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  1. Re: The use of fragrances out in public during the pandemic

    While did truly notice a decrease of scent wears in public- though inconclusive to a certain point because of:
    apart from not going much in the first place, going out even less due to the lock-down...
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    Re: BDC EDT layered with Parfum?

    While admitting to not have tried this yet, can easily imagine that these two fragrances might be compatible for quite harmonious layering results
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    Re: 1 Million by Paco Rabanne

    Getting easily about 6-8 hours or more from this personally and regarding strictly its EDT version alone, would not worry about this not lasting enough.
    And would even go further by rating this...
  4. Re: Incense,Resin, Coniferous, Vetiver recomendations, fresh and easy wearing

    Resins- most of the Les Parfums Remarquable srange by Le Couvent des Minimes

    coniferous- Sir Irisch Moos among others
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    Re: Your Vintage SOTD - 2020

    Early 90s Guerlain Heritage EDT
  6. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    Around 9 dabs from a splash bottle of Guerlain Heritage EDT
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    Re: SOTD: Wednesday, 28th October, 2020

    Heritage EDT
  8. Re: Rcmdations next purchase, office ( Lagerfeld Bois de Vétiver,Lalique White,Lanvin L'homme )

    From this list, in no particular order:

    Lalique Equus EDP, Lalique White EDP and/or a close tie between Versace The Dreamer, Zara Vibrant Leather and/or Lagerfeld Bois de Vetiver
  9. Re: Recommendations for a great, non-sweet, winter fragrance ?

    Maybe also worth (re) testing, apart from so many great recommendations:
    Opus 1870 by Penhaligons, Santos EDT by Cartier, both vintage and present day formulation Creed Tabarome, something along...
  10. Re: New Baseball season is just underway...what would you wear to opening day at the old ball park?

    Not much of a sporty one and even less into baseball yet if having to choose either something quite fresh like Mugler Cologne if in warmer weather or some distinctively American high performance...
  11. Re: How does the longevity of these fragrances compare to The One EDP?

    From a personal viewpoint alone: especially Pure Havane and JPG Beau Male do have sufficient performance to at least equal the longevity of The One EDP, at least based on observations regarding the...
  12. Re: Zara Fragrances - New find, better than expected

    Already a fairly encouraging start, espcially regarding Vibrant Leather, 9.0 and the Tobacco Collection ones
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    Re: The Fragrance Confessions thread

    Confession to almost ceaselessly redo and recalculate fragrance budgets for scents that are paradoxically not on budget right now but might become/be if the personal net worth ever strikingly...
  14. Re: I can't believe I've never smelled Heritage..

    Having both discovered and then also purchased/owned Heritage strictly in the vintage EDT version so far, can say it could be a fairly safe Guerlain choice if already liking the Habit Rouge series by...
  15. Re: What’s in the back of your collection waiting to get out and see the world?

    Though trying to give all fragrances owned a fairly balanced rotation, possibly a few vintages by Lancetti and Marbert, as well as a few newer, still quite widely available designer and niche...
  16. Re: My cologne cabinet/tray looked the coolest in...

    Maybe, as paradoxically as it sounds and only personally speaking, when the first important purchases initially came in and got to enjoy for the very first time long term favorites like Chevignon...
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    Re: Your Vintage SOTD - 2020

    Eau de Cedre Bleu by Yves Rocher
  18. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    8 sprays of Eau de Cedre Bleu by Yves Rocher
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, 27th October, 2020

    Eau de Cedre Bleu by Yves Rocher
  20. Re: Zara Fragrances - New find, better than expected

    Having incidentally quite a few Zara fragrances in the personal wardrobe, considering some of them actually above average both as performance and as actual enjoyment with the notes highlighted by...
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    Re: Nantucket Briar

    One of the so far favorite C&E fragrance ever tested, so good would actually consider this legitimately unisex/gender-less
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    Re: A winter gourmand for a woman

    Great recommendations already, also adding in no particular order: Akkad by Lubin, Chergui by Serge Lutens, Chanel Coco Noir, Dior Dolce Vita, Yves Rocher Vanille Noire
  23. Re: Dior Homme Vs. Dior Homme Intense (2020 editions).

    If comparing and having to recommend and choose only one of these two would go for DHI as the clear winner in the current formulation on all requirements of these two
  24. Re: Looking for a very specific vanilla leather fragrance

    Very good recommendations so far, possibly also the Memo Paris leathers and in addition to these Siwa as a boozy leather by the same house of Memo Paris, GFT Spanish Leather, Habit Rouge EDP, Zara...
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    Re: Masculine Fragrance

    Maybe also Armani Attitude and/or Armani Attitude extreme among less easy availability ones, Eau des Baux, Bogart Signature and/or Habit Rouge EDP for quite easily attainable choices from that very...
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    Re: Your Vintage SOTD - 2020

    Bogart Signature
  27. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    8 sprays of Bogart Signature
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, 26th October, 2020

    Bogart Signature
  29. Re: Nivea Men Active Clean Body Wash with Charcoal

    Considering to get this, especially given its affordable price, mainly albeit nor exclusively for BN reviewing reasons
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    Re: Fragrances Longevity - how many hours?

    Great, my congratulations for an excellent scent choice in one of if not its best versions/formulations.

    Furthermore also reviewing past scent with good to downright great notes however rather...
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    Re: Guerlain Vs Caron and the Test of Time

    From a personal and non specialist viewpoint alone: considering that both houses have enough masterpieces to keep both the fragrance enthusiast and not so fragrance aficionado communities, customers,...
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    Re: Your cologne is killing me..

    Zino- a great option especially in its affordable price category, therefore having quite a few difficulties to imagine as to how this fragrance would get such feedback
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    Re: Help! Givenchy Insensee for Femmes?

    Answering and being able to answer the questions only in part: yes, considering that Insense could be good unisex option
  34. Re: Which of these fall fragrances would you choose?

    Among the one of these fragrance choices: Eau Sauvage Parfum

    Among the two of these ones: current LIDGE EDP and also TDH Parfum
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    Re: Your Vintage SOTD - 2020

    Mid 2000s (of meanwhile discontinued) Trussardi Jeans Men
  36. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    8-9 sprays of Trussardi Jeans
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    Re: SOTD: Sunday, 25th October, 2020

    Trussardi Jeans Men
  38. Re: What do most (non-fraghead) women think of guys who collect perfumes?

    Based so far on subjective personal experience (s) alone: seconding all/any opinions regrading this as a sign of strangeness, weirdness, nonconformity etc.
    However also experienced that the...
  39. Re: you have $ you buy 1 niche or 5-10 designer fragrances?

    Maybe not 1, likelier 2-3 niche ones or, if very good, one niche and at least 2-3 or if not 5-10 solid affordable designer and/or even mass market ones
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    Re: Your Vintage SOTD - 2020

    vintage Bogart One Man Show
  41. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    Nearing 10 sprays of Bogart One Man Show
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday, 24th October, 2020

    One Man Show
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    Re: Nautica voyage lasting power

    Based on personal experience alone, anywhere from 4-6 to 4-8 hours, even slightly beyond as skin scent level performance - frankly speaking quite impressive for an otherwise affordable and (almost)...
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    Re: Autumn scent

    Maybe also Havana by Aramis, French Lover/Bois d'Orage, Mugler flankers like Pure Havane and/or Pure Malt, Derrick by Orlane and/or Open by Roger & Gallet- for scent options that happen to be solid...
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    Re: Evening scent?

    True, fully seconded, plus for a more specific oud centered options that do not break the bank, easily remaining viable evening scents on budget while also covering most required notes, also...
  46. Re: Recdations next purchase ( Bottega Veneta, Fahrenheit,Le Male Essence, Leather Blend )

    From this list, recommending in no particular order especially: Fahrenheit EDT, Valentino Uomo Intense, Le Male Essence, Ferragamo Uomo Signature
  47. Re: The house you sampled with the most liked perfumes

    Also adding and/or seconding furthermore Jovoy, Lubin, Zarkoperfume, Frederic Malle, Floris among pricey, Bogart, Panier des Sens, La Maison du Savon de Marseille, Proraso, Halsto, Yardley among the...
  48. Re: Hyped up fragrances by Youtubers you fell for?

    Personally speaking, few to non so far.
    Although must admit that especially when the gourmand trend/craze was quite on both significant social media (including but not limited to Youtube) and also...
  49. Re: Looking to buy discontinued perfume. Ideas?

    While the site is fairly competent on vintage and/or discontinued scent samples, do still not have a clue about their selection of these same scents in full sized bottles
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    Re: Fragrances Longevity - how many hours?

    Same with the "tin can" (mid to late 2000s) version of this one also happening to have.
    Getting a fairly similar performance from this by now almost vintage status (both in terms of classic...
  51. Re: Aramis Tobacco Reserve Was Discontinued Quickly - Have Tobacco Focused Frags Run Their Course?

    Though sorry to hear of this fragrance being discontinued, hoping that tobacco fragrances did not run their course and that more options from various houses, in different price, gender etc....
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    Re: Evening scent?

    Also adding Lalique Homme EDP and Boucheron pour Homme EDP
  53. Re: The house you sampled with the most liked perfumes

    High end: Knize, Caron, Hugh Parsons, Xerjoff, Houbigant

    more affordable: l'Occitane, l'Erbolario, Le Couvent des Minimes, Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, Lalique

    with nearly 100% success rate...
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    Sticky: Re: Synchronized Fridays 2020

    Chose Jaguar as the sync scent
  55. Re: Recommendations, Uomo Intense,1 Million Prive,YSL La Nuit,Déclaration d'Un Soir

    From this list, would go for and thus recommending in no particular order mainly: YSL La Nuit Parfum, surprisingly also the highly affordable Zara Vibrant Leather while Lalique Equus EDP as well
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    Re: Best designer Aromatic Fragrance

    Since the house of Aramis was mentioned, perhaps also Havana
  57. Re: EDP for Men that similar to AXE Chocolate

    Happening to like and to be familiar with this one as well, possibly also Zara Double Black EDP, some of the Givenchy Gentleman male flankers in EDP/intense concentration, Guerlain LIDGE to certain...
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    Re: Best Sweet perfume

    From this list, especially the Burberry option plus almost any Dior Poison flanker can easily qualify as choices very close to the thread-starting initial requirements
  59. Re: Looking for a rancid jasmine perfume, any recommendation?

    While not among the most obvious choices to recommend, perhaps also Yves Rocher Tendre Jasmin could at least in part be a reasonable choice along these lines
  60. Re: What to do with a fragrance you bought but didn't like :(

    So far did usually keep the fragrance (s) in such situation-on the other hand, did neither buy and also not receive as gifts any fragrances do significantly remember as not liked
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    Re: How do I find "my" perfume?

    Difficult to start and/or to recommend at least for now a more likely/available option than simply (re) testing more Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani and/or even Armani Prive scents until there are are...
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    Re: Some beginner questions

    Speaking from personal experience alone, strong (er) scents do actually stand a better chance to last longer since they require less dabs/sprays, even by over-sprayer standards, to achieve the same...
  63. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    8-9 sprays of Jaguar (green bottle, the tobacco-patchouli citrus powerhouse)
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    Re: SOTD: Friday, 23rd October, 2020

    Jaguar (green bottle)
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    Sticky: Re: Synchronized Fridays 2020

    Might join the sync with something like Jaguar or the tiger design bottle of Ed Hardy Man, due to still not having added Le Lion by Lalique (which is a personal favorite likely to be added at some...
  66. Re: Falling in love with discontinued fragrances....

    While definitely among the costliest aspects of this hobby, should trustworthy purchase opportunities of genuine vintages do show up, even more so if on budget- there is a quite likely possibility of...
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    Re: What is this fragrance like?

    And also with good performance, living up to its EDP concentration and thus providing value for money even if not among the cheapest
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    Re: Looking for a dark and evil beast

    Also adding a few vintage Marbert scents like Homme and Man
  69. Re: What are your all time favorite "cheapies"?

    Too many to mention and possibly seconding most of this list anyway, however also adding a few more like Sir Irisch Moos, Ungaro III Parfum Aromatique, Best of Chevignon and/or Chevignon Brand along...
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    Re: Chanel egoiste platinum ?

    While uncertain to which extent a compliment magnet, one of the better contemporary designer scents nonetheless
  71. Re: Why the sudden increase in price (Aramis Tuscany)

    Did not notice so far any significant price increase-sudden or otherwise- in Aramis Tuscany nor any significant rumors of discontinuation, yet admittedly to having bought at least one bottle in the...
  72. Poll: Re: Versace Pour Homme / Versace Dylan Blue / MontBlanc Explorer

    Another vote for Montblanc Explorer, simply enjoying its complexity and notes the most out of these three
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    Re: Your Vintage SOTD - 2020

    One Man Show
  74. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    6 sprays of One Man Show
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, 20th October, 2020

    One Man Show
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    Re: Gift sets...are they the same juice?

    Based so far on the very few experiences of both gift sets and the bottle of actual scent rendered in the gift set-did so far not discover, even when the price was equal to the one of a full sized...
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    Re: Encre Noir vs Encre Noire A L'Extreme

    For some reason- even if the opposite of more mainstream/popular opinions- do happen to like the regular Encre Noir even more than all of its flankers.
    Thus likelier to recommend this one, both...
  78. Re: Recommend me a full on masculine I should try!

    Possibly also Boucheron pour Homme in both EDT/EDP concentration, Lalique Homme EDP, Paco Rabanne PH, Bogart Signature, Knize Forest, Aramis Tuscany
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    Re: Bleu De Chanel EDT or EDP ??

    Getting better performance as well as partly improved complexity from Bleu EDP
  80. Re: AdP - Colonia & other fragrances from this house

    Seconded, additional performance within the similar price range and at comparable quality standards
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    Re: Today I bought October 2020

    2019 The Vert by Yves Rocher, plus a miniature of Comme une Evidence EDP by the same house
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    Re: Beast mode fragrances

    Quite a few and especially though not only:
    Cerruti 1881 Amber, One Man Show Gold Edition, Lapidus PH, a few more Bogarts like Riviera Nights and PH, Marbert Homme, Giorgio Beverly Hills Red,...
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    Re: Is DHI worth it even if you dont like it?

    Depending very much on what one actually likes rather than just owning it for the fad/possible resale investment etc.
    If DHI does happen to be a personally enjoyed choices would so go for it, if...
  84. Re: Sampled 20+ Niche Fragrances, Looking for Insights

    Thank you for sharing the insights.

    For some reason (s) can fully related and feel similar especially about Aventus, Chergui, POAL, almost everything from the TF designer exclusive range even...
  85. Re: What am I missing? Where have warm, 'ambery' masculine fragrances gone?

    Can relate to this particular situation-while having tested good ambers in the past and also owned a few, most new male releases in any price category by most fragrance houses do for some reason...
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    Re: Best Landmark Fougere

    While not exactly a landmark classic, also adding to the many good recommendations already, Sir Irisch Moos- though like the name says, more of a mossy rather than fougere scent.
    Maybe also for a...
  87. Re: What’s the most popular fragrances worn in your city?

    So far, ADG seemed to be the male scent likeliest sensed involuntarily whenever going out in the most popular, central and/or upscale areas of the city do currently live in
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    Re: Your Vintage SOTD - 2020

    Early 2000s parallel striped (partly frosted, partly) bottle version Guerlain Vetiver
  89. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    8 sprays of Guerlain Vetiver
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    Re: SOTD: Sunday, 18th October, 2020

    Guerlain Vetiver
  91. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    6 sprays of Riviera Nights
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday, 17th October, 2020

    Riviera Nights
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    Sticky: Re: Synchronized Fridays 2020

    Thank you, duly noted
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    Re: Effectiveness of fragrances

    Tending to agree/second that hydrating skin with unscented moisturizers can minimally increase longevity and projection of the scents worn
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    Re: Gasoline and metallic notes. Yuck!

    Have found good or at least subjectively enjoyable scents in both categories, however did not dislike said categories in the first place.

    Do happen to enjoy certain metallic designer scents from...
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    Re: Vetiver chit-chat

    1. A tie between vintage (or at least older batches) Guerlain Vetiver, the surprisingly inexpensive while clean and good performance Vetiver Hombre by Adolfo Dominguez and the deceptively well masked...
  97. Re: Love It, Like It or Indifferent...a wardrobe review

    Like most of it up to the point of enjoying my choice. Except perhaps 20-30 at most did buy far more based on fads, peer pressure and/or discounts rather than actual personal preference am not fully...
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    Re: Herbal/aromatic fragrances?

    Also adding Puig Agua Brava, Sir Irisch Moos, Versace l'Homme
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    Re: Your Vintage SOTD - 2020

  100. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    8 sprays of Derrick by Orlane
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