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  1. Poll: Re: Battle of the Declarations - original EdT or Parfum?

    Me too!
  2. Re: Are there YSL Rive Gauche alternatives that actually smell the SAME?

    Divine L'Homme Sage is in the same ballpark, and smells great too.
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    Re: Dior Homme Eau for men!!

    I don't think Dior Homme Original is Dior Homme Eau renamed. Right? A sales associate told me that the Dior Homme Original name was given to the last (old now) Dior Homme version, because the...
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    Re: What Do You Think Of Le Labo Overall?

    I like the fragrances very much. I own a bunch of Le Labo. The quality is excellent, but over the past few years the output of new fragrances has fallen off, and very few new and exciting directions...
  5. Re: New Armani code Eau de Parfum!? Anybody try this one yet?

    Have not found this new version anywhere to try yet, but from the review above it definitely goes on the list.
  6. Re: Latest Giorgio Armani - Acqua Di Gio Profondo!

    I prefer Profundo and Profumo best of the AdG products. Bottle worthy on both! I can not handle Instinct at all - bad reaction to the synthetic woods in that one.
  7. Re: Can you help me find a somewhat affordable cologne that will WOW me?

    These are light but and fresh like your DH Cologne, but also have some aromatic herbal character that you might like:
    • Cartier Declaration Essence
    • Frapin L'Humaniste
    Might try going...
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    Re: Where are you in your fragrance journey?

    I started out interested in finding unusual and artistically vibrant fragrances to wear. Then it became a collection of variations and I intellectualized things by trying to discover, collect and...
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    Re: Fragrances that "WOW" you recently?

    Very impressed with the perfumes from Prin and Parfums Prissana. I could make a list but honestly they are all pretty good and above average in creative content.
  10. Re: Luna Rossa Carbon by Prada, is Rich in Lavender ?

    Smells like a Dior Sauvage only smoother. I like it more than Sauvage - very similar.
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    Re: Sweet Cinnamon Frags?

    Sherbert Series 5: Cinnamon by Comme des Garçons
  12. Re: Good Fragrances with Saffron ( not necessary noticiable note )

    Smoke Show
  13. Re: Is Comme des Garcons still relevant in 2020?

    Thanks for this post Andyjreid. I have wondered exactly the same thing - what happened to Comme des Garcons? They haven't advanced from their early fun loving and post modernist fragrance...
  14. Re: Recommendations, something beteween ( TDifferentCompany Bois DIris and Prada L'Homme EDT)

    Some good masculine iris that are different from those you mention are:

    New Sibet, Slumberhouse - nice combination of iris, leather, soapy spice etc.
    Iris Nazarena, Aedes de Venustas - the most...
  15. Re: Your Current Favorite Fresh/Aquatic Fragrances Niche/Designer?

    "Fresh/Aquatic" leaves a lot to chose from. But these are ones I've been enjoying lately:

    AdG Profondo
    Aventus Cologne
    Orlov Sea of Light
    Atelier d'Ors Riviera Drive
    Voyage d'Hermes
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    Re: Gillette Cool Wave deodorant

    Kryptomint by T. Mugler blends the mint nicely but takes this in a powdery barbershop direction.
    Iridium by T. Daxon would compliment Cool Wave Gillette and enhance the cool airy natural aspects....
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    Re: Looking for a rich spicy scent

    Comme des Garçons Black Pepper
  18. Re: What is your favorite Maison Christian Dior fragrance?

    Favorites are: Purple Oud, Balade Sauvage, Oud Ispahan, Spice Blend, Santal Noir, Patchouli Imperial
  19. Re: Tom Ford, Remaking The Same Fragrance, & Tom Ford for Men EDT v Gucci Envy (and Fougere d'Argent

    Interesting thread. I have also wondered about the evolution of Tom Fords new work and why did Gucci and YSL try to erase and remove all trace of the TF fragrances from their brands - even if it...
  20. Re: Your favorite fragrances with a prominent dark chocolate note

    Cocao Azteque, Perris Monte Carlo
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    Re: Penhalligon Recommendations must try

    ++ As Sawira, Halfeti,

    + About the Duke, Savoy Steam, Cairo, Agarbathi
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    Re: Mature and refined " SPORT " fragrances

    These smell sports appropriate to me, but are not labelled as "sport" by name.

    Creed Tabarome Millesime
    Heretic Dirty Ginger
    Divine L'Homme Sage
    Santa Maria Novella Marescialla
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    Re: Vetiver fragrances inventory: under-the-radar

    Forgive me if already on the list, but these --

    Dear Polly by Vilhelm Parfumerie - one of the worlds most civilized vetiver scents - top ten on my list.
    Green Water Parfum, Fath's Essentials -...
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    Re: Best Landmark Fougere

    El Arquiste for Men - a great fougere that smells both old and new.
  25. Re: Rive gauche similarities to pluriel and braken man?

    Not many similarities there! But, they are all three nice fragrances.
  26. Re: Best lesser know or underappreciated frags (NICHE AND DESIGNER) for $200 and below!!

    Under appreciated due to confusing marketing is Givenchy Gentleman Parfum and also the Givenchy Gentleman Cologne version. Parfum (black bottle) is more patchouli dominant and the Cologne (white...
  27. Re: Rank the best Maison Francis Kurkdjian fragrances

    For MFK
    1. Baccarat Rouge 540 extrait
    2. MFK Oud, or Oud Extrait de parfum
    3. Lumière Pour Homme
    4. Petit Matin
    5. Oud Satin Mood extrait
    6. Absolute Pour le Soir
    7. Grand Soir
    8. ...
  28. Re: Heeley - Oranges and Lemons, say the Bells of St. Clement's

    I think it was around 2011 when IFRA restrictions on natural citrus oils went into effect. This fragrance and others have been reformulated to compensate for the lack of natural orange and lemon -...
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    Re: What are YOUR 10/10 fragrances?

    this is a good list to start with.

    Unum Io Non Ho Mani
    SMN Marescialla
    UAE Aoud Roja Dove
    Fahrenheit le Parfum
    Dior Homme Parfum
    Moschino Pour Homme
    Ma Nishtana Prissana
    Unum Lavs
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    Re: Fragrances that "WOW" you recently?

    +1 This is gem!
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    Re: Bottle OCD (buying testers)

    If that's the only way to get a fragrance, sure I would buy it. That is NOT OCD, but just the way it is sometimes. By the way if anybody has bottle cap for a Creed GIT and Creed Neroli Sauvage (both...
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    Re: Agar Aura - Official discussion thread

    Al-Jazzab arrived and I wore it this afternoon - I like it! It is a wonderful rose oud fragrance. It has an opulent feel that seems to flow in endless waves of blissful oud/amber/rose. Quality of...
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    Re: MFK- Absolue Pour le soir (phased out?)

    My salesperson at Neiman Marcus told me it was discontinued and would no longer be available. This was 4 years ago and was discontinued at the same time Grand Soir was introduced. He gave me the...
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    Re: Agar Aura - Official discussion thread

    I am awaiting a bottle of Al-Jazaab - I probably got the last one before it sold out.
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    Re: What smells like a burning temple?

    Arso by Profumum Roma.
    Fumoir by Arte Profumi.
    Burning Barbershop by DS & Durga.
    Bois de Ascese by Naomi Goodsir.
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    Re: Fresh, spicy, and easy to wear?

    Mentioned above Gucci Pour Homme II is great but getting hard to find for a fair price. Also, Cartier Declaration is fresh but kind of spicy. Also Declaration Essence.

    Some others that are fresh...
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    Re: Agar Aura - Official discussion thread

    By the time I sent my email the Kinam was all gone, also Soryo gone as well. I would like to hear some thoughts on how they smell.
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    Re: Agar Aura - Official discussion thread

    I have a bottle of Soryo No Kaori, the attar that Taha made and sold out of quite a few years ago now. Anyway I just sampled it and it is a smokey green woods fragrance with a lyrical spice note,...
  39. Re: Help my next purchase! Tom Ford Mandarino di Amalfi vs Le Labo Thé Noir 29

    The' Noir is the more interesting of the two, imo. only because there are so many great orange scents of all types, but very few unusual and original tea fragrances.
  40. Re: It's Christmas!! Everybody get together and snuggle (fragrance tip)

    With Winter and Christmas in mind these:

    Baume du Doge by Eau d' Italie - very warm and lively spice scent.
    Winter Palace by Memo - the tea in this turns the spices darker and there is dry...
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    Re: What’s your favorite Bertrand Duchaufour

    Oud Shamash
    Jubilation XXV
    The Writer St. Giles
  42. Re: Planning on some designer fragrances, would love some feedback (and a plot twist ....)

    I think I would skip Mr. Burbery Indigo unless you test it. It is very different and maybe not as great as some of the others. If willing to venture out of the designer realm a bit might try...
  43. Re: whats a good inexpensive mens cologne or deo spray that would go well with a hawaiian shirt

    Hawaiin Shirts - I'm thinking sunsets, deep blue ocean, aloha + inexpensive = Nautica Voyage

    While pondering this question I rediscovered Tommy Bahama St. Kitts hidden away in my collection and...
  44. Re: A swing and a miss- Phuong Dang...Has ANYBODY tried this?

    HA - so true!
  45. Re: Best 2 or 3 from this list ( L'H ideal Intense, Guccy G.Absolute,Bvlg Man in Black,CH Men Privé

    my totally biased opinion, based on owning and wearing these, favorites on this list are:

    1-Bentley for Men Intense
    2-Bvlgari Man in Black (Orient) - prefer "Orient" version
    3-Valentino Uomo...
  46. Re: Planning on some designer fragrances, would love some feedback (and a plot twist ....)

    FreeWheelingVagabond Anindya - you have some excellent taste in fragrance as I like every one you mentioned - even those you got rid of. #1 Mr. Burberry Indigo and #3 Uomo Pour Homme Intense are...
  47. Re: A swing and a miss- Phuong Dang...Has ANYBODY tried this?

    About Phuong Dang fragrances. I own one of these - Artist. I like it and it is one of my two favorite spice incense fragrances. I got some samples of a couple others and the only one I recall is...
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    Re: Why did you wear what you wore today..

    Frapin L'Humaniste - gin botanicals, tobacco leaf, crisp freshness - a classic scent that really works well in summer heat. A late August treat = A slap of L'Humaniste + tall Gin (Hendricks) +...
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    Re: Francesca Bianchi Etruscan Water

    I have and like Etruscan Water but it is my least to recommend. It is floral, musky, old stone walls, smokey and puts me in the mind of taking a walking tour through an old part of any European city...
  50. Re: Advice on 'Daily' & Warm Weather Fragrance: suggestions welcome! (Melon, Fig, Coconut, Citrus, S

    Wow some great suggestions above. Better fragrances that what I came up with, but I am trying to follow your directions closely. Here's a few you might give a try -

    Z Zegna Milan - very clean...
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    Re: Dior sauvage common or nah ?

    yes. very common now.
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    Re: Selecting summer niche perfume (need help)

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    Re: Frederic malle caps

    The early reviews noted it opens with orange and the base note "smells like sex" - armpit is close enough. Your bottle sounds legit.
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    Re: Loose Nishane cap

    Loose bottle caps are the curse of many a fragrance company. Nishane puts a plastic liner inside the lid with vertical ridges so it fits tighter so they do slide off if you try to pick them up by...
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    Re: Dior Homme Eau for Men - alternatives

    Prada L'Homme L'Eau is comparable to Dior Homme Eau and is what I recommend if you are wanting a second of this style. Personal opinion though is Dior Homme Eau is hard to improve upon so I would...
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    Re: Fragrance rotation.

    Agree with this. This is enough bottles that you can place them on a shelf so you can see them all before selecting. Wear the one your hand reaches for. Let your intuition get some exercise and go...
  57. Re: Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce Alternative in 2019?

    Mont Blanc Starwalker smells similar to Fierce and can be had for half the price.
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    Re: Is Creed Royal Mayfair underrated?

    I think it is underrated. It is one of my favorites from Creed and is in the top tier of what they offer (Aventus, M. Imperal, Mayfair, S.M.Water, Royal Oud, Spice&Wood, O.Vetiver) If you happen to...
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    Re: Today, I'm particularly enjoying...

    Particularly enjoying a new artisanal brand by Chris Collins. My two favorites from his line so far: Harlem Nights, Tokyo Blue.
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    Re: Most serious men's fragrance.

    Fahrenheit Parfum
  61. Re: Osswalds Boutique in NYC to close Permanently on July 24th!

    I've been in the store a few times and I've ordered from them online - both were totally pleasant experiences. It could be that the days of shopping and walking through New York are over - I hope...
  62. Re: What's the muskiest aquatic you can think of?

    Nautica Voyage created by Maurice Roucel is a great value. Smells great.
    Nishane Boszporusz has sort of a musk base. Nice.
    Prada L'Homme L'Eau is an aquatic spin on the Prada powdermusk.
    Tom Ford...
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    Re: Mandarina Duck Black - Blind Buy

    I think Mandarina Duck is the brand name of a company that makes and markets luggage, day packs and other bags and purses. I assumed the name has some relationship to the Chinese origins of the...
  64. Re: The All-Time Great Neroli/Orange Blossom Fragrances

    Yes - Guerlain Neroli Outrenoir.
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    Re: Why did you wear what you wore today..

    Today it is Kryptomint by Thierry Mugler. The initial cooling blast of mint is an excellent preparation for this hot weather and the powdery barbershop fougere is old fashioned comfort in the midst...
  66. Re: The All-Time Great Neroli/Orange Blossom Fragrances

    Favorite neroli is Guerlain Neroli Outrenoir.
  67. Re: Have any new, worthy, Grapefruit Fragrances been released, between 2010 and Now?

    Nishane Hacivat - grapefruit!
    Orlov Sea of Light - modern smooth grapefruit
    Dior Homme Cologne
  68. Re: Please recommend some musky scents for the summer

    Mr. Burberry Indigo. I think you'd like it.
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    Re: How to "perk up" Terre d'Hermes parfum?

    This was my thought too. I have all three of these (EDP, Tres Fraiche, Vetiver) and Eau Tres Fraiche does perk up / freshen up the TDH theme.
  70. Re: Which houses in your collection do you have 3 or more bottles so far

    Just a quick check and I have at least 40 with 3 or more bottles, and most of those brands I have at least 6 bottles - some 12 or more. If I like a line I usually like more than one from the house...
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    Re: what are some best oud perfumes?

    Very little real oud in these if any at all. But the general design idea to incorporate the scent of oud into a composition mixed with other perfume ingredients is generally successful in my opinion....
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    Re: The Ultimate 'Dark Blue' Thread

    Mr. Burberry Indigo - well named!
  73. Re: List and discuss newish fougeres ('nougeres') released over the past 10 years or so .....

    Dusita Issara and Dusita Erawan are beautifully assembled fougere scents. J-Scent Sumo Wrestler opens with a dusting of barbershop fougere with eucalyptus and heliotrope + cinnamon as a source of...
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    Re: What is the best Masculine Fig Fragrance?

    Z Zegna Milan - has fig note and I like the perfume.
    Dior Balade Sauvage - +2 - Very calming and one of the best recent Diors.
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    Re: Fragrance Du Bois favorites?

    Oud Noir Intense
    Oud Vert Intense
    Oud Bleu Intense
    Sahraa Oud
  76. Re: Akro's 'Awake' is the best gourmand & coffee scent on the market

    I like these semi gourmand scents:

    Bulgari Man Black Orient
    Bortnikoff Lucky Oud
    Perris Monte Carlo Cacao Azteque
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    Re: Best mens floral fragrance?

    Two favorite florals for men - I can't pick one: (1) Thameen Noorolain Taif, (2) Dusita Le Sillage Blanc.
  78. Replies

    Re: Zoologist - Thoughts and Comments

    Yes it is gimmicky but when you think about it every fragrance brand creates some sort of logic between the name and the fragrance and Zoologist's animal connection is as good as any naming logic...
  79. Re: Patchouli: Villoresi vs. Farmacia SS. Annunziata

    I've owned both and prefer the Villoresi. Villoresi patchouli is very mild and is a quiet very non patchouli patchouli with other dry cool ingredients that keep the patchouli from being too...
  80. Re: The Highest Complimented Acqua di Gio Flanker

    Profumo. I tried Essenza once and was not attracted to it.
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    Re: Is Bleu de Chanel Parfum a Dud?

  82. Replies

    Re: Is Bleu de Chanel Parfum a Dud?

    Yes, I think Bleu Parfum was a Dud. By Dud I am guessing it didn't sell nearly as well as either of the earlier Bleu EDT or EDP. The EDP is my preferred one if I am wearing this. The EDC is fine...
  83. Re: The Beginner-to-Intermediate '3 fragrance Pack'...with *NO REPEATS*

    1) Sel de Vetiver by The Different Company. Satisfies the desire for two types of fragrance in one bottle. Natural green and Ocean air freshness.

    (2) Armani Prive Bois d" Encens - An...
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    Re: Bulgari Man Flanker Thread

    Agree with this, for what I've tried. Have not tried them all.
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    Re: Escentric molecules are you a fan??

    I like the Eccentric Molecules series and own something from each molecule. My favorites are: Eccentric 02 (Ambroxan), Molecule 01(iso e super), Eccentric 05(Cashmeran). The vetiveryl Molecule 03...
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    Re: In the mood for roses...

    +1 PHI Rose de Kandahar by Tauer
  87. Re: John Varvatos Files for Bankruptcy - tiime to buy???

    John Varvatos made lots of variations on fragrance over the years and most are not worth the effort to purchase. A few are really good and my favs in order are:

    Artisan Pure - very nice summery...
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    Re: Your Favorite Dark Rose for Males

    SHL Oumma
  89. Re: Name Your "Number 1" Budget, Bargain Fragrance

    Lalique pour Homme Equus - in $20's online.
  90. Re: Exceptional, non-soliflore, patchouli perfumes

    some great non patchouli patchoulis:

    Jovoy Incident Diplomatique
    Gentleman Givenchy eau de Parfum
    Nasomatto Pardon
    Ulrich Lang Nightscape
    Tauer PHI Un Rose de Kandahar
    Boadicea the Victorious...
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    Re: Best rose fragrances for men?

    top mens rose:

    Le Labo Rose 31
    Roja Dove U.A.E. Oud
    Tauer Phi un Rose de Kandahar
    Byredo Rose of No Mans Land
    Rose Arcana L'Artisan Parfumeur
    Portrait of a Lady
    Much Ado about the Duke,...
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    Re: Suggestion for dark, rugged aquatics

    Boszporusz by Nishane inspired by the river running through Istanbul.
    Sel d' Vetiver is really a good one that feels more like ocean air than water.
    Epice Marine is a good rugged and dark oceanic...
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    Re: Is there a fragrance like Moss Breches...

    The early versions of Extreme had more emphasis on the mushroom, leaves, incense, patchouli darkness and even though Moss Breches didn't have the plum and lemon notes of Extreme the other earthy...
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    Re: The smell of the forest after rain

    The aroma chemical geosmin smells of wet earth and is used in perfumes like Demeter Dirt, Mushroom, Thunderstorm. Also, CB I Hate Perfume Black March smells like wet forest leaves and soil.
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    Re: Is there a fragrance like Moss Breches...

    I thought Tom Ford for Men Extreme smelled a little like Moss Breches - the same general scent category.
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    Re: Citrus fresh niche vetiver

    Yes Sel d' Vetiver is a great one - my most often worn vetiver.

    Some others that are fresh, light and good for warm weather-

    Diptyque Vetyverio
    Le Labo Vetiver 43
    Terre d' Hermes Eau...
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    Re: NEW: Ermenegildo Zegna Acqua di Iris

    Aqua d' Iris is minimal, dry and cold iris, with a bit of bergamot and a bunch of transparent musk. Reminds me of very clean, sanitized friendlier version of Heeley Iris d' Nuit. I am not a huge...
  98. Re: Hows the house of Nishane? Any masterpieces?

    I also have Suede et Safran and Afrika Oliphant. They are unique and creative, but masterpieces? no, in my opinion.
    Afrika Oliphant opens with wild robust floral musk which I want to scrub off...
  99. Re: Hows the house of Nishane? Any masterpieces?

    My three favorites from Nishane are:

    Boszporusz - a top ten oceanic fragrance. Smells very true to ocean water at oceanside.
    Spice Bazaar - also is a top ten spice fragrance. Only one or two...
  100. Thread: Iceberg Man

    by Buzzlepuff

    Re: Iceberg Man

    Nice bottle.
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