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  1. Re: Cedar of Lebanon / Lebanese Cedar / Cedrus Libani Essential Oil Source?

    I`m sorry, I don`t know either where to find the EO of lebanese cedar. I know that it was deforestated and attempts are made to grow new trees. So I guess finding the EO nowadays isn`t easy anyway....
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    Re: Masculine violet accord

    You could twist it more into violet leaf-area with Undecavertol, Liffarome and/or Methyl Octine Carbonate ( heavely restricted ). Apart from that build a masculine frame for your perfume rather than...
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    Re: Interesting Two-Component Accords

    Cinnamal + Eugenol is a great starting point for things like gingerbread.
  4. Re: Putting essential oils into a perfume made of mostly ACs

    EOs are not weaker per se. You mentioned cinnamon. The EO is very strong and quite comparable to cinnamaldehyde as it `s mostly made up of this molecule. Then there are things like patchouli,...
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    Re: Ysl m7 (2002)

    The base that was used is Oud Synthetic 10760 E by Firmenich. From what I have read it was developed on demand by YSL for M7.
  6. Re: Help with Prada l'homme inspired fragrance

    I second those. Especially the Methyl-Anthranilate and the Dihydromyrcenol. Once I created something quite reminiscent of L`Homme by accident and both were very important.
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    Re: Best rose

    If we are talking about bases there also is Wardia. It is inspired by Centifolia-absolute and is quite realistic. That said I don`t think it would fit Javanol that great. Why don`t make up your own...
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    Re: Accord Game

    Lavender, Coumarin, Evernyl, Ambroxan, Dihydromyrcenol

    Face powder
  9. Re: Does anyone have a kilo of Phenylacetaldehyde Glyceryl Acetal / Acetal CD sitting around?

    I saw some at liaison-carbone. Maybe she can help you out :-)
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    Re: Accord Game

    Vetiver, Adoxal, Evernyl, Vertofix, Coniferan

    Lazy sunday morning with your loved one
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    Re: Accord Game

    Norlimbanol, Rosewood, Dihydro Beta Ionone, Copaivabalsam

    Crisp winter air
  12. Re: If you were going to make a Patchouli fragrance along the lines of Reminiscence Elixir.......

    I love patchouli and Reminiscence is a true classic and that genre. Here are some things I would put in to it :

    Patchouli absolute, patchouli EO, musk ketone ( though I would choose muscenone),...
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    The industry mostly runs on idea or inspiration of something. If this idea evokes interest in the customers and promises success, the industry will use it. Think of roses. Living flower, otto and...
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    Re: Most nauseating aroma chemicals?

    I have a difficult relationship with the so called super-ambers. I really appreciate the sparkle and their ability to cut through the mix. But smelling them a bit too long and my stomach turns. Same...
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    Re: Dirty oud

    For a ready to use oud-base I'd suggest Oud Maleki by Firmenich. It is quite animalic and smells a lot more natural than most oud-bases out there. It actually contains a bit of real oud for...
  16. Re: What's the most animalic, furry musk that you know of?

    To dirty things up I also recommend para-Cresyl acetate, para-Cresyl Phenyl Acetate and Skatole. Fecal galore! :D
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    Re: Unwanted public toilet note

    Both the Ylang Ylang and the Norlimbanol have an urine like note. It could be possible, that they amplifie each other in that aspect.
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    Re: Sandalwood advice, please.

    Just order all of them. You'll need them anyway at some point or another. Brahmanol might not be the most popular one, but it is very underrated IMHO. All of these have different facets from one...
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    Re: New website for formulas

    Thank you very much for this generous contribution. I will be following the blog for sure :)
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    Re: Perfume longevity and intensity

    While maceration has an impact on the blend, it`s more likely you`re missing fixation. You want to create a long lasting base. There are several options for this. Musks are the obvious choice as they...
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    Re: Cemetary Scent

    Definitely Geosmin. This is the smell of earth after rain. It's like plowing in soil with your bare hands. I'd also work out a floral accord for this idea. Decaying flowers decorating the graves. So...
  22. Re: Santalum Album - Where does it really come from today?

    Thanks for the quick response, Bill! Almost every oil from white sandalwood seems to be labeled as "mysore" sandalwood. I understand that this is a good marketing tool, but as this will be a lie...
  23. Santalum Album - Where does it really come from today?

    Hello fellow DIY-perfumers!

    I was wondering about the true origins of todays indian sandalwood. Mysore sandalwood is hard to get hold of by now, but there are still a lot of oils sold under that...
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    Re: Asking about ethyl phenylacetate

    I really like it in rose otto-accords, where a honey note is desired. Besides that it can tame the high levels of citronellol and geraniol a bit. Check out for small amounts. They...
  25. Re: Trying to create a masculine rose oud

    Also I would build the rose accord to represent rose otto. So loads of Citronellol and Geraniol with a bit of Beta Damascone and Rose Oxide and a touch of Beta Ionone. To me Rose Ottos have a more...
  26. Re: Aromatic Materials Associated With Melancholy

    I completely agree with Mr. Kiler. Subjectivity is a central part of the art and will always be. Reality is yours alone and so is your perception. Whatever your reality is it is reality to you. But...
  27. Re: The Flattening effect vs the Transparent/opaque effect

    While those materials can be easily noticed once the nose gets them, they are often used as building blocks. They don't interfere with other ingredients and provide a canvas for the stronger, more...
  28. Re: First Post First (goodish) Fragrance Help

    I'm no expert on gourmands, but that looks like a lot of acetyl pyrazine. I could be wrong though, if it works out for you. The latex note could be the oakmoss clashing with the other ingredients. I...
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    Re: Overdosing

    In my opinion most materials can be successfully overdosed. It really depends on the formula. Often I find that you have to give the overdosed material a counterpart. Think of the heavy dose of...
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    Re: Vanilla perfume

    I recommend a little bit of Ylang-Ylang, as it shares a similar exotic vibe. The Cresols of the Ylang also work great with the phenolic edge of the vanilla.

    Other natural notes to enhance the...
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    Re: Norlimbanol

    It certainly is. Alessandro Gualtieri is very fond of norlimbanol. A lot of the classic Nasomatto and Orto Parisi fragrances contain loads of that stuff ( considering it's strength ). Often he...
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    Re: Benzoin

    Benzoin is not a particularly strong material to me. However it can have a strong effect on the blend. It is a true fixative and can dampen the blend quite easily if too much is used. It rounds of...
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    Re: A Powdery EO?

    Ah, great news! Thanks for the infos :)
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    Re: A Powdery EO?

    Sticking with naturals I'd add to the list : benzoin, bitter almond, tolubalsam, mimosa, sandalwood ( to some extent ), ambrette ( banned if I my memory serves me well).
  35. Re: Intense Tobacco Base - Thoughts? Reactions?

    Tobacco has a very complex fragrance to me. If one also considers all the delightful smelling pipe tobaccos it becomes even more diverse. Think of the classic flavors of like vanilla and cherry. This...
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    Re: Rose gerainum sans the mint

    I second this idea. Try some of the rosy acetates like geranyl and citronellyl acetate to push the top into a slightly more fruity direction. Also try some red mandarine oil to accompany the...
  37. Re: Red Amber aroma chem - IFF, Givaudan, Symrise.

    Thank you very much for the kind words and the warm welcome to the forum :-) I am very eager to be more active in the discussions.
  38. Re: Red Amber aroma chem - IFF, Givaudan, Symrise.

    What are the aspects of an amber-accord, that evoke the color red to you? I would start there and try to expand these. First I would start with a basic combination of the classics ( labdanum,...
  39. Re: Which molecule are you currently obsessed with?

    Lately I have been fascinated by Orivone. It works great together with some Undecavertol and Methyl Ionone. This is the base for my orris accord. Depending on the formula I can shift it into...
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    Re: Giving woods diffusivity

    I second this idea. C-12 MNA would work great. You could also add Vertenex, which is a somewhat woody top note. I would also give some Methyl Ionone a try. Personally I find it quite diffusive.
  41. Re: How to increase your homemade perfumes projection/Sillage?

    It's all a matter of the formula and the right ingredients. You need heavy notes, that last up to hundreds of hours on the test strip to ensure longevity. Look at the synthetic musks for that. There...
  42. Re: Sandalwood Accord - sandalore, ebanol

    Great advice and shared experience in this thread. I would like to ad, that besides the mentioned materials there are a lot useful ones, which are not typically sandal.

    Whenever I have balanced...
  43. Re: Sandalwood Accord - sandalore, ebanol

    Well I think it depends on what aspects of the sandalwood you want to emphasize. I find Ebanol to have a distinct, resinous note of Opoponax. Some people describe it as maple syrup-note. I am not...
  44. Re: Creating fragrances with basenotes only

    That sounds really nice. I can see the patchouli working really well in such an aromatic, dark context.

    Ourmess, thanks for the input. I was wondering how one could add lift to such a heavy...
  45. Re: Creating fragrances with basenotes only

    As Bkkorn and pkiler pointed out they are quite different. The patchouli-absolute is a lot more fruity and sweet. It is really lovely, but is missing the earthy oomph and character of the EO. Also I...
  46. Creating fragrances with basenotes only

    Good morning!

    I have been a loyal follower of the diyforums for quite some time now and am very thankful for everything I have learned. But now I decided that it is time for my first post here as...
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