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    Re: Ginepro Di Sardegna

    I might have to get a back up. I’m at 50% with my bottle. I find this a comforting scent especially in the dry down.
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    Re: M7 Oud Absolu bottle change?

    I did that and I think youíre just fine with the black bottle that spells out Oud Absolu. Here are my impressions:

    I have the original issue 2002, black band bottle M7OA 2014, and the new clear...
  3. Re: Do You Still Enjoy the Mugler A*Men (and flankers) Line?

    I enjoy the original and it being an original concept. Flankers are interesting but not enough for me to wear any of them.
  4. Re: Avon Charmed (2020): Insane $1,200 Luxury-Tier Avon Perfume!

    I agree. I think the occasion warrants it. Plus, no one has sampled the fragrance yet so it’s hard to judge. For what it is, I like it!
  5. Re: Tom Ford Noir Extreme v Tom Ford Noir v Tom Fort Noir De Noir

    Welcome to Basenotes!
    All three are good but for what you’re asking, IMO Noir Extreme is more of a match.
  6. Re: Aramis Tobacco Reserve Was Discontinued Quickly - Have Tobacco Focused Frags Run Their Course?

    This exactly! I’m not a fan myself but I think the story and the context matter.
    And with this description, I’m surprised C&S Cuba hasn’t come up. To me that’s fresh tobacco leaf with some skank...
  7. Re: Patchouli dominant fragrances under $50 ???

    Lalique Hommage A L’Homme Voyageur
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    Re: No more used perfume on eBay. Tragic.

    In the box for ‘condition’ there is no option for ‘used’ and sellers just explain in the listing.
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    Irene II by Galitzine

    I wonder if anyone has any information on 'Irene II' by Galitzine (there was an original 'Irene' also). I remember this fragrance from the 70s but didn't know who made it until a few days ago...
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    Re: Chocolate Kouros !

    Does anyone know Irene II from this company? I see it listed on Parfumo but nowhere else and no other information. I remember it from the 70s and that it was so intoxicating.
  11. Re: Spicy, honey, gourmand - I can't put my finger on it

    Phaedon Tabac Rouge
    Calvin Klein Euphoria Gold Men (not Liquid Gold)
  12. Re: What am I missing? Where have warm, 'ambery' masculine fragrances gone?

    I second the Tauer and the Bentley already mentioned and I’d like to add L’Homme Sage by Divine. I would recommend Fan di Fendi but that’s discontinued and not sure about current prices.
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    Re: Best Bentley fragrances for men

    I only have Intense and Azur, which I enjoy very much.
    Azur is very refreshing but not aquatic and has great performance on me. It’s fruity floral with a musky/cashmeran base.
  14. Re: Latest take on Guerlain Aqua Allegoria scents, please

    To clarify, I should say the dominant note in Limon Verde is lime not bergamot. I made a mistake in my original post and didn’t want to just edit so it’s clear. Thank you for reminding me...
  15. Re: Latest take on Guerlain Aqua Allegoria scents, please

    This last summer I went through a bottle of Limon Verde. I enjoyed it quite a lot. Reasonably priced, light and clean for the hot weather and although the lasting power was that of a cologne, the dry...
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    Re: MFK Atomiser

    Yes in fact that part of the sprayer can be removed and put back on with no problem on any brand.
  17. Re: Best lesser know or underappreciated frags (NICHE AND DESIGNER) for $200 and below!!

    Anything from Divine. IMO this is an underappreciated house.
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    Re: Best of ARMAF - Originals & Clones

    I own Craze and I think it’s great. It’s been compared to Hypnotic Poison and Pegasus.
    It has great performance.
  19. Re: Anyone experienced the new Caron Aimez-Moi Comme Je Sui yet?

    Thank you for your impressions. That’s disappointing to hear.
  20. Re: Anyone experienced the new Caron Aimez-Moi Comme Je Sui yet?

    Apparently refillable.
  21. Anyone experienced the new Caron Aimez-Moi Comme Je Sui yet?

    Any experiences with this yet? Looking forward to any information.
    It sounds like it would be great for the fall.
  22. Re: Woody fragrances based on these Images, recomdtions.

    Commodity Book. Very woody, only moderate projection and sillage. Heavy on cedar.
    Kenzo Jungle Pour Homme. More dense, stronger, heavy on sandalwood. More spices too.
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    Re: ADG Profumo vs Others

    I would stick with ADGP.
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    Re: Invictus Aqua 2018 - disappointed....

    If you like the genre, I would also recommend Hawas. It’s has a fantastic scent and great performance. It’s actually more complex than IA and the ambergris works beautifully with the aquatic notes....
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    Re: Today I finished a bottle of...

    Last week finished
    Scherrer Immense Pour Homme EDT 50 ml. Have 100 ml back up.
    Salvador Dali Laguna EDT (sculpted bottle) 30 ml.
    I’ll have a couple more coming up soon.
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    Re: Amouage Jubilation XXV

    This is my experience too. Not a beast but has presence. I wonder what year your bottle is from.
    Mine is magnetic cap, made in Oman, 2018.
  27. Re: Why is Prada L'homme Intense so weak?? Fake???

    I agree with Buysblind. I sampled it extensively and I found it to be very present and “thick” to the degree of annoying. I found it to be very heavy on patchouli so much that it drowns the creamy...
  28. Re: Mystery fragrance Jean Laporte L'Artisan Parfumeur Jaune

    Thank you for posting this update. Very interesting.
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    Re: Your take on the current Aramis 900

    I used many vintage bottles of this over the years. My guess would be the iris, civet and moss content.
    To me, the trademark of 900 was in its buttery orris combined with the the civet (that gave...
  30. Re: CdG Blackpepper vs Montales Intense Pepper and Greyland? Any other pepper frags?

    Piper Nigrum by Villoresi
  31. Comparison of notes between Prada LíHomme LíEau and Water Splash


    Those who are familiar with both versions, Iím interested in a comparison of the notes between LíEau and Water Splash please. Iím not concerned about performance.

    Iíd like to know how...
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    Re: Does size matter? ... 50ml or 100ml?

    Simply, this. The many reasons you cited may make me want to get a smaller size only occasionally but most of the time more is better for me.

    Edit to add, this came up repeatedly in another thread...
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    Re: Succession planning

    LOL This is me! I just have notes on the container boxes (in my closet) stating to call a certain number (a friend) for pick up, no questions. :cry:
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    Re: What size do you buy?

    Almost always 100 ml (or 75 or 125 depending on brand). The price difference between those and 50 ml is so little that it doesn't make sense not to buy the large size regardless of any other reasons...
  35. Re: Woah new Parfums de Marly Sutton came out today

    Epsom? EPSOM?
  36. Re: New L'Homme Ideal flanker from Guerlain - L'Homme Ideal Extreme

    Thank you, HFMIII for the info and the great picture. Enjoy!
  37. Re: Woah new Parfums de Marly Sutton came out today

    The whole thing sounds ridiculous. Guys Iím not a PDM fan and I donít watch those Youtubers. Good comments here but are you leaving these comments on their channels? You should do this over there.
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    Re: Diptyque Philosykos Parfum or Toilette?

    I tried both recently and decided I liked the sheer and fresh feel of the EDT better. It's more true to what I was looking for. I also preferred it over both versions by L'Artisan.
    I must say I do...
  39. Re: Masculinity in gender differences in perfumery

    Just that they were an exception but the trend didn’t last. I wonder what the reason was but it did not catch on with other businesses and even they didn’t keep it up.
  40. Re: Masculinity in gender differences in perfumery

    But didn’t Benetton do the opposite in the 70s and well into the 80s with their ‘United Colors’ motto, images of people of all colors interacting (I mean reallly interacting), nuns and priests,...
  41. Re: Masculinity in gender differences in perfumery

    This bring the Estťe Lauder/Aramis pairings of the 70s to mind. I wonder where this approach would fit and who was responsible for it. Sort of the opposite concept; putting (almost) the same juice in...
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    Re: The Fragrance Confessions thread

    This explains your other thread about perfume shops using fake tester bottles LOL That was so confusing to everyone.
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    Re: Ed Hardy love and luck cologne

    Hello PapaBear and welcome to Basenotes
    I think itís a great fragrance but itís not likely that Ed Hardy would be faked. Not sure what engravings youĎare looking for. I donít remember anything from...
  44. Re: Help! Just bought a frag that reminds me of something I can't pinpoint

    Phaedon Tabac Rouge perhaps?
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    Re: Question about fragrancex purchase

    Hi Shave-A-Thon
    By “it does nothing for me” I meant that’s nothing special (price wise for me). I always get better prices on ebay. I routinely get most my fragrances there (with few exceptions) and...
  46. Re: Problem with Fougere Royale bottle

    Sorry this is happening to you. I don’t have the same bottle but on other bottles sometimes the “shoulders” come off with the lid (I don’t know if it’s the same thing here). You either adjust the lid...
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    Re: The Perfume of an Aesthete

    Divine L’Homme Sage
  48. Re: Dry warm weather incense scent like CdG Ouarzazate, Divine L'Homme Sage

    Great recommendations so far. I second Azzaro Visit (for men) and if venturing outside of strict incense territory, I think Phaedon Poivre Colonial is great. I find it evocative and nostalgic. Not...
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    Re: Thoughts on Shiseido Zen For men?????

    Congrats! Enjoy! I really think this is a fragrance one needs to spend time to know. It is multi-layered and just smelling the top notes isn’t enough to dismiss it IMO (not that it is with any...
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    Re: The Perfume of Innocence

    I believe in his innocence:
    MPG Eau Pour Le Jeune Homme was created with him in mind.

    Also, ADP Essenza di Colonia.
    Mugler Cologne would work in a pinch.
  51. Re: Sampling Spree First Impressions (IUNX, Different Company, MFK, Malle, ELDO)

    Great read! Thank you for the reviews. I was also curious about many of these and I’m glad you reviewed them.
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    Re: Thoughts on Shiseido Zen For men?????

    I recently got my back up bottle. But you already know how I feel about this :thumbsup:. I absolutely love it and I think it’s a great summer scent. I find it very calming.
  53. Re: Do you wear a fragrance that other people like on you, even if you don't care for it yourself?

    No. I have no reason to.
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    Re: Getting to know Montale

    If you’re all about freshies and no dark, it’s going to be hard finding something here. My suggestion for Montale is to start with the original, iconic “Aoud” series:
    Black Aoud
    Aoud Lime
    Red Aoud...
  55. Re: Perceptions based on the Poster's Gender inside BN... Unconscious Bias?

    Neither are terms like “grandma smell” or “p**** dropper” but they are adamantly defied and policed here by the site. I agree they are offensive but so are “mansplaining” (implying that men are liars...
  56. Re: can you recommend me some Extremely COOLing pine or fir perfume ?

    Lacoste Red Style in Play
    Very cool and crisp with pine and green apple.
  57. Re: can you recommend me some Extremely COOLing pine or fir perfume ?

    I do this! And not just with 4711 :rolleyesold:
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    Re: Sospiro and Xerjoff connection?

    This makes sense.
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    Re: Question about fragrancex purchase

    I don't remember about FragranceX but Fragrancenet has a similar thing of either 30% off OR free shipping. Might it have been something like that and you didn't select the proper choice? It's easy to...
  60. Re: Are there any fragrance houses you don't buy due to past experience or other personal belief?

    I've never sampled this but interesting comment since this is the only thing that was likened to Norma Kamali Incense by some and NKI doesn't match this description.
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    Re: Sospiro and Xerjoff connection?

    I do notice this in different products that offer various quality tiers and therefore, pricing. But in terms of fragrarnces, they're even named the same with the same notes. That's what confuses me....
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    Re: Woody fragrances for men

    I would say cedar, gaÔac and sandalwood are good notes to explore. And a clean vetiver and cypress. But stay with more streamlined compositions
    Azzaro Visit is an excellent recommendation so far...
  63. Re: Masculinity in gender differences in perfumery

    I enjoy this type of socio/economic and historical analysis.
    Thank you, please keep it coming.
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    Re: Sospiro and Xerjoff connection?

    Thank you. I wonder why they duplicate the titles. It's so confusing. Sospiro Erba Pura 2013, then Xerjoff Erba Pura 2019!
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    Sospiro and Xerjoff connection?

    Just wondering about the connection between these two lines. I read Sospiro is by the founder of Xerjoff. Did he convert over to Xerjoff later? Are they being produced concurrently? I ask...
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    Re: Versace Pour Homme

    VPH clean, crisp, and cool; perfect for hot weather. And it lasts all day on me.
  67. Poll: Re: Your Favorite Guerlain L'homme Ideal? Rate the rest?

    EDP and almost equally Cologne. Also own the original EDT. I had Sport but sold it. Just didn’t do much for me. Tested L’Intense but decided I liked the EDP better. Can’t wait to get the new Extreme....
  68. Re: Perfume disenchantment. Advice/thoughts on it, pls

    Some good points brought up so far. I think perfume (notes) can be like music. When you hear a lot, after a while you may recognize phrases here and there and think you’ve heard it somewhere else...
  69. Re: Perfume disenchantment. Advice/thoughts on it, pls

    I’m not feeling that way at all. It’s hard to understand what’s happening without knowing anything about you or even how many and what fragrances you have. What did excite you before? Any [former]...
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    Re: Need a Moderator's Help

    I hope it’s not another sales forum issue...
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    Re: Mens perfumes for summer

    Welcome to Basenotes!
    Yes of course. In fact anything is fine for summer or winter as long as you enjoy it and know how to adjust the dosage.
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    Re: Creed SMW

    Really wish OP would return with some more news. I’m curious.
  73. Re: The Balance of Notes in Black Aoud: Could've been Better!

    I find it great as it is. If anything, I would have liked the orange note to stand out a bit more.
    I wonder how the Intense version does as far as this balance.
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    Re: Today I Finished...

    Today I finished Al Rehab Silver EDP.
    I am now switching to Rasasi Al Wisam Day for this style. I find AWD more well-rounded and softer on the edges. The soft and well-blended rose note makes a...
  75. Re: Into the Belly of the Beast - Patou gobbled up by LVMH

    Good to know. They were a little sensitive after all.
  76. Re: Wearing fragrance in times of COVID-19 (facemask)

    No difference for me. I’ve been wearing fragrances at home, at work, and outside, with and without a mask. I enjoy it just as much as always.
    But the on-line purchases...don’t even go there. Let’s...
  77. Re: Into the Belly of the Beast - Patou gobbled up by LVMH

    Wow that’s right! I was wondering how this was happening. Sad and disgraceful. So will the original Joy have to be renamed or named Joy de Patou or something, I wonder?
  78. Re: Masculinity in gender differences in perfumery

    Just wanted to chime in to say how enjoyable reading this thread is. Wonderful, articulate writing and discussion.
    Thank you everyone.
  79. Re: Which houses in your collection do you have 3 or more bottles so far

    CdG 4
    Gucci 3 includes 1 back up of GGA
    Guerlain 5 includes back up of Ideal Cologne and EDP 1 each
    Kenzo 3
    Lanvin Avant Garde includes 2 back ups
    Montale 4 includes 1 back up
    Rasasi 5...
  80. Re: Scent of the night - what fragrance did you sleep with last night

    Al Rehab Silver
  81. Re: Wanted: A great strawberry-centric fragrance.

    I would recommend trying Burberry her EDP (2018) also.
  82. Re: Hi I'm new to the fragrance world need some help with Allure homme Lines.

    Sorry about your disappointment. If you’re very new to fragrances, it could be that you just don’t recognize the different notes and perceive all ‘fresh’ fragrances as the same. In this case...
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    Re: Today I Finished...

    Today I finished the 4.2 oz bottle of Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Limon Verde. It took me a whole month. Such a short summer affair. :rolleyesold:
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    Re: looking for versatile Oud

    I may have missed it but I didn’t see MFK Oud mentioned in this thread. I find it quite tame and versatile with not too many notes that get in the way. The ‘Mood’ flankers are different and I can’t...
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    Re: Cologne

    Mugler Cologne is a great option.
    There’s also Varvatos Artisan Pure (groin and trunks not included).
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    Re: Why does DUA get so much hate?

    Some people have a hard time accepting that. If vintage Fierce is no longer available with the previous quality, why shouldn’t one take advantage of a clone/reissue?

    Just enjoy what you like to...
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    Re: Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche

    I would recommend Hanae Mori HM.
  88. Re: What's the EdT you prefer over an EdP?

    Almost everything. I appreciate the original version of the scent. In an EDT the notes open up better and I’m able to experience the fragrance more fully. EXCEPT Guerlain L’Homme Ideal. I like the...
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    Re: Jicky-Shalimar Myth: Animalics

    Thank you for posting, pluran.
  90. Replies

    Rasasi Al Wisam EVENING

    Iím interested in learning more about this one. I may decide to buy it with more information. However, thereís only one review on it here and also many conflicting reviews on Fragrantica....
  91. Re: Trashy Fragrances Done Well - Appreciation Thread

    Great thread, Wingie!

    My list would include Bogart Silver Scent. It smells like a downtown perfume shop full of cheapies and dupes, or the air freshener in the shop next door but I like it--and I...
  92. Re: The Perfume of Happiness: The most uplifting perfume ever made

    First you insult Jicky; now this! Just kidding :laugh: I do agree about the healing and transportive power of scents and have since I was very young.

    Colonia and citrus are always great but for...
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    Re: Need help naming fragrances!

    The second one might be an odd Marc Jacobs or A&F or Banana Republic type. More in step with the rest of that wardrobe although I don’t assume there has to be a rule there.
  94. Re: Possible scamming in the ďIn Search ofĒ thread?

    It’s a scam. There was another thread here that described this system in detail. They used other names (although could be other people this time).
    I’m glad you didn’t do it.
  95. Re: Which Tom Ford beast performance are in 2020?

    I agree. I feel like the OP is being criticized perhaps because of inexperience or being misinformed about the brand. I think let's try and educate them in the kind and gentle Basenotes way.
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    Re: A*Men's reformulations

    This is a good thread. Can anyone report on the more recent or current batches on A*Men please?
  97. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    I did about 50-60 sprays of Guerlain Limon Verde as body spray this morning. Very refreshing.
    But when I went out later, I wore about 10 sprays of Philosykos.

    I'm home so I wear different things...
  98. Re: After Bleu de Chanel (EDT) and Dior Homme Sport (2017), what next?

    Welcome smockle!

    Your best bet is to continue to sample even if at random.

    The following are not among 'blue' scents but given their notes you might want to try them if you haven't already. I...
  99. Re: Reversals of Judgement: Reappraising your verdicts

    My biggest turnaround was about aquatics and blue scents. Before, I considered them sub par and wouldn't get near them. I started appreciating them gradually and started craving the freshness. I now...
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    Re: Just curious- EX NIHILO

    My apologies...confused the names. Thank you for the correction.
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