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    Re: Oajan Parfums de Marly

    Paco Rabanne's 1 Million Prive is very similar but a better scent to my nose. I own Oajan but never wear it.
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    Re: The smell of the forest after rain

    Lush's Devil's Nightcap. Read some reviews and you'll soon see what I mean.
  3. Poll: Re: Santal Noir vs Santal Royal vs Santal Noble

    Same here, was a love at first sniff for me, pretty much.

    Vintage Samsara is the one - but the EDP if you want it more sandalwoody IMHO.
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    Re: Question(s) for oversprayers.

    As pretty much said by others, I wear what I want, when I want to - but I'm very unlikely to want to wear a big, fuzzy, cuddly amber when the temperature is above 25 Celsius outside!

    I've always...
  5. Re: Would layering Molecule02 to ambroxan based scents give insane projection?

    I thought it was fairly common knowledge that they had been using ambroxan for a long while and just naming it ambergris in their note pyramids, etc.
  6. Re: A cheap long lasting summer fragrance ?

    Moschino Forever or Forever Sailing - both enjoyable, and I probably prefer the second one which is also very long lasting.
  7. Re: How do you think Corona and the crisis will affect the perfume industry?

    Underrated comment right here.
  8. Re: Please help: Affordable Oriental Resinous OUD based fragrance

    Aramis Perfume Calligraphy has oud, amber, myrrh and rose. The Perfume Calligraphy Rose perfume in the series would be lovely if you didn't want oud, as it ticks all of the other boxes with a certain...
  9. Re: Best Recent Releases ? Designer Mens and Womens...Your Recommendations For The Last 7 Years

    Aramis Perfume Calligraphy Rose
    Aramis Perfume Calligraphy Saffron
    Bentley For Men Intense
    Cartier Declaration Parfum
    Cartier L'Envol EDP
    Dior Homme Parfum
    Gucci Guilty Absolute
    Gucci Intense...
  10. Re: What's the most "mature" scent that you own?

  11. Re: Coronavirus: New symptom of virus could be loss of taste and smell, top UK doctor says.

    This might be worth a read, mate.
  12. Re: Perfumes to keep people 1.5 meters away from you

    Just one spray of Fidelis by HdP, worn in cold weather, causes an olfactory shockwave that pushes people away from you. Smells lovely, just one of the brawniest perfumes I've ever encountered - and I...
  13. Re: Why do you love the funk/skank/barn/dirt?

    Or was it meant to be done through a different profile :lolk:
  14. Re: What are your mission, vision and values when it comes to fragrance?

    brb just spat porridge all over my laptop screen.

    Can't beat a good shart in the forums.
  15. Re: What would a fragrance smell like if it was made up of every single fragrance in the world?

    Sauvage. The others wouldn't stand a chance.
  16. Re: Has Paul Smith London been relaunched?

    The longevity of this on my skin is incredible - verging on too much.
  17. Re: SixCats! seeking suggestions for (under $30.00) Cologne.

    These are all a love of mine and of my mother too. I need to get the Sport flanker again as I gave my last bottle to her. The Extreme is my favourite at the moment.
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    Re: Dior Homme Parfum 2020 Thread

    Are they up to that business again? The UK Dior site has it for £104 for 100ml. I think I'm ok though with six bottles of the original...
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    Re: A Chergui alternative?

    This. Forearms and chest and it lasts all day for me.
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    Re: I can't decide whic one

    Just the Carven
  21. Poll: Re: Spraying perfume on your neck: Yay or Nay?

    Used to spray my neck, now I spray forearms and chest (under clothes) and sometimes over my belly on clothes. "Longevity issues" with certain frags vanished once I stopped spraying my neck. Sometimes...
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    Re: Spring Mint Suggestions?

    Some of these have been mentioned:

    Carven L'Eau Intense - has a noticeable lavender note though which might not be to your taste, OP.

    Lush Dirty - spearmint and not mint here but it's a great...
  23. Re: Uh oh. "BlackRock Long Term Private Capital to Invest in Luxury Fragrance Company Creed"

    Well they might not have cut ties with him if he hadn't come out with that racist diatribe - although it might have given them the excuse they needed...
  24. Re: Who loves Lush but is a bit snobby about perfume?

    I love The Smell of Weather Turning, it's one of their most evocative ones for me.

    I've a whole heap of Lush stuff and I'm lucky enough to live in a city where the local Lush stocks their black...
  25. Re: 13 years after release, Diesel Fuel For Life (2007)

    I love it. Ridiculously persistent so will only wear it when I'm after an all-dayer. Fruity, minty lavender goodness. Turin gave it four stars, didn't he? I might wear this tonight.
  26. Re: Uncommon fragrances in common places

    Kouros can be found in most mainstream places in the UK, too.
  27. Re: Cartier Declaration is such an underrated classic

    It's fantastic - love it and all of its flankers that I own - in total, the EDT, Essence, the parfum, cologne and l'eau. The parfum is something else.
  28. Re: Oriental/Woody Fougeres Worth Trying?

    Yohji Homme by Yohji Yamamoto - the 1999 version
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    Re: Most overrated fragrances

    Guerlain Heritage. Bottled bland boredom.
  30. Re: A new Dior Homme fragrance is on its way, apparently

    Same perfume as before then.
  31. Re: Dior Homme Parfum or Creed Royal Mayfair for a formal event?

    DHP by a country mile. You won't smell anything similar on the night (assuming no one else is wearing it!).
  32. Re: Celebrating Differences: What do YOU Enjoy About Perfume?

    I love how sometimes you can smell something and it just clicks with you, as if you've always worn it. That's why I'll smell anything in a tester because if it works for me, then it works. I'm not...
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    Re: What note is this?

    Ambroxan masquerading as ambergris, as others have noted.
  34. Re: (hopefully) Fun poll bc i'm curious about others tastes :)

    Most current Chanels. I'll get my coat...
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    Re: I hate geranium.

    I hate SAs who warn me snarkily that the perfume I'm about to try on is a woman's fragrance.

    And I strongly dislike the type of person who complains (read: gets offended) about people getting...
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    Re: Airy amber

    This was the first thing I thought of when I read the thread title. Very underrated.

    Knowing what this is like these days, I cannot imagine how it could be made "slightly stronger" as it's...
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    Re: So umm...Dior Homme 2020...?

    The original is called "Homme" by Dior reps and so on. Think everyone on here and elsewhere refers to it as "Dior Homme" to be clear as to which Homme they're referencing.
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    Re: Finding a new scent, or not.

    As a rule, people who worry about "age appropriateness" seem to get old before their time so leave them to their world of beige. If you like something, wear it and be damned - or first ask the...
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    Re: Masculine powdery scents

    Who said that? Burberry Touch for Men can be found everywhere in the UK for great prices at retail and is probably one of the best choices here. Jaipur Homme is a great scent in both versions but the...
  40. Re: Balsamic Ouds - what's out there? (myrrh etc)

    Fahrenheit Absolute would be my first call on this if it wasn't discontinued although still available if you look for it. Ditto Halston Man Amber.

    YSL M7 has both floating around, in any of the...
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    Re: Dior Spice Blend or Balade Sauvage?

    Difficult to say as it's alway been soft but very, very persistent as noted above - it's a bit of an ambroxan bomb. The current version is by Francois Demachy I believe and the original by Annick...
  42. Re: Captain Fawcett's Booze & Baccy Eau de Parfum

    I need to give this another wear, haven't worn it for a long time. Based on memory alone, I can see how some people might see it as challenging. I didn't but I don't really think of perfume like that...
  43. Re: Why do some people hate fragrance this much?

    This made me think of some of the reactions on here when someone mentions wearing fragrance in the gym :vrolijk_1:
  44. Re: Observtion on Bogart Pour Homme, which arrived today

    They're both tonka bombs so have that in common.
  45. Re: Scent of a freshly mown or late season prairie (hay, chamomile, narcissus, coumarin, broom)

    Lush's The Smell of Weather Turning has a strong hay "feel" to it.
  46. Re: Maybe a crazy question.What do you think of the term "Fragrance Community"?

    FragSlut? I feel seen.

    Caught in fragrante delicto.
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    Re: Save Money and Buy Big ?

    Sounds like a goal for 2020!

    All of my big bottle are, I think, Dior:

    125ml Bois d'Argent
    250ml Mitzah
    200ml Fahrenheit Cologne
    150ml Homme
    150ml Homme Intense
    150ml Homme Eau for Men
  48. Re: Star Wars Characters And Their Corresponding Fragrance

    Wicket wears Armani - Stronger with Yubyub

    Next up: young Lando Calrissian
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    Re: Dior Homme the nouveau parfum

    Parfum can just mean perfume or fragrance and not be specifically linked to a concentration, as in this case.
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    Re: Your fragrance wanderings this year

    Vetiver and Mitsouko. Nothing more to add.
  51. Re: If you could only wear (3 fragrances of) 1 house for the next year...

    Lush would be a good call. I'd probably go with:

    Breath of God
    Stayin' Alive
    1000 Kisses Deep

    I could also do the Lalique Encre Noire trio and have it as variations on a signature. I actually...
  52. Re: Star Wars Characters And Their Corresponding Fragrance

    Uncle Owen - Bleu Milk de Chanel

    Y'all missed out anything from Rogue Perfumery for Ms Erso, though.

    Next up: Sheev Palpatine as he appears in the latest film
  53. Re: Star Wars Characters And Their Corresponding Fragrance

    Han Solo in Empire - Prada Luna Rossa Carbonite

    Next up - General Grievous
  54. Re: If you could only wear (3 fragrances of) 1 house for the next year...

    Either Dior:

    Homme Parfum
    Eau Sauvage Parfum 2012
    Bois d'Argent or Fahrenheit EDT

    or Guerlain:

    Mitsouko EDP or parfum
    Shalimar EDT
  55. Re: Guerlain Women’s Fragrances Men Easily Wear?

    I own and wear:

    Shalimar EDT
    Shalimar Parfum Initial EDP
    Shalimar Parfum Initial L'Eau EDT
    Jicky EDP
    Samsara EDP
    Samsara EDT
    Mitsouko EDP
    Mitsouko EDT
  56. Re: Has Paul Smith London been relaunched?

    Picked this up today after smelling the tester in Debenhams. I used to wear the EDT back in the day and hadn't smelt it for ages but it was instantly recognisable and I bought it on the spot. Not...
  57. Re: A new Dior Homme fragrance is on its way, apparently

    I smelt the OG DH (as in with iris - no idea of formula) on someone in passing today and I'd forgotten how nice a trail it leaves. I'll be wearing it again today because of this. Will be interesting...
  58. Re: perfume containing real mysore sandalwood ?

    I'm just going by what's on the site, a quick search of "sandalwood" on the site brings up several different types of sandalwood-related ingredients, products that use those ingredients, and some...
  59. Re: perfume containing real mysore sandalwood ?

    It's listed as one of their ingredients on their site but with no associated products right now.
  60. Re: Uh oh.. Massive fragrance changes in 2021/2022. (opoponax, jasmine, ylang ylang)..

    I was joking...
  61. Re: perfume containing real mysore sandalwood ?

    Lush use Indian sandalwood in some of their products. Might be worth having a closer look.
  62. Re: Uh oh.. Massive fragrance changes in 2021/2022. (opoponax, jasmine, ylang ylang)..

    Except by then every workplace in the USA will have banned perfume. It will become an underground pastime. Prohibition with a lot more white florals.
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    Re: Why did you wear what you wore today..

    Lolita Lempicka au Masculine Intense today - working from home and got up as late as possible so wanted something that's fairly short lived on my skin so I don't mind washing it off when I shower...
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    Re: Sandalwood struggle

    I came here to say this. Go for the woodier, creamier EDP over the greener EDT. Both are very good though.
  65. Re: My dirt cheap favorite tobacco scents

    It's the same OP.
  66. Re: Anything out there similar to Pure Havane or Malt that is a bit less sweet...

    You'd get one hell of a shock if you sprayed Ambrarem on you and expected something similar to the Muglers! Can I watch it happen please? :lolk:
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    Re: Mitsouko Centenary

    I received a 1999 bottle of the EDP today and wearing it now. Lovely stuff.
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    Re: T K Maxx

    TK Maxx Bullring Birmingham had Fucking Fabulous in a couple of days ago, along with a couple of Bentleys (Momentum Intense and Azure) and Encre Noire.

    Anyone local (paging Ifti!) should check...
  69. Re: Dior Sauvage Tops All Men's Fragrance Sales In UK This Christmas Season

    This is for the UK though, and I smell Sauvage everywhere. I probably smell it five times a week, minimum.
  70. Re: Dior Sauvage Tops All Men's Fragrance Sales In UK This Christmas Season

    I'd rather shit in my hands and clap than go for a drink down there!
  71. Re: Dior Sauvage Tops All Men's Fragrance Sales In UK This Christmas Season

    I'm not surprised by the JPG and Issey ones there - but I'm in the UK so probably have a better vantage point! One of my closest mate's all-time favourite fragrance is Le Male, and he was only four...
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    Re: Dior Homme

    The current versions are very good, each reformulation has changed the scent slightly as opposed to cheapening it in my view. I prefer the original version of DH but because I like the underlying,...
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    Re: Fragrance Recommendation

    Histoires des Parfums Ambre 114
    Annick Goutal Ambre Fetiche
    Bentley For Men Intense
    Paco Rabanne 1 Million Prive - very much in the vein of Oajan but with more myrrh and pipe tobacco. Cheaper and,...
  74. Re: Does the 450ml Dior Feve Delicieuse have a sprayer?

    I'm surprised they wanted to charge for them! I would have told them to cancel my order in protest (and then bought them online anyway if they called my bluff - gotta save face, haven't you!)...
  75. Re: Dior Sauvage Tops All Men's Fragrance Sales In UK This Christmas Season

    I'm not surprised by most of that list, even if it's a thinly-disguised piece of PR for Escentual. Listing them that way was a clever way to get Aventus in there; wonder if Esscentual are looking to...
  76. Re: Does the 450ml Dior Feve Delicieuse have a sprayer?

    I'm sure if you contacted Dior directly they would try and help with the sprayer if at all possible.
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    Re: New Chergui

    I've always found it powdery but haven't tried the earliest versions. But it's a tonka bomb, so I would expect it to be powdery. I've always taken the tonka in this to be part of both the tobacco...
  78. Re: Fragrance Industry Secret Revealed.. is it true?

    All of this because someone told Jeremy something!

    FWIW there was always some overlap between the concentrations anyway, so an EDT could have a higher concentration than an EDP. You can see here...
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    Re: Opinion: What should this guy wear?

    A miasma of lies?
  80. Re: Fragrance Industry Secret Revealed.. is it true?

    Concentration has never guaranteed a certain level of performance anyway, so to expect something to "perform like an EDP" is bollocks.
  81. Replies

    Re: Opinion: What should this guy wear?

    I was going to say that he wouldn't wear anything more fragrant than a splash aftershave.
  82. Re: What are some good Vanilla scents for under $100.

    This, surprised it's not been mentioned more by people but think non-Europeans can't get it for the same great prices as we can here.

    Also, Lush's Vanillary.
  83. Re: Disappointed with Performance of Encre Noire a l'Extreme

    It lasts for hours on me. One of my all-time favourites.
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    Re: Dior Homme Parfum?

    John Lewis and Debenhams have it in stock - it reappeared in the UK recently.
  85. Replies

    Re: T K Maxx

    I don't normally bother with that one because it can be a nause on the parking and driving front but had parked down by the army surplus place down the road so went up for a wander. I would have...
  86. Re: Thoughts on the Dior "parfum" flankers

    The three you mention are favourites of mine. DHP could quite easily be my signature if I wasn't worried about it being discontinued - I don't find it as formal or dressy or whatever as others do....
  87. Re: Best "Medicinal," "Ascerbic," "Clinical" Fragrance?

    Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Homme was my first thought.

    OP, have you tried the original Aramis Perfume Calligraphy? That has a strong saffron presence to it. It also has a strong myrrh note though...
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    Re: T K Maxx

    Selly Oak TK Maxx in Brumtown currently has 50ml of Mitsouko EDT for £25 and 100ml of Bentley for Men Absolute for £25 too, amongst others which includes Youth Dew, a couple of Cartiers (Pasha Edtion...
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    Re: Why did you wear what you wore today..

    Bentley for Men Absolute because I saw it on sale somewhere and that reminded me that I'd not worn it for ages. It's a persistent, low-key bugger (that's a compliment in this context!).
  90. Re: do yo recommend me gucci guilty absolute pour homme for winter ?

    Try just spraying your forearms one day when you can wear short sleeves and see how long it appears to last then. In my experience, spraying anywhere above chest height gives me a false impression of...
  91. Re: Would you wear Dior Homme or Dior Homme Intense on a first date?

    Same here, and the compliments come from both women and men and are generally pretty effusive.
  92. Re: Would you wear Dior Homme or Dior Homme Intense on a first date?

    I think if many women wanted their men to smell "masculine" as implied here, the current state of designer perfumery would reflect that on a broader scale.
  93. Re: Would you wear Dior Homme or Dior Homme Intense on a first date?

    Yeah , you'll be fine. I'd wear DH for a quieter date, such as just hanging out in a coffee shop and chatting; and DHI for a date in a more dynamic or outdoors setting.

    So you have the...
  94. Re: Men that wear Chanel No 19 and Cristalle EDT or EDP?

    EDT for No.19, and I haven't tried the other.
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    Re: My huge haul!

    I'll be re-enacting this thread through the medium of interpretive dance tomorrow. As soon as the ban hammer has been packed away.
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    Re: Why did you wear what you wore today..

    I'm wearing Mitsouko EDT and Shalimar EDT, just too try something out.

    I was having a chat with the manager of the Guerlain concession in a department store in town yesterday, just a general...
  97. Re: Hey Basenotes, is there a beef with Byron Parfums?

    Yeah, account was created just over a year ago and OP has been biding their time since then waiting for the right moment to spring this on us :lolk:
  98. Re: What kind of man can pull off Dior Homme Intense?

    Agree with this.
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    Re: Why did you wear what you wore today..

    Mitsouko. Because Mitsouko.
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    Re: Favorite ‘warm-spicy’ fragrance

    Some good stuff here but some I wouldn't have suggested based on your preferences in your OP. Oajan is focussed on honey and I find it very gourmand, personally. Meharees leans gourmanish to my nose,...
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