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  1. [CONUS] Re: NEW ADDITIONS! The Brooks Otterlake Swap Thread Strikes Back

    New additions
  2. Re: Tom Ford not worth buying anymore ......

    My perception of that one changes a lot depending on weather, both in performance and accord structure. In colder weather it seems to go away quickly, but in warm weather it seems to scream off my...
  3. Re: Tom Ford not worth buying anymore ......

    I find Black Orchid a touch repulsive (I actually prefer the Ard Al Zaafaran riff on it, Oud 24 Hours, for being a bit smoother and woodier), but there's no denying that it's distinctive.

    I think...
  4. Re: Tom Ford not worth buying anymore ......

    Ah, I actually think that one has a kind of "color shift" that's interesting, but it certainly doesn't transform entirely.
  5. Re: I think Rive Gauche PH is overrated. Is something wrong with me?

    It was a solid buy when it was selling at a steep discount, but I don't see it as some masterpiece.

    Pascal Morabito Or Black (current version) is, to me, a more interesting and satisfying take on...
  6. Re: Bleu de Chanel EDP uniqueness and performance?

    Missioni pour Homme feels similar.
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    Re: Summer recommendations

    Yeah, my favorite is Assoluta.

    Pura feels to me like a sophisticated citrusy aquatic (ala Heeley Note di Yuzu, but without the seeweedy touches). Doesn't really resemble the rest of the line.
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    Poll: Re: Tom Ford Poll

    I will say (and have said before) that it's hard to gauge TF's lineup overall because there have been so many TF releases that I long ago gave up trying to keep up.

    I will say that there are many...
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    Re: Summer recommendations

    I find that it has a very realistic mandarin peel opening. (I eat mandarins almost every day, so the smell is very familiar to me.)
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    Poll: Re: Tom Ford Poll

    My three faves are all discontinued:

    Noir Anthracite
    Sahara Noir
    Tom Ford for Men Extreme

    Of the currently available lineup? I like Fougere d'Argent, but I don't *love* it.
  11. Re: Spring and Summer fragrances in your rotation?

    Caswell-Massey Sandalwood (Gold Cap)
    Cartier L'Envol EDP
    Dior Eau Sauvage EDT
    Floris Leather Oud
    Guerlain L'Instant pour Homme EDT
    Guerlain Vetiver
    Houbigant Fougère Royale
    La Curie...
  12. Re: NEW: Mercedes Benz - Mercedes Benz Club Black!

    The hype on this one had prices going crazy for a bit there, but it's now come back down to the affordable zone as you'd expect for the Mercedes line.

    It seems to be uncredited, but others have...
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    Re: Summer recommendations

    Try Acqua di Parma Colonia Pura.
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    Re: Smooth Vanilla-centric Fragrances?

    Arquiste The Architects Club
  15. Re: List and rate the tobacco frags you've worn

    Me too. I have been wearing this a lot since I posted my initial take and I will add that I think it's practically perfect. (Even the performance is about right, I think, for this sort of aromatic...
  16. Re: Tom Ford not worth buying anymore ......

    I think there are so many Tom Ford releases it's actually hard to gauge how successful or unsuccessful the line is or isn't. Few stay around long enough, with enough attention, to solidify as...
  17. Re: List and rate the tobacco frags you've worn

    Very similar.
  18. Re: List and rate the tobacco frags you've worn

    Atman Xaman is terrific. I do not find it very sweet or at all Middle Eastern; it's essentially just HDP 1740 reinvented as a classic Italian aromatic with a lot of dry herbs. Very wearable.
  19. Re: Bracken Man or Beau de Jour signature

    Bracken feels to me like you muddled the current Fougère Royale formulation with a bunch of potpourri. It's not bad, per se, but does feel a bit weird in a way that disqualifies it from being a go-to...
  20. Re: List and rate the tobacco frags you've worn

    I finally just gave in and picked up a full bottle. It's perfection; my recollections of it underrated just how exquisitely well-balanced it is. The tobacco note is nothing short of breathtaking.
  21. Re: List and rate the tobacco frags you've worn

    I'm going to give this a try, Andy. I'll let you know what I think.
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    Re: Manly vanillas aka Manillas

    The Architects Club is just a very straightforward vanilla done as well as it can be: beautiful vanilla absolute with woody backing and some gin-like accents. Very much a "vanilla bean" kind of...
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    Re: Manly vanillas aka Manillas

    Arquiste The Architects Club
  24. Re: List and rate the tobacco frags you've worn

    Nope. Not really interested in it.
  25. Re: The bottom 5 worst fragrance houses in your opinion

    Bond No. 9 is the first thing that comes to mind.
  26. Re: Le 3rd. Homme de CARON (Caron 3rd. MAN) "Oooh COME ON MAN!"

    I thought it was well-made, but between Equipage Geranium and Guerlain Lui, I have the clove-y gentleman's scent subgenre covered.

    I would be interested in sampling the vintage, which is...
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    Re: The definitive cologne.

    Floris Neroli Voyage.

    A fine performer. Somewhat similar to Colonia Essenza in overall ambiance, but better-nuanced with a fine fennel note.
  28. Re: Your favorite formal summer fragrances currently planned this year?

    Caswell-Massey Supernatural Number Six
  29. Re: NEW Ralph Lauren - Polo Cologne Intense Eau de Parfum

    Sounds underwhelming.

    Not sure how well these new Polo scents have actually been selling. Given the proliferation of flankers, it feels like they're just throwing stuff at the wall to see what...
  30. Re: I have to admit, I'm a lil' be underwhelmed with......

    It's discontinued and prices are climbing.

    Being a fan of boozy tobaccos, I was excited to try it, but ultimately found it a bit boring. The actual quality is nice, but it has no real signature...
  31. Re: I have to admit, I'm a lil' be underwhelmed with......

    I much prefer the stronger experience of the EDP. It's not a different scent altogether, but the added body, projection, and longevity do make it wear a bit differently. The EDP has some real...
  32. Re: I have to admit, I'm a lil' be underwhelmed with......

    Lalique pour Homme EDP is the only one of the Laliques I still own a full bottle of (I sold or swapped all the rest). I think it's sensational, but its virtue lies more in its ability to streamline...
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    Re: Fragrances that boost confidence ?

    For me: Houbigant Fougere Royale.
  34. Re: Santa Maria Novella. Which are your favorites ?

    Tobacco Toscano gets quiet pretty quickly.

    I get a lot of longevity and projection from Acqua di Cuba.
  35. Re: Rochas Moustache Original 1949 EdT vs. Eau de Rochas Homme

    The Lalique is more dry/woody in the base. The vanilla in there isn't very sugary/sweet; it mostly just gives the lavender a bit of creaminess as it blends in with the grapefruit, herbs, and cedar.
  36. Re: Your favorite budget friendly men’s watches?

    Some good suggestions thus far.

    The best all-around, everyday, go-anywhere-do-anything watch I've encountered is the Hamilton Khaki Automatic. It's profoundly satisfying.


    The Seiko...
  37. Re: Fragrance oddities of their time (Designer)

    Tom Ford Noir Anthracite!
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    Re: Adp Colonia Pura

    I didn't really enjoy the patchouli in Essenza.
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    Re: Adp Colonia Pura

    Assoluta is, for me, definitely the standout.

    But I find Pura quite nice. It's a modern aquatic, but it's smooth and satisfying. Love that mandarin peel opening and the way it bleeds into the...
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    Re: Masculine Tropical perfumes?

    The go-to cheapie is Tommy Bahama Set Sail St. Barts.

    If you're going more luxe, look to Arquiste Sydney Rock Pool.
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    Re: Jaipur Homme - EDT or EDP

    I prefer the EDT. More aromatic, easier to wear. The EDP is kinda cloying.
  42. Re: Best restaurant when eating fish?

    Like I said: lemon and herbs, very little sweetness. (In general, think about what you'd cook fish with.)

    Plenty of iconic variations on that theme out there, pick the one that works for you!
  43. Re: Best restaurant when eating fish?

    When pairing aromas and food, go for something that'll blend in rather than contrast.

    Something fresh and zesty and relatively unsweet, like Dior Eau Sauvage EDT (lemon and herbs), would be the...
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    Poll: Re: Beau de Jour vs Bon Monsieur

    Bon Monsieur is nice, but if you can manage it, I think a decent vintage bottle of Azzaro is preferable (and may still be more affordable, when all is said and done). Bon Monsieur smells very natural...
  45. Re: The recent uptick in discontinuations

    The fragrance market right now is an insanely crowded field. I think that, more than anything, is why we're seeing so many fragrances die out: more fragrances mean less market share to sustain them....
  46. Re: Current Polo Green or vintage Jaguar for Men (wood cap)?

    Vintage Jaguar is mostly about a creamy orange sherbet accord, layered over coniferous greens and some tobacco. It's not a powerhouse.
  47. Re: Current Polo Green or vintage Jaguar for Men (wood cap)?

    I've owned and swapped away bottles of vintage and current Polo. I have a bottle of vintage Jaguar and don't think I'll swap it. Draw your own conclusions.

    (Seriously, though, Jaguar and Polo have...
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    Re: Lalique Pour Homme

    Haven't tried Faune, but Lion is certainly more assertive than Equus.
  49. Poll: Re: Tauer Au Coeur du Desert or L'Air du Desert Marocain?

    Not a huge room, sitting about 6 feet away (couches facing each other).
  50. Poll: Re: Tauer Au Coeur du Desert or L'Air du Desert Marocain?

    When my wife wears ACDD, I can still smell it when I'm sitting across the room from her 8 hours after application. I've always found it quite loud.
  51. Re: Recommend an "Office Friendly" Patchouli

    Boss The Collection Cashmere Patchouli.

    Lovely and underrated (and office-safe without being dull).
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    Re: Lalique Pour Homme

    I love this one. So pleasant to wear.
  53. Re: List and rate the tobacco frags you've worn

    I don't really pick that up. Not seeing many mentions of it other reviews, either! But I do think it gets at some dirtier aspects of tobacco.

    I get a lot of mint and dusty cacao in 1812.

  54. Re: Most misleading fragrance names out there!

    I agree it's not "Extreme," which, is, in general, one of the dumbest words to be applied to perfume names (how many perfumes are honestly "extreme"?!).

    But I do think it feels a touch dark, with...
  55. Re: Ever Been Impressed by a

    I found the current Zino a bit harsh and synthetic. Others like it.
  56. Replies

    Re: VCA midnight in paris

    Yeah, it's entered unicorn territory. I never got to try it (and probably never will).
  57. Re: Most misleading fragrance names out there!

    Whatever this is a reference to is lost on me!

    JHL was named for the initials of Estee Lauder's husband.
  58. Re: Most misleading fragrance names out there!

    HDP Hemingway is (partially) an ode to the cocktail he created, "Death in the Afternoon."
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    Re: Tell me more about Chanel Le lion

    Heritage and Shalimar aren't that similar.

    The closest thing Guerlain did to a masculine version of Shalimar is Habit Rouge.
  60. Replies

    Re: Why the hate for PDM?

    There are worse houses.

    There are better houses.

    I don't know that I've smelled anything they offer that isn't done better elsewhere, but my sampling isn't exhaustive.
  61. Re: Has Anyone Tried Pepper And Tobacco By The Lab Fragrances?

    It sounds nice.
  62. Re: I'm shocked, shocked (CK one Shock) purchase. I'm a bit

    Been a while since I tried Shock, but my assessment was positive. I liked it more on paper than skin, though.
  63. Poll: Re: If you had to choose between PATCHOULI, SANDALWOOD or VETIVER - which would it be ?


    Patchouli, when too dominant, can get too "head shop"-y for me, and I find vetiver notes, with very few exceptions, kinda plain and boring.
  64. Re: Any Recommendations for New(ish) Designer/Mainstream Outstanding Mens/Womens Releases ?

    Aramis Special Blend
    Cartier Pasha Parfum
    Dunhill Moroccan Amber
  65. Re: Your favorite sandalwood heavy fragrance?

    Geo. F. Trumper Sandalwood is the most affordable way to experience a high quality sandalwood.
  66. Re: Your ultimate suit & tie fragrance(s)?

    I typically wear Tom Ford Ombre Leather 16.
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    Re: Best Bay Rum scent?

    Aramis Havana has a subtle bay rum accord, but it has more going on, so it's not a pure example of the genre. (Its flanker, Havana Reserva, which is essentially just the drydown of the original made...
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    Re: Seeking Basenotes Wisdom

    Assoluta all the way.

    Wonderful take on the EDC style with a beautiful bitter orange opening and a cheeky bit of spice.
  69. Replies

    Re: Fun in the cheap seats

    Aramis Havana

    Banana Republic Oud Mosaic

    Boucheron Jaïpur Homme EDT

    Guerlain Vetiver

    John Varvatos Artisan Pure
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    Re: cheap tobacco frags

    I've tried it.

    It opens with a boatload of juniper, giving it a fresh-woody cologne feel (a downmarket Amouage Journey Man-ish vibe), and then it moves into a sweet, dark plum and tobacco (the...
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    Re: Does Bentley do a gourmand?

    It is to my nose! That drydown is pure crème brulee.

    My wife has worn it a lot, and, on her, its sillage is mostly vanilla.
  72. Replies

    Re: Does Bentley do a gourmand?

    I consider Bentley for Men Intense a gourmand.
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    Re: Bvlgari PH Soir weak worthless

    Soir lasts quite a while on my skin.
  74. Re: Anyone try Shanghai Tang's Black Iris for Men?

    I've tried it. It ain't bad, but I did find it kinda cloying: a loud creamy-sweet iris with a synthetic tone.
  75. Re: Purple Florals; or, "how to change the way men smell" with Iris & Violet 'work' scents.

    The tediously insistent and misguided axe-grinding on gender in contemporary society says more about people's own anxieties about personal identity than it does about the actual mechanics and forces...
  76. Replies

    Re: MDCI Invasion Barbare Thoughts?

    I never connected with it.
  77. Replies

    Re: cult faves you loathe

    Yeah, the cult of Egoïste leaves me scratching my head.
  78. Replies

    Re: Just Jack perfumes - Tom Ford clones

    I've tried their Noir Extreme clone (it's alright; a bit clumsy but the drydown is nice) and their Soleil Blanc clone (which I prefer to Soleil Blanc because it has a more accurate sunscreen accord).
  79. Replies

    Re: Christian Dior Tobacolor

    Ginger is a common shisha blend note. I used to find the ginger a bit much in Tabac Rouge but now think it actually "solves" the stodginess of Tobacco Vanille, and works well with the dirty honey...
  80. Replies

    Re: Christian Dior Tobacolor

    Phaedon Tabac Rouge is the best of the shisha tobaccos I've tried.
  81. Replies

    Re: Christian Dior Tobacolor

    Look, I adore tobacco fragrances, but Dior seems really late to the party on this. "Middle Eastern tobacco" is about as played-out as the "rose-oud" genre.
  82. Re: In the year 2021, which is your favorite budget Fragrance/House having "Niche" quality ?

    Anonimo 7 is the best non-niche incense I've tried.
  83. Re: In the year 2021, which is your favorite budget Fragrance/House having "Niche" quality ?

    It's something, that's for sure. (I'm in the camp that finds it very, very B.O.-y and would never wear it, but I do admire it as a study in textural contrast). It does feel like Ellena's grand...
  84. Re: In the year 2021, which is your favorite budget Fragrance/House having "Niche" quality ?

    Prices are rising on some of the Aramis classics due to apparent discontinuation. The original, 900, Devin, New West, and Havana can still be found cheaply, while Tuscany and JHL cannot.

  85. Replies

    Re: Best Fig Fragrance ???

    I have 2006 bottle and this stuff is genuinely really nice.
  86. Replies

    Re: Best Fig Fragrance ???

    Mainstream Designer, (including discontinued)
    Tom Ford for Men Extreme

    Liquides Imaginaires - Île Pourpre

    Drugstore/Low Budget
    Ferrari Noble Fig
  87. Re: Aramis Tuscany vintage, worth extra money?

    I don't find a big difference between vintage and current, tbh.
  88. Re: Favourite Eau de Cologne / Colonia / Kolonya style fragrance?

    Caswell-Massey Supernatural Number Six is the best I've tried. Impeccably blended, and excellent performance without compromising the virtues of an EDC.
  89. Replies

    Re: The NEW HERMES H24 Eau de Toilette

    As I thought, this sounds a bit like a continuation of the DH2020 trend: retro woodiness/greenness with contemporary synthetic freshness. It sounds marginally more interesting than DH2020 but not by...
  90. Re: Dirty, rich, deep, dark, musty, moldy, earthy, dusty, murky, gloomy, tenebrous, moody...

    La Curie Ossuary
  91. Re: Are there YSL Rive Gauche alternatives that actually smell the SAME?

    Azzaro definitely has a similarity to Rive Gauche. They're not clones, they're not identical. Rive Gauche feels a bit more formal, while Azzaro feels a bit more casual. But the anise-infused, smooth,...
  92. Replies

    Re: Roger and Galet, the Open saga

    I definitely get a creamy, sweet lemon at the start of Open (the Amalfi lemon listed in the notes pyramid). It then transitions to a very woody, dry lavender fougere with an ashy, robust cigar...
  93. Re: Sandalwood - is there a gem I'm missing out on? Not sure where to look.

    Caswell-Massey Sandalwood Cologne (Vintage)

    The current stuff is still good, but the sandalwood has been recreated with synthetics, so the accord the current features is a fairly pleasant...
  94. Replies

    Re: Favorite tea scent

    Green tea -> Bvlgari pour Homme Soir
    Black tea -> L'Artisan Tea for Two
  95. Re: If you could go back in time and smell the original formulation of ANY fragrance...

    Oh, yes, I'd love to smell the original Colonia.
  96. Re: Is Aventus still relevant and still the king?

    Aventus is the new Green Irish Tweed: no longer cutting-edge, but too dependable to ever truly go out of style.

    As with Green Irish Tweed, it doesn't really excite me, but I appreciate it as a...
  97. Replies

    Re: HERMÈS new Men's pillar fragrance

    I wonder... could this just be the Hermès equivalent of something like Dior Homme 2020?
  98. Re: If you could go back in time and smell the original formulation of ANY fragrance...

    Yep. This.
  99. Re: Santos de Cartier 2019 ribbed black bottle , my review on it

    The mid and drydown is quite dry. The green-infused opening of the current Santos is my favorite part.

    Yes, I've found the current stuff to perform fairly well. (The vintage stuff didn't last as...
  100. Re: Which one is less "formal": Boucheron pH or Lalique pH Lion? (EdT/EdP)

    Pasha is sweeter/fruitier than the Boucheron or Lalique.
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