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    Re: Your "biggest regret" purchase?

    None really so far, the closest would be Giorgio Beverly Hills and Grey Flannel which I blind bought. Upon first smelling them I was thinking "how am I ever gonna wear these?" but I have come to...
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    Re: Quorum vs One Man Show

    I just blind bought a bottle of One Man Show today and am eagerly awaiting it's arrival (therefore I can't comment on it), but I thoroughly enjoy Quorum. This was a fragrance my uncle wore...
  3. Re: Tested out Amen today, never been so offended in my life

    Hmm... I really don't get "offensive" from A*Men. I can certainly see it not being to someones taste if they aren't into sweet fragrances, but working in a job where I deal with many offensive...
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    Re: I was wondering...

    I'm with you on this. I also work in retail (grocery store to be exact) and the amount of people who either don't bathe or wash their clothes regularly is staggering. However, on the plus side it...
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    Re: Black XS: This stuff is great

    I do like the smell of Black XS and actually got complimented by one of my friends (a guy) on it, but it doesn't seem to have much longevity on me. I have a similar problem with One Million...
  6. Re: How important is it to keep the original boxes of your fragrances?

    If I can get a fragrance cheaper on Fragrancenet or a similar site without the box, I go for it. But if i get the box, i always keep it. Some boxes like the Midnight in Paris box I love.
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    Re: 2014 XMAS Day Scent

    Polo is my traditional Christmas Day scent, and I'm beginning a new one by making Quorum Silver my Christmas Eve scent. It just seems to fit the spirit of the day for me.
  8. Re: Do you explain to people if you are wearing a "clone"?

    A girl I work with loves it when I wear Perry Ellis 360 Red. I've explained to her many times that it isn't Acqua di Gio (which her boyfriend wears), yet when I wear it she always says "You're...
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    Re: Bath and Body Works Cologne

    I used to receive the body sprays as gifts all the time from members of my family (my mother was a Bath and Body works fanatic). I actually still have a tiny amount of Pacific Bluff remaining. It's...
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    Re: Avon mesmerise for men...anything similar??

    Personally I feel that Mesmerize resembles Zino Davidoff quite a bit. I don't think Zino is quite as sweet though, but I get a spicy floral vibe from both of them.
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    Dior Dune for cheap...

    I don't know how many Dune fans are here on the forums, but I just ordered a 3.4 oz tester of Dune for $29 on Overstock. I'm trying to cut down on my spending habits, but I couldn't pass it up at...
  12. Re: Is the Intense/Extreme version always superior?

    Thanks everyone for all the replies. At this point if I were to make my decisions today, I would go for DHI, GHI, and LIDGE but stick with the original Vetiver, and possibly get the other versions...
  13. Is the Intense/Extreme version always superior?

    I am interested in picking up Dior Homme, LIDG, Guerlain Homme and Guerlain Vetiver. I have smelled DH and enjoy it but it seems by all accounts DHI (which I haven't smelled) is the superior...
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    Re: Dior Poison Dusting Powder...

    Thanks for the reply. That is what I was leaning towards.
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    Dior Poison Dusting Powder...

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask and it might be a strange (and silly) question, but I am thinking about selling a jar of Poison "dusting powder" that belonged to my mother. I haven't...
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    Re: What is the worst Dior fragrance

    Never smelled a Dior fragrance that I didn't like, but I was expecting to see more mentions of Dune and Higher in this thread for some reason.
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    Re: Heaviest bottles?

    I think the bottle for Nautica Voyage is pretty solidly constructed.
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    Re: Best Acqua Di Gio Imitation

    I would go with the Perry Ellis 360 Red. Have gotten many complements at work while wearing it, and have even told people it's not Acqua di Gio. However, every time I wear it, my co-workers ask...
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    Re: Oldest fragrance you own?

    I have a bottle of original Davidoff (the green juice) that I got used off of Ebay, but am not sure how old it is or when it was discontinued. I actually have some vintage aftershaves though, My...
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    I saw at Marshall's a Ralph Lauren Big Pony men's gift set (all 4 of the fragrances in 1.36 oz bottles) priced at $70. I know the Big Pony's are generally considered bad here but I was tempted to...
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    CK Euphoria reformulated?

    A little bit of background: I purchased a used bottle of Calvin Klein Euphoria Men almost a year ago on a blind buy from Ebay. It took me a bit to get acclimated to it, but I do enjoy it and it has...
  22. Re: Ever embarrassed to reaveal which fragrance you're wearing if its expensive?

    I don't exactly have any real expensive fragrances, but I kind of have the opposite problem where I might be hesitant to reveal that I'm wearing one of my cheapies. I mostly wear low to mid range...
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