one here-less or insignificantly so due to its very low price and far more due to the classic notes profile this one imparts
  83. Re: Fragrances that seem to lift your spirits when you're feeling down

    Apart from the vast majority if not nearly the entire visible and publicly available current wardrobe anyway (including most of the "tested", "previously owned" sections), generally almost any...
  84. Re: Name a fragrance and the person you envision wearing it

    Knize Ten- any Roaring 20s Viennese or European dandy
  85. Re: Got Pi by Givenchy as present, is this really an ok male fragrance?

    Based strictly on the experiences with the vintage or at least early 2000s version of this one, did perceive this as masculine enough as well as an altogether good fragrance
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    Re: Cities- fragrances?

    Lady Knize-Vienna, particular the historical areas, landmarks and buildings
  87. Re: The last perfume that matched a movie perfectly ?

    Have sighted several powerhouse classic French 70s/80s feminine and masculine powerhouses-displayed during a bathroom scene and further bedroom scenes during the 1986 French film "La Gitane" directed...
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    Re: Aramis 900 vs. Clinique Aromatics Elixir

    Likely preferring Aramis 900 due to an added classic/timeless type of note doubled by worthy/rewarding performance
  89. Re: What are 5 fragrances that are criminally underrated?

    Too many to think of, but at least some of the following may qualify including but not limited to (in no further particular order):

    Floris Elite
    Bogart Signature
    Knize Forest
    Tuscany Uomo...
  90. Re: A Lounge Just For Us "Over-Sprayers" - 2021

    8 sprays of Boucheron PH
  91. Re: Carolina Herrera CH Men or CH Men Prive?

    Though liking both quite a bit, slightly preferring Prive based mostly if not strictly/exclusively on performance (in comparison of these two) alone
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    Re: SOTD: Sunday, 3rd January, 2021

    Boucheron PH EDP
  93. Re: Overrated fragrances that you ACTUALLY enjoy (LIST 5!)

    While having little to no idea about what is actually underrated, the personal preferences might include especially the following ones (some if not most of whom are flankers of quite famous and...
  94. Re: What do you think is the best MEN'S fragrance + flanker line?

    Seems that Dior masculine fragrance lines, be they from the Eau Sauvage, but especially the Dior Homme and Fahrenheit line do have a good track record here.

    Towards the lower and more affordable...
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    Re: Share your blind buy statistics!

    Without having used any significant or effective calculation tools/apps etc. to sum up, total and determine the final figures, roughly 35% to nearly half of the wardrobe were blind buys (possibly...
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    Re: Ginepro Di Sardegna

    Not just because of the name and country of provencance but likely also due to a somewhat comparable style and main ingredient/note: Ginepro Nero by l'Erbolario
  97. Re: 2021 edition: Post your pic and other posters will pick a fragrance you look like you'd wear

    Frederic Malle Geranium pour Monsieur
  98. Re: My Vintage Perfume Wish List - January 2021

    A few of the established male classics with very limited availability and quite significant critical acclaim, along the lines of but not limited to:
    Gucci Nobile and the initial 1970s male Gucci,...
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    Re: Vintage Scent of the Day - Q1 2021

    One Man Show
  100. Re: A Lounge Just For Us "Over-Sprayers" - 2021

    8 sprays of One Man Show
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