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  1. Re: What am I missing? Where have warm, 'ambery' masculine fragrances gone?

    Nah, that'd be exactly the kind of sweet, fruity leather OP is trying to get away from. I like Ombre Leather, but it's not exactly butch.
  2. Poll: Re: For which purpose is Creed Aventus or Prada L'Homme better? WOMEN ONLY

    Nah, his last poll asked us - sorry, us women only - what a billionaire would wear. He's gathering data.
  3. Re: The legitimacy of YouTube fragrance review channels

    Interesting, that.
  4. Re: "Is this it? Is this what it's all about?" (80s fragrances)

    I love this.
  5. Re: Fahrenheit ... still worth it and which one?

    Honestly, go find a store with a tester and see for yourself whether it measures up to your memories of the original - bearing in mind that memory can be a tricky thing, and there's no guarantee that...
  6. Re: "Is this it? Is this what it's all about?" (80s fragrances)

    Pretty much answered your own question, there. Sampling older scents can be fun and educational, but you're under no obligation to love and actually wear them. Wear what works for you. I can't get on...
  7. Re: Tips on how to see the level of opaque fragrances?

    The flashlight feature on smartphones is perfect for this, but there are exceptions - I don't have any light source strong enough to see through my bottle of Encre Noire.
  8. Poll: Re: Which Men's Fragrance smells like a Billionaire the most? WOMEN ONLY!

    I voted, even though this thread and poll is ridiculous, and even though I'm a guy, because don't tell me what to do.
  9. Re: A new Dior Homme fragrance is on its way, apparently

    Yeah, that'd be because he's a hack. He rattles off names of aromachemicals as if he can read the fragrance like an open book, but it's rather patently obvious he has no clue what those things smell...
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    Re: Chocolate Patchouli!!!

    Lutens Borneo 1834 is more of a dry cocoa than chocolate, per se, but it's the first thing I thought of. A*Men is proper chocolate, and thus sweeter than Borneo, but the patchouli and musk keep...
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    Re: Tom Ford Black Orchid is...

    I've never been able to stomach this one, and I keep re-trying in the hopes that one day it might work for me. It's a weird scent, which is fine - better than boring - but must it also be so cloying...
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    Re: Difference between Basenotes and Fragrantica?

    Fragrantica's users are ill-informed at best, hysterical at worst, and none of them can write for shit. Basenotes might be more pretentious, but I've learned a lot more here than I ever did on...
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    Re: What Hermes are you still wearing?

    Terre d'Hermes EdT and parfum, Eau des Merveilles, Un Jardin sur le Toit. I have my eyes on Bel Ami and Eau d'Hermes, and I'm always thisclose to pulling the trigger on one of the Orange Vertes. I...
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    Re: Eucris Geo F Trumper - real oakmoss?

    Seriously. Kinda wish I hadn't read about this. Ignorance is bliss, and all that.
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    Re: Male animalistic chypre

    Vintage Aramis. The modern version is great, but the older stuff has more of that musky, leathery growl that comes with animalics.
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    Re: Eucris Geo F Trumper - real oakmoss?

    Is that true? I own several recent fragrances that contain oakmoss in their ingredients lists. (Off the top of my head - Terre d'Hermes, Cartier Declaration and La Panthere, Tom Ford Grey Vetiver...
  17. Re: Such a dilemma: to spray or not to spray rare vintage?

    A nice article on this very subject: Perfume and the Lavish Hand

    Spray away, girl!
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    Re: Autumn In a Bottle

    I've recently fallen hard for Mitsouko. I gave the EdT that I initially dismissed another attempt, found myself actively craving the stuff over the course of a week, and broke down and ordered a...
  19. Re: What Descriptions/Comparisons in Fragrance Reviews Annoy You or Leave You Clueless?

    Comparisons don't annoy me - I find them generally useful, moreso than the kind of abstract, purple prose writing that often passes for reviews. The internet perfume sphere is filled with too many...
  20. Re: Scent of the night - what fragrance did you sleep with last night

    Mitsouko eau de toilette, which I've really been warming to lately after initially dismissing it. Need to get me some of the EdP.
  21. Re: Thinking about buying thierry mugler angel men

    Like many others, I thought it was revolting when I first smelled it, then eventually got on its wavelength. That coffee/bergamot/cedar/whatever-the-fuck that smells like tar in the opening takes...
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    Re: That's OUTRAGEOUS!!!

    He so clearly wants to be Tom Ford, and it so clearly isn't working.
  23. Re: Fresh, lemony, citrus yet sophisticated frag?

    Oh wow, I didn't even think of that one. Great choice.
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    Re: James Bonds cologne in "Casino Royale"???

    Aaaaand I'm suddenly nostalgic for 2007, a relatively unremarkable year, simply because it's Not Now.
  25. Re: Fresh, lemony, citrus yet sophisticated frag?

    Tom Ford Grey Vetiver is one of my go-to's for a good lemon blast, and the vetiver is done with a light hand, so it's never too much. Stays classy and fresh throughout its duration, never bitter or...
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    Re: For the love of powerhouse perfumes

    My collection includes Angel, Alien, Gucci Rush, and Opium (vintage, which has the half-life of plutonium), so I'm fairly set for powerhouses when the mood strikes. It doesn't often, but when it...
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    Re: Sycomore, Encre Noir, and...


    Tell us about this Chanel boycott of yours. I find that more interesting than narrowing down a vetiver scent that satisfies your arbitrary, strange criteria.
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    Re: Fahrenheit Friday

    Batch code is from 2019 (9D01). Smells basically the same as my 2009 bottle, which smelled basically the same as my 2003 bottle....but that's another topic for another thread (or two, or five).
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    Re: Fahrenheit Friday


    Recently finished the last dregs of my bottle purchased in 2009 (!), and bought a new one today. Hopefully I won't take another 10 years to finish this one. :coolold:
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    Re: The official CK Be Thread :)

    CK Be, rather inadvertently, was the scent that ushered me into the Internet fragrance-sphere. I bought a bottle on a whim around 10 years ago because the scent I was actually looking for was...
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    Re: Can cologne be stored on its side?

    I've stored my bottles in drawers on their sides for years and never had a leak or other issue.
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    Re: The scent of sun-kissed skin?

    Exactly this.

    On the other end of the spectrum, YSL Kouros has always reminded me of sun-warmed skin, for some reason.
  33. Re: White Florals, the Louder, the Lusher, the better to shelter in place with!

    Ooh, me too. I pulled out Alien from the back of the drawer and have been thoroughly enjoying it in solitude. Normally it feels like "too much" for a typical day. Angel I can wear any time or place,...
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    Re: Today, I am not particularly enjoying...

    Tried my sample of Black Orchid again today out of boredom. Nope, still godawful. Rotting bananas, dirt, and dried fruit. Why.
  35. Re: Terre D'Hermes is quite unique - My first experience with Terre

    I'll basically parrot this comment, since it sums up my feelings on TdH as well. I honestly can't imagine getting tired of it, or not having some form of it in my collection (if forced to choose just...
  36. Re: New Dior Fahrenheit EDT Formulation for 2019 # 12948/A

    You'd think, although with Dior's track record one more reformulation of the endlessly (mercilessly) tweaked Fahrenheit surely won't come as a shock to anyone. At this point I think it's best to...
  37. Re: Houses you want to like but don’t - what’s on your list?

    The way people gush about Margiela makes me wonder what I'm missing. Their aesthetic and "time-and-place" concepts for the scents are cute (if not entirely original), but I have yet to find one that...
  38. Re: Advice needed from anyone who owns or knows of 'Declaration' by Cartier.

    I'm not sure I'd suggest it as a blind buy, although it is one of my favorites (perhaps even my "signature", leery as I am of that concept). Some people really don't like the spiciness of it -...
  39. Re: Mugler B*Men: What are our thoughts in 2019?

    It was an odd scent, and sort of muddled. It didn't have the in-your-face sharpness and sweetness of A*Men, but neither did it have A*Men's distinctive personality. I recall it smelling like carrot...
  40. Re: Men’s Fragrances That Still Stand Out (No clones, nothing smells similar.)

    My first thought was Fahrenheit, but Kouros is another one. Two hugely influential fragrances that surely must have spawned a number of imitators, yet I don't think I've knowingly smelled a one. The...
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    Re: Hermes Terre de Hermes

    I tend to wear the parfum more often - sweeter orange, denser woods, at the expense of slightly less "bounce" than the EdT. But I love both, and would recommend either one.
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    Re: Luca Turin's New Blog

    I bought a reformulated Diorella circa 2012, having never smelled the original, and it reminded me of a fruitier Eau Sauvage, yet somehow prim and subdued, and sort of washed-out. The colors didn't...
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    Re: Luca Turin's New Blog

    His writeup of Jicky is fascinating, and makes me want to smell a fragrance I had little to no interest in before now.
  44. Re: Can Someone Recommend Me A Good But Cheap Vetiver?

    For "vetiver on a budget", I will be the hundredth person in this thread to recommend both Encre Noire and Guerlain Vetiver. Both are a steal at online discounters like FragranceX and FragranceNet,...
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    Re: Unisex perfumes that lean femme...

    I've seen several reviews from women who claim that the original Prada (from 2004) is downright masculine-smelling, probably due to the high patchouli content. So in that sense, I suppose it could be...
  46. Re: I'm almost certain that Amen has been reformulated

    I do find the current version of A*Men gentler and more wearable than older formulations I've smelled (pre-2012), but it's still a strange, sweet punch to the nostrils, and still has the same...
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    Re: Modern Chypres Under $50?

    Given how this thread has progressed (or not) so far, might I suggest just wearing Polo and living a long, happy life? Like others have said, this is basically a white whale search given your...
  48. Re: Talking Cartier Declaration...your favourite release/flanker ???

    The only flanker I haven't yet tried is the parfum. I prefer the original out of the whole bunch, but Essence is the best flanker, IMO. Didn't care for d'Un Soir. The cologne/Bois Bleu/L'eau (the...
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    Re: Mila Kunis in Black Swan

    She's an Angel girl if there ever was one. That, or Gucci Rush. A fruity, party-girl scent with an almost chemical haze at the top (drugs!), followed by a warm, dark, sexy base. Bold and pretending...
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    Re: What’s the deal with Mugler UK?

    Weird. The "rainbow" collection is nowhere to be found on the Canada, France, and UK versions of the site. They all just list the regular Cologne (although the UK site leads to a dead link.) Maybe...
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    A*Men 100ml plus hair and body shampoo, $59 Canadian at Marshalls. Comparable to what I'd pay for the same size bottle at an online discounter, with shipping. I stopped wearing A*Men years ago after...
  52. Re: Have Grey Vetiver, would Terre D'Hermes be redundant?

    Not redundant, since they're both completely different. The new Intense Vetiver version of TdH, however, would (I think) be redundant if you already own Grey Vetiver. They cover enough of the same...
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    Re: Terre d'Hermes

    Terre d'Hermes is indeed a "must-try", if only to possibly narrow down what you don't like in a fragrance. I loved it at first sniff, but it's absolutely not to every taste. That's part of its...
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    Re: What's Burberry London like?

    I agree re: Shock, it doesn't strike me as similar to London at all, and it does smell cheaper and more synthetic. (And sweeter.)

    "It smelts like Christmas in a bottle, lol. A cinnamon laced...
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    Re: Terre D'Hermes Eau Intense Vetiver - Anyone?

    It's nice, but not particularly interesting. Only in the far drydown do I detect the mineral/flint signature of the original TdH; otherwise, it basically smells like Guerlain Vetiver without the...
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    Re: Womanity - what went wrong?

    I remember the marketing coming off as pandering - to feminists, women in general, the human race. Combined with the hysterically awful name, I imagine many in the target demographic either "WTF"-ed...
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    Re: Terre d'hermes - reformulated?

    Owner of a 2014 bottle (batch code 4LA#O) checking in. No issues with projection or longevity - olfactory fatigue from Iso E Super notwithstanding - and the mineral/flint accord is quite pronounced....
  58. Re: Fahrenheit - Quite possibly the greatest fragrance ever made

    Thank you for your incredibly evocative description of the original version of Fahrenheit - I wish I was around for its heyday! (I mean, I was around, but I was a toddler. Wouldn't have been wearing...
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    Re: Versace Eros.......Is It Really That Bad??

    That seems to be exactly what Versace was going for with Eros - a loud scent for loud nights out. I think it's a bullseye in terms of marketing and art direction. You don't see an ad with a...
  60. Re: Fahrenheit - Quite possibly the greatest fragrance ever made

    It's not so much that the current version is weaker, it's that it seems to be missing half of its notes. The old version opened up with an explosion of vivid violet leaf, pepper, a tar-like spice...
  61. Re: Fahrenheit - Quite possibly the greatest fragrance ever made

    Hah, if only! Fahrenheit hasn't smelled like any of those things since the '90s. The current version is as tame and crowd-pleasing as a kitten.
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    Re: Summer Heat! Today’s Fragrance Choice?

    Cartier Declaration. Dry spices and citrus that cuts right through the heat.
  63. Re: Post your pic and other posters will pick a fragrance you look like you'd wear

  64. Re: The one note that immediately gets your interest?

    Vetiver. Neroli. Jasmine. Cedar. Patchouli. Leather.

    Can someone please make a perfume that prominently features those notes and not much else? I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
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    Re: Survival Status of Classic Masculine Frags

    Category 4: Aramis Tuscany Per Uomo. Delicious stuff, full of character yet easygoing. I would also put Kouros in this category.

    Category 1: Polo. I've smelled so many different bottles of this...
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    Re: New Hermes for men soon?

    Goddammit. The last thing my collection needs is more Terre d'Hermes, but my lemming juices are activated...
  67. Re: Who are YOUR favorite fragrance reviewers on youtube?

    I haven't watched any YouTube fragrance reviewers in years. I find most of them basically unwatchable, for various reasons. Whatever information I need about a scent, I can glean from a blog post...
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    Re: Armani code reformulated?

    Compared to how it smelled when it was called Black Code (I had a mini circa 2005), yes, the newer stuff does smell different to me. Lighter, thinner, less interesting. I thought it may have been my...
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    Re: Versace Dylan Blue or Dior Sauvage?

    I actually prefer the Versace. I think it's underrated.
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    Re: A vetiver recommendation

    Definitely look into Tom Ford Grey Vetiver. It has a similar classy vibe as the Guerlain, although a bit crisper and clearer with a stronger citrus character, and without Guerlain's tobacco note.
  71. Re: Hippie in a Tux: Coromandel v. Javanese Patchouli v. ?

    Prada Amber Pour Homme Intense. Entirely smooth and elegant, but with a distinctly bohemian edge. The patchouli doesn't scream, but it's a key component of the mix. Completely work-friendly, although...
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    Re: Violet beyond Fahrenheit/G. Flannel?

    I second (third?) YSL L'Homme Libre. Like Fahrenheit with a silvery, industrial sheen. Very well-done.
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    Poll: Re: Prada Amber Pour Homme vs. Infusion d'Homme

    Amber. Infusion is too high-pitched, bright and soapy for me. (Actually, I prefer Amber Intense of all the Pradas.)
  74. Re: CDG 2 Man or Bentley Absolute - Which is more similar to the GPH 1?

    I would argue that Gucci Pour Homme was better than "not that good", but it was entirely one-note. The same thing happened to Gucci Envy a few years back: Decent mainstream masculine gets cancelled,...
  75. Replies

    Re: Best Amber Fragrance?

    Prada Amber Pour Homme Intense (ignore the name, it's perfectly unisex) is one of the few ambers that don't drive me nuts with cloying sweetness. It's elegant, but with a bohemian, incense-y vibe,...
  76. Re: Cartier Declaration L'eau - anyone tried it?

    As a longtime fan of Declaration (and Essence), I can take or leave the L'Eau version. It's mostly grapefruit at the top with a flash of the cardamom and stealthy cumin from the original, but then it...
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    Re: Mugler cologne

    Mugler's fragrances are notorious for their juices changing color over time - just look at all the bottles of brown Angel on eBay. My bottle of A*Men, purchased brand new in 2012, is already turning...
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    Re: So how do you know when to wear..

    Trial and error, for the most part. If you put on a fragrance and then, as you're going about your day, it feels "off" - too heavy or too light for the weather, too casual or formal for the occasion,...
  79. Replies

    Re: Prada Olfactories - 10 new fragrances

    Amber Pour Homme Intense would like to correct you on that point. And then continue correcting you, insistently and suffocatingly, for the next 12 hours.
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    Poll: Re: Declaration Cartier Hit or Miss?

    One of my all-time faves, I've worn it for years. Easy to wear, versatile, yet very distinctive. Bone-dry and bitter at first, it softens slightly in the drydown, yet never turns sweet or musky....
  81. Replies

    Re: Terre D'Hermes smells like piss?

    This is like when people say a fragrance "smells like bug spray". Gotta get me some of that bug spray!
  82. Replies

    Re: Fleur de it too feminine?

    It flirts with feminine qualities and accords but remains resolutely masculine, in my opinion. (By comparison, Tom Ford's Black Orchid does the opposite.)
  83. Replies

    Re: Youtube reviewer rant

    This is the only value I see in watching YouTube reviews. I like to know what other people are smelling and how their impression of a fragrance compares to mine, or, if it's a fragrance I haven't...
  84. Re: I'd like some deodorants that are near EDT strength...

    Ralph Lauren's Polo (green) deodorant smells exactly - and I do mean exactly - like the eau de toilette, and the fragrance is very strong and noticeable for a deodorant. I'll also 2nd the...
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    Re: Top fall frags

    I'll finally get to wear my Prada Amber Pour Homme Intense, which is intolerable in any kind of heat. I also love Déclaration Essence in the fall - woody, foresty green, and spicy.
  86. Replies

    Re: Chocolate smelling perfume

    Mugler A*Men is chocolate, coffee, vanilla and patchouli. The chocolate is most obvious about 20 minutes in, and it's definitely...present. If you're in a chocolate mood, that one scratches the itch.
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    Re: High School Fragrance help!

    I second (third?) Burberry London. Great choice for HS in the cooler months. Attractive smell but not overpowering. Varvatos Artisan is another good choice.
  88. Replies

    Re: Fahrenheit in the Summer?

    Why so surprised? I thought Fahrenheit was generally accepted to be a great summer scent. I've worn it in the summer many times and never been gassed out. The bright violet leaf and hawthorn notes...
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    Re: Mad Men Fragrances?

    Don wearing Eau Sauvage is an attractive idea, but I feel like Eau Sauvage would have been too fresh, young and "modern" for his tastes. He strikes me as an Old Spice or Brut type.

    We already...
  90. Re: designer amber base note with strong projection and sillage?

    I have to disagree - this one projects for miles and lasts a dog's age when I wear just one spray of it. Great, full-on amber scent.
  91. Replies

    Re: Was Le Male reformulated in the past year?

    I can only assume it's the recent IFRA-induced restriction on coumarin that has dulled Le Male's edge. Coumarin contributes to the fragrance's powdery, vanillic, barbershoppy vibe and huge sillage,...
  92. Replies

    Re: Sell Me On Incense

    They are indeed different, but I have the opposite problem: I love the smell of burning incense, but incense-based perfumes often feel stuffy, cloying, and/or strident to me, like too much of a good...
  93. Re: Please describe what Kouros really smells like

    Soap, herbs, incense, leather, honey, musk, moss, powder, florals. All at once. No crotch, urine, or sweat, although the musk does have a slightly salty tang to it, reminiscent of unwashed linens or...
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    Re: Vetiver advice: help me out!

    Two relatively inexpensive mall vetivers, just as a counterpoint to the niche suggestions: L'Occitane's Vetyver and Fresh's Cannabis Santal. You might find the latter too sweet, but the drydown is a...
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    Re: Cytrusy refreshner for hot weather

    Mugler Cologne and the original Déclaration (not the Soir), are two of my own summer staples. Déclaration in particular has a sparkling, shimmering quality with lots of citrus, spices, and bitter...
  96. Replies

    Re: Tom ford Grey vetiver vs Guerlain Vetiver

    I prefer Grey Vetiver, but not by miles. The Guerlain is a tad soapy and old-fashioned, although I do enjoy its spices and tobacco. Grey Vetiver is more citrusy, and smells sophisticated without...
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    Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VI

    Over the last 6 years I've whittled down a rather ludicrous number of bottles to a small, core bunch that I wear routinely and can't bear to part with. These are the survivors.
  98. Replies

    Re: Cartier Declaration: What a Fine Scent!

    Agreed, and I was nervous as well. I do suspect the drydown is a little less mossy than before, but Declaration was never a moss-monster to begin with.

    As to the differences between the original...
  99. Re: Honest Comparison of Dior Homme Vintage and Dior Homme Reformulation

    Without the iris, Dior Homme would have been just another men's quasi-gourmand with a woody base. The iris, which was beautifully rendered, took Dior Homme into the stratosphere. I adored the...
  100. Replies

    Re: spicebomb vs burberry london

    Glad I'm not the only one who sees the similarity between these two; I routinely confuse them when I smell them "in the air", so to speak. That said, I'd wear London over Spicebomb. Spicebomb is...
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