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  1. Re: Do you wear any 'weird' scents regularly? Got any favorites?

    I wear Yacht Man Red with surprising frequency. The only thing really weird about it is that it's a $5 fragrance that I rate up there with favorite fragrances I have costing up to 60x as much.
  2. Re: What is your favourite "female" branded fragrance?

    Mancera Velvet Vanilla or Bond No. 9 Success are my go-tos on those days where I want to feel, well, pretty.
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    Re: Extremely Hot Weather Fragrances

    This is somewhat different from my list, but I could easily work with this lineup any August; a fine selection.
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    Re: Extremely Hot Weather Fragrances

    For the hottest days where there's little means of escape:

    Creed Virgin Island Water
    Tommy Bahama Set Sail St. Barts
    Kenneth Cole Vintage Black
    Varvatos Artisan Pure

    For hotter days...
  5. Re: Cheap Patchouli Recommendations? Help please!!

    Molinard. $40-50 for 75ml at discounters. This is earthier - not clump of rootbound dirt earthy, but if you're looking for hippy-dip type, look elsewhere.

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    Re: Creed Royal Water

    Hot weather and when you want to wear something but something "quiet." Perfect for both.
  7. Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. - Vol 4, 2021

    Aubusson Plush Leather at Ross in Bullhead City AZ last month. There was no box with it. Pleasant take on Aventus for $13 and tax for 100ml.
  8. Re: What fragrance best represents how you believe the devil would smell?

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    Re: Whats your best ocean/blue/summer frag

    Set Sail St. Barts or a good chunk of the Nautica line, especially Voyage and Regatta.
  10. Re: Cologne you enjoy most when wearing infrequently.

    Swiss Arabian Shaghaf Oud Abyad and Mancera Aoud Blue Notes come to mind. I never really thought of them in these terms, but they are both intense but exceptionally pleasant fragrances. Most of what...
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    Re: Best reasonably priced leather fragrance?

    Gucci Guilty Absolute is my favorite, but the best value for me is Swiss Arabian Attar al Ghutra.
  12. Thread: USPS Anxiety

    by ascotnot

    Re: USPS Anxiety

    Let me get this straight - the customer demanded that you use the one shipping service that is measurably and observably worse than the USPS?
  13. Thread: USPS Anxiety

    by ascotnot

    Re: USPS Anxiety

    I've lost confidence in the USPS after years of defending its reliability and value. COVID related delays, completely understandable, have given way in the past year to inexplicable incompetence. ...
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    Re: Fragrantica? Is that you?

    I've seen worse when it comes to unnecessary tweaking. The trendline is a little silly, but all "updates" annoy me, be it websites (usually complicated by geegaws and coding tricks that trip my...
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    Re: Why did you wear what you wore today.. May 2021

    N-83 is my Saturday fragrance. It's the perfect companion for running errands and taking care of the house and yard.
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    Re: Your Favourite Reviews

    Darvant's review of Baldessarini is a masterpiece - a well executed testament to one of the finest all-purpose fragrances ever made.
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    Re: Flannel Shirt Fragrances

    That would depend on what I am doing. If working, Creed Cedre Blanc or Original Nautica. For relaxation/leisure, something like Encre Noir or Z-14.
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    Re: Cold, rainy night fragrance

    Bogart CityTower and Swiss Arabian Shaghaf Oud Abyad come to mind.
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    Re: Zino and Boucheron

    Boucheron PH is one of the easiest grabs on the shelf year-round, and a top candidate in the "if you could keep only one" thought exercise.
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    Re: Most Overrated Discontinued Frags?

    Along with Gucci Nobile mentioned above, there are quite a few still in production that are easily close enough given the price differential.
  21. Re: Any recommendations based on fragrances I like? (warm spicy & sweet)

    If you want to go offbeat and save a lot of money, consider Yacht Man Red.
  22. Re: Bought a new bottle of Eternity after 20 years

    For some reason that I cannot shake my view of Eternity as uninteresting and dull. I know that the bottle design does not appeal to me in the least. Despite that, I very much like it and enjoy...
  23. Re: Have you gone back to an overkilled fragrance?

    The oft heard comment about that is the generalized recollection that "everyone wore that," a sentiment that always seemed to be expressed pejoratively. DN was simply taking a classic scent that's...
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    Re: How many bottles is too many?

    This reminds me of a scene from Hill Street Blues. JD attends a wedding where the groom reveals during the vows that he knows his fiancée has been cheating on him with their best man. Mind you, the...
  25. Re: Recommandations of special fragrances for a SPECIAL day

    You just described this to a "T."

  26. Re: Wearing a budget-friendly scent vs. smelling above your financial means

    If you invest the time to gain the knowledge, think practically and go for value, then price, budgets, "punching above its weight," brand consciousness and other sillinesses become irrelevant. And I...
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    Re: Decant Atomizer That Doesn't Evaporate

    That's what I do. I've seen bottles a year later with no change in volume. Parafilm is a little thicker and I haven't yet tried it for this purpose. Plus plumber's tape costs like 5 cents per...
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    Re: Herbal/aromatic fragrances?

    Guy Laroche Horizon
    Bogart One Man Show
    Bogart Witness
    Aubusson Homme
    Marbert Homme
    Versace L'Homme
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    Re: Anxiety around over spraying

    For most fragrances, if it doesn't disappear for a brief period shortly after application then return in brief wafts throughout the day (as opposed to throughout the hour after hour), I know I...
  30. Re: Would I like vintage One Man Show, if I'm not crazy about it in its current form?

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    Re: Fragrancenet Cancels

    That's the nature of doing business with Fragrancenet on eBay. Because of their business model though, I have an extensive collection of fragrances that I could never otherwise afford, so I am ...
  32. Re: Article: Why You Should Still Wear Fragrance in Lockdown

    It's actually an advantageous situation for me. Although I love fragrances, I'm not a big fan of doing things that attract attention to myself. Consequently, there are number of fragrances that I...
  33. Re: Article: Why You Should Still Wear Fragrance in Lockdown

    I wear fragrances for myself anyway so it was never a question. I never broke my morning routine either even though it's easy drag yourself out of bed straight to the computer, something my...
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    Re: Fishy smell from atomizers?

    I don't buy decants but I use 1 ml plastic sprayers for travel. I found a bag of them at Goodwill a few years ago. About 15-20 percent of the sprayers don't work so I assume that this is not top...
  35. Thread: Classic Scent

    by ascotnot

    Re: Classic Scent

    Some that come to mind:

    Cabaret PH
    Cuba Black
    Caesars Man
    Roger & Gallet l'homme
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    Re: Cheap but Good Discovery Sets

    Swiss Arabian offer a 40 sample pack for about $33 through Amazon. They offer that and other packages through eBay (seller is marinagroup = Swiss Arabian USA) but those are more expensive.
  37. Re: If you could go back in time, which magical moment in your hobby would you want to live again?

    You should have seen this place. Wall shelves full of all kinds of ornate, colorful bottles, including insanely priced Cambodian Ouds. He also explained how catalysts work using their Musk Malaki...
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    Re: Who’s wearing green for St Pat’s?

    Horizon - didn't even think of that. Good call. Green stuff in a blue bottle.
  39. Re: If you could go back in time, which magical moment in your hobby would you want to live again?

    I visited the distribution center for Swiss Arabian in Las Vegas, not sure whether it was a retail outlet. It wasn't, something I kind of realized when the directions landed me in an office park,...
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    Re: Who’s wearing green for St Pat’s?

    Going to go with One Man Show this evening after work.
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    Re: Help me pick a summer fragrance?

    I picked up these two over the winter and can't wait to give them a spin when it warms up, soon hopefully.
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    Re: Help me pick a summer fragrance?

    VIW is my nuclear option for the summer blasts we occasionally get. This is not air-conditioner country, but usually we get at least a week or two in the 90s, so you need to pull out all the stops...
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    Re: Recommend me a Starter Bogart

    I started with City Tower on the strength of a review here by Darvant.

    Pour Homme was next.

    Then One Man Show

    Then Signature

    Then Witness
  44. Re: Choosing interview fragrance from my collection

    One of the quickest ways to tell someone "I'm not like you" is by the cologne you wear; that's why people wear cologne in the first place (and why there's 20,000 to choose from), so that kills the...
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    Re: Your best blind buy ever

    Incredible value there. I put the Dunhill in front in case I freeze trying to decide what to wear. It's one of the most versatile fragrances that you can buy at any price.
  46. Re: Choosing interview fragrance from my collection

    Employers see every step in the recruitment process as an opportunity to eliminate candidates. If you are one among a slate of four interviews that day, and you are the only one who wore perfume...
  47. Re: Choosing interview fragrance from my collection

    Perfume at an interview is like talking to the police. If you limit the things you consider to a few innocent and obvious ones, it makes perfect sense.

    Reality: doing so (either one) can never...
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    Re: Your best blind buy ever

    Mancera Aoud Blue Notes.
  49. Re: Any knock-off fragrances actually worth wearing?

    Armaf and other ME houses make so many now and the quality can be outstanding. I think it's a hobby and endeavor unto itself. Now those are a little different because they aren't exactly "cheap"...
  50. Re: Any knock-off fragrances actually worth wearing?

    Those were a good deal. I think you can still get them, but I haven't checked in a while. I'd distill them down to the oils and add the oil to mildly scented, compatible body wash or shampoo as a...
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    Re: What do your backups say about you?

    My backups tell me that at various times my detachment from reality veers well into the red zone.

    I have gone through exactly one 100ml bottle myself, first spray to last, where I never decanted...
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    Re: A drink, a song, a perfume - February 2021

    Rusty Nail
    Sad Song by Ellen Foley
    Bogart City Tower
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    Re: reformulations

    I don't pay much heed to the concerns about reformulations. I usually take each formulation for whatever it is. If it's really that different, I just consider it to be a different fragrance...
  54. Re: How to let the buyer know how much juice is in opaque bottles?

    I recall some reference to someone putting a can of Rive Gauche in the freezer long enough to see where the surface condensation differs when returning it to room temperature to determine the level...
  55. Re: Received leaking creed flacon from authorised Creed seller

    I bought one Creed flacon and was astonished to see that the stopper was merely glass on glass - had I known they made them that way I would not have purchased it. Somehow it managed the...
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    Re: your favorite CHEAP fragrance

    I really enjoy browsing this and similar threads. My best finds have come from when a fragrance that I like leads me to the next, whether because it's the same house, common notes, appearance on a...
  57. Re: Has a new Emperor been crowned? Caesars Man Cologne is back, or is it?

    Wow; it's been a year already. I never got around to trying the re-issue and at this point don't see any need.

    With so many similar products out there though, yeah, it's not like Tommy Bahama Men...
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    Re: Gucci Intense Oud - discontinued ??

    You're never late for one oud, just a little early for the next.
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    Re: Why I cant find the perfect scent ?

    Perfect for what?

    Even though that looks like a question, that is in fact the answer.
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    Re: Do smokers perceive scents differently?

    I'm sure that most ex smokers would agree that that is the case.

    However, there are hundreds of things that affect how scents are perceived and I doubt there's anything abnormal about most of...
  61. Re: And it happened - asked not to wear perfume to work

    Man, I'd love to be a civilian observer to an all-out sillage war. Some of the best forms of entertainment are ones that you simply cannot buy.
  62. Re: And it happened - asked not to wear perfume to work

    Thank you for those positive comments.

    There's an argument to be made for "communal" type spaces such as a workplace to have reasonable constraints to prevent excesses, but the clinical argument...
  63. Re: And it happened - asked not to wear perfume to work

    Evidently, my soft-pedaled analysis didn't quite get my point across, so I will dress it down a bit for clarity. That "ample evidence" does not support the idea that a person wearing a fragrance can...
  64. Re: Reformulations....... are they always a "less than" vintage?

    Reformulations (and parsing of batches) are not a part of the fragrance universe in which I dwell. My general experience, however, in dealing with things that I do not control interfering with,...
  65. Re: And it happened - asked not to wear perfume to work

    There are different viewpoints on this, but the general view is that the science on allergies or "sensitivities" to particular scents is weak, and such a policy is at best problematic and at worst...
  66. Re: And it happened - asked not to wear perfume to work

    I get the sense that that is the case with nearly all "compliments" as well.

    On the broader topic, it's that bar-lowering societal trend of taking shameful, obnoxious or otherwise untoward...
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    Re: Do you buy empty bottles and boxes?

    I get them for the caps too. There are very few bottles that are presentable without them. I picked up a lot of three empty Varvatos bottles last summer for two of the caps (Artisan Blu and Dark...
  68. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    Yardley Gentleman Classic. And its packaging in an ordinarily configured bottle is the only thing that prevented me from thinking that I had inadvertently grabbed the Nikos Sculpture.
  69. Re: And it happened - asked not to wear perfume to work

    This goes to the issue of why people wear fragrances in the first place - have you considered "starting" your day when you arrive home from work? I do that but for reasons other than workplace...
  70. Re: Cat owners: Does your cat try to attack you over certain fragrances?

    Engaging cats at all is oftentimes like stepping right into a comic strip. I find it comically amusing how some cats let you know that your warm skritch and cuddle session with them is over by...
  71. Re: 5 underrated cheapies for fall, that you should try/buy

    Lomani Body and Soul skews a little more toward Winter, but I wanted to get Lomani mentioned in this thread. There is great value in their line.

    Lomani Best and Lomani PH both fit into that...
  72. Re: 5 underrated cheapies for fall, that you should try/buy

    Never met one I didn't like, but I think Just Me is the one you are referencing.
  73. Re: 5 underrated cheapies for fall, that you should try/buy

    I have a bunch of this stuff too and picked up a few of the body wash tubes as well. Its quality, array of notes and potency more than make up for that horrible sprayer! I've read where it's been...
  74. Re: 5 underrated cheapies for fall, that you should try/buy

    Got it X 5. All excellent values.
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    Re: What has Basenotes done for you?

    Like any other interest, fragrances present challenges and rewards that appeal to me, but only until it becomes more about the object of my interest than how I go about engaging it for my own...
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    Re: Fragrance for upcoming Autumn/Winter

    That's close to my list; swap Bogart PH for the Lapidus and maybe Yatagan or One Man Show for the Antaeus and it's just about dead-on.

    Open is one of the best fragrance values available IMO. It's...
  77. Re: Cat owners: Does your cat try to attack you over certain fragrances?

    Food vs not food is the only olfactory determination they appear to make so far as I can observe. I assume it's far more nuanced than that, but that's how it appears.
  78. Re: What are the all-time great marine fragrances?

    Nautica Pure and Nautica Oceans, for as long as they last. Once in a while that beach/seaweed a/k/a "dead fish" note appeals to me, and Bond Wall Street fits the bill there.
  79. Replies

    Re: Recommend me an orange citrus frag?

    Nautica Pure Discovery might be worth a try. Shop around though because prices vary somewhat dramatically on eBay.
  80. Replies

    Re: Fall/Winter Vanilla fragrance

    I agree. I tried the Mancera Aoud Vanille last night before bed because Summer took early leave around here and may not return. I thought that it was a very pleasant vanilla scent, not overly...
  81. Re: What fragrances remind you of Christmas/Winter?

    Pino Silvestre
    Agua Brava

    For obvious reasons.
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    Re: Your bottom shelf (or shelves) NOW

    Twice a year I go through everything to swap out seasonals, then periodically do some limited cycling to fine tune/make changes.

    I constantly come across ones I lament never getting to. I set...
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    Re: What's on top of your wish-list right now?

    Baldessarini Black. I just recently heard about it, maybe here. There's a database listing for it on the other site.

    I doubt this flanker is going to present any continuity from the original; it...
  84. Re: Sandalwood - is there a gem I'm missing out on? Not sure where to look.

    I match the Proraso shave cream with the original Nautica as my go-to sandalwood setup for anything that involves church or Christian holidays.
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    Re: Why did you wear what you wore today..

    What little summer we had disappeared over the weekend. Cool, cloudy and wet today. I nearly grabbed the Dark Aoud, but opted against the finality that would represent and instead selected something...
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    Re: New batches of Drakkar Noir are incredible

    I'm a big fan of DN and the many colognes with a similar vibe to them (and there are many). I have one of those 200ml jugs too, probably 60% full - it came in a lot and I've always kept it in a...
  87. Re: Creed Aventus Clone = Club De Nuit Intense By Armaf ?

    Club De Nuit Intense Man is indistinguishable from Aventus for any purpose that matters. The significance of nuances, batch drivel and hysterical dunning of clones are an invention of people...
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    Re: A parfum for nihilism

    Something that says I've rejected everything meaningful except my deep concern about what others think of me and some random perfume house's ability to provide some scent that will bring others down...
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    Re: Scented Bracelet

    Plausible concept as a form of wearing fragrance, but I would assume that it's primarily a gimmick to get people to pay way more money for way less product.

    Given that along with this product they...
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    Re: Is NOTINO for USA ever going to come back?

    I agree and would go well beyond that. At the time they discontinued US service, they were steadily carving away my FNet budget and would probably have all of it by now except for maybe some...
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    Re: Are We Too Hard on Fragrance YouTubers?

    Most of them are just blathering on trying to frame objectively what is purely subjective, immeasurable and untestable. There are no fixed or recognized standards for anything they say or do. That's...
  92. Re: Why don't more cologne companies ignore the restrictions on oakmoss?

    My guess is that they have to weigh the pecuniary benefit of using "real" oakmoss in customary quantities instead of the more than adequately synthesized/formulated substitutes in order to sell to...
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    Re: Hurricane Dorian - Blind buys

    How the psychology of discount retailers affects us is really surprising. I get my best car rental rates directly from the rental company- never found anything close anywhere else; I get the best...
  94. Replies

    Re: Hurricane Dorian - Blind buys

    That Rasasi keeps tempting me, especially when I see it at a good price.

    I have Nejma No. 1 which is similarly compared to TFTL though, making it difficult to justify the Rasasi with so many...
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    Re: Creed Himalaya strange batch code place

    My understand of Creeds is that the correct location for a batch number/information on an authentic bottle is wherever they put it.

    I have a bottle where some legend very similar to the one...
  96. Re: Cold/Detached Fragrances (In Need Of Recommendations)

    I was asking myself the same question as I was shopping for heart-healthy cheesecake and low-carbon charcoal.

    There are just some questions of which the mere formulation indicates that the matter...
  97. Re: Anyone here going to CANCEL Dior for their sauvage ad?

    Most ads turn me away from a fragrance anyway so I try to not pay attention to ads at all lest they degrade my enjoyment of the product.

    Beyond that, I'm not a customer for Dior fragrances and...
  98. Re: Do you notice your fragrances get stronger as they age?

    I bought a package of a couple dozen of Baldessarini samples that had obviously evaporated a bit, confirmed by measurement to be about 15-20 percent.

    They make for a nice concentrated version of...
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    Re: No-Buy August

    Okay. All ready for no-buy August. How does this thing work anyway? Is it just like it sounds?
  100. Re: What are some fragrances that you just can't understand why they are loved?

    I would care only to the extent that I have to be exposed to it. Generally speaking though, just because I don't wear something myself doesn't mean I don't like it. Some can be off putting, but...
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