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    Re: In praise (or not) of pink perfume

    Feminite du Bois gets a pass for being pink.
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    Re: worst fragrance of all time???

    Struggling to think of anything more unpleasant than L'Homme Ideal.
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    Re: L' Artisan - Mass discontinuation.

    Goddamnit, I'll have to get a backup of Safran Troublant. Not only do I enjoy it for itself, but layered with Egoiste it's a very good substitute for the Bois des Isles that I can't get in NZ.
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    Re: Mitsouko Centenary

    I know Guerlain is known for terrible boneheaded marketing decisions, but if they don't do anything for Mitsouko centenary I'll be truly baffled and disappointed. L'Heure Bleu got the special...
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    Mitsouko Centenary

    Mitsy is 100 this year, but I haven't yet seen anything about Guerlain doing anything to celebrate the occasion. Does anybody know if they have anything planned to commemorate the masterpiece...
  6. Re: What is your favorite Yves Saint Laurent fragrance

    Nu EdP. Wish I'd bought more when it was all over the discounters.
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    Re: New Eau de givenchy

    So now I finally have to accept that Eau de Givenchy is gone?
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    Re: Is Chanel No. 5 serious???

    It took me 20 years to come round to No 5. Would spray it occasionally, and thought it was a big nothing. Then a couple of years ago I sprayed in a department store, and it got me. For years I...
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    Re: What is happening at Guerlain?

    I have hopes that some of the older styles will come back into fashion. Surely they've taken the trend for sickeningly sweet candy gourmands as far as it can go, and it's time for a new direction...
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    Re: NEW: Yves St. Laurent - Y!

    I have about half a pint of stashed 'Y', and this new blue thing fills me with dread that the original one has really been killed, even the newer iteration in the cream-coloured stacked cube bottle.
  11. Re: Fragrance with the most negative reviews

    Would that bar soap be Pears Translucent, from the days before it was destroyed by EU/IFRA? Because if so, I might be tempted to get a bottle of Himalaya. Something that smells like Pears before it...
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    Re: Best Guerlain ever ....

    Best: Mitsouko
    Honorable Mention: Vol de Nuit, Jicky
    Worst: L'Homme Ideal.
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    Re: Accidental Noir. . .

    Access to Chanel Bois des Isles was cut off for me, because location and their hard-arse stance on decants, but can get an excellent approximation by layering a small amount of Egoiste with Safran...
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    Re: William Fraysse is new Caron nose!

    Changes to Pour un Homme? DO NOT WANT.
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    Re: Spring floral?

    Diorissimo is quintessential Spring floral to me.
    'Y' too.
  16. Re: MON Guerlain. The new pillar fragrance for 2017

    What's the point of a lavender/vanilla when you already have Jicky?
  17. Re: What do you think might be the 'Don's' fragrance?

    Something loud and overbearing and a bit tacky. Is there a limited edition of 1 Million that was ten times the price and with diamantes on the bottle? Because that would be perfect
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    Re: Are they discontinued????

    If they've discontinued Vol de Nuit and Jicky I will personally travel to Paris and punch the CEO in the throat.

    But I hope that it just means a distribution change. Stores lied to me about Eau...
  19. Re: Current favorites: RL Safari, Molinard Chypre d'Orient, AdP Rosa Nobile and SL Clair de Musc

    If Chypre d' Orient is a favourite, I'd recommend trying Mitsouko.
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    Re: Guerlain Vol de Nuit--Opinions?

    Saw that title and was terrified it had been discontinued. If it was, I'd have to personally travel to Paris and punch whoever was responsible in the throat.

    Love it, and wish that an EdP was...
  21. Re: Which fragrances get the most complaints?

    Last time I wore 1000 to work it led to a fruitless search for a dead mouse in the walls. I just joined the search and didn't fess up. I'd have thought that was a fairly safe office scent, but...
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    Poll: Re: Declaration Cartier Hit or Miss?

    Enjoy it very much. I do find that it has a strong relationship with Bulgari The Au Vert. You'd never mistake them, and there aren't that many notes in common, but there's an ingredient common to...
  23. Re: MON Guerlain. The new pillar fragrance for 2017

    I hope it's something with bones and character, not yet another overly sweet white musk snoozefest. But I'm braced for disappointment.
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    Re: Help with a Perfume from the 90s

    I had Revlon Intimate at about that time, and it was in a rounded tear-drop shaped bottle similar to J'Adore. Don't remember the cap, but think it was gold.
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    Re: Your Perfume Rotation: Post Stuff Here!

    In a less formal kind of way. There's a line-up in the bathroom cabinet of the stuff I consider to be regular/high use. Some are there permanently because they're transseasonal regulars (Pour un...
  26. Re: Fragrance references in fiction books or films

    If only Chypre really was available in the dystopian future. I'd stock up.
  27. Re: Underappreciated fragrances? Ones you find worthy of more attention?

    Yes, so many great Annick Goutals lurking in obscurity. I don't think Ninfeo Mio gets the attention it deserves.

    And in the more classic, why is Dioressence so ignored? In its current form I'd...
  28. Re: Fleurs d'Oranger and Seville a L'Aube - thoughts?

    Have both, wear Seville far more often. Wouldn't like to be without either, but see the SL as more floral and strong. Both sweet, but SL heavier.
  29. Re: If you had to wear only 1 perfume house for the rest of your life...

    The ones I absolutely cannot live without are Guerlain, so that's it for me. I'd really miss a lot of Chanel, Dior, Serge Lutens, L'Artisan, Annick Goutal and Givenchy, though.
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    Re: No love for Creed

    Don't hate them. They're too ridiculous to hate. Have tried a few samples, which were OK. But their marketing is so absurd and obnoxious that I'm embarrassed for them. I mean, you expect a good...
  31. Re: Ethical dilemma, family member chipped collectors bottle

    Well, you did ask him to help you. It will not go down well if you try to charge him for doing you the favour that you asked for.
  32. Re: Which Fragrances Do You Most Look Forward to Wearing Once the Weather Turns Really Cold?

    The one I really look forward to bringing into rotation in Autumn is Mitsouko. Over summer it's relegated to EdT at night, if it's cool enough. Other than Mitsy, it's the spicy orientals and Serge...
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    Re: Red dots and skin rash

    Have you experimented to find out whether it's just one fragrance or ingredient that you're reacting to? If that's the case, could just make a note to spray that particular one on cotton wool and...
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    Re: Will the real Mitsy please stand up

    Hmmmm. I fortuitously stashed three bottles of 2013 EdP. Should keep me going for a while.

    I have a 2014 EdT and a few days ago I put that on, and later in the day topped up with 2013 EdP. ...
  35. Re: Missed Opportunities in the World of Scent

    Huffing the fur of a cat that's been sleeping in a herb or flower garden.
  36. Re: Interesting Article Why the Bottom Is Dropping Out Of Celeb Perfume

    Could swear I read this article in The Guardian about three years ago.
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    Re: best fragrance from Guerlain?

    Mitsouko. I don't understand why everybody on earth doesn't have gallons stockpiled.
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    Re: Your go-to Swiss Army knife

    Whenever I'm flailing around and can't make up my mind what to wear, almost invariably go with Eau Sauvage. I'm a girl.
  39. Re: Name The Vintage Fragrances You Are Lucky To Have

    Most bragworthy:

    A full bottle of 20-year-old Chanel Egoiste
    Caron Bellogia extrait from the early 80s
    Just a couple of drops of original Grossmith Shem-el-Nessim in 1890s-1900s style box. Not...
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    Re: Nu - ysl ?

    Wore it to bed last night, for the first time in eons. Gorgeous spicy incense, and it's still around this morning. Bought mine back when it was first released, and remember that the sales lady said...
  41. Re: Guerlain LPRN Ma Robe Sous le Vent Eau de Parfum Intense

    Are Guerlain just trolling us now?
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    Re: Nu - ysl ?

    I have an EdP bought when it first came out. Wear it rarely, as I find it very strong and bordering on obnoxious in the opening, and very much a cold weather only scent. It's a full-on incense,...
  43. Re: earth shattering news: Creed make fantastic fragrances

    I love Creed. I mean, I don't have any except for a sample vial of Vanisia that I haven't opened yet, but the combination of outrageous hilariously snobbish marketing lies and weird defensive...
  44. Re: Suggest really nice Lavender Perfumes

    Caron Pour un Homme. Cheap, really delicious, and good staying power as a skin scent. I usually wear it to bed, and it's still there in the morning.
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    Re: Sexy green ?

    I think of Nikki de Saint Phalle as the sexiest of the greens.
  46. Re: What is your favorite L`Artisan Parfumeur for women

    Safran Troublant and Seville L'Aube would be my picks.
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    Re: Suggestions for Green Florals?

    Has Chamade come up yet?
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    Re: Suggestions for Green Florals?

    Jean Louis Scherrer
    Niki de Saint Phalle
  49. Re: Fess Up! Popular, Well-Known Fragrances You STILL Haven't Smelled

    Rive Gauche. I know I should.
  50. Re: Shocking move by Guerlain/LVMH - closure of Monsieur Guerlain website

    They'll stick Kool-Aid in Dom Perignon bottles and release it as an exclusive 'limited edition'.
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    Re: No more Chanel samples

    So no Bois des Isles for me ever again unless I emigrate, Chanel you fecking bstards.
  52. Re: Guerlain temporarily suspending production of Mitsouko and L'Heure Bleue!?

    Don't scare me like that.

    Says the girl with Mitsouko inventory of 1 current EdT, 2 vintage EdT, 3 2013 EdP's and a bottle of extrait.
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    Re: When Guerlain meets Graffiti

    Dear Guerlain,

    Please stop winding me up with this ridiculous dumbfeckery, and sell Vol de Nuit parfum somewhere that I can buy it.

    I. Will. Give. You. Money.
  54. Re: Searching for fragrance bought at Hot Topic early 2000s

    Marc Jacobs 'Lola' perhaps?
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    Re: Eau Sauvage

    Just doing a side-by-side comparison of Eau Fraiche and Eau Sauvage, and EF falls kind of midway between ES and Diorella. I'm so going to layer them.
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    Re: Eau Sauvage

    If you see it, test Dior Eau Fraiche, the one marketed for women. To my nose the current version is very, very similar to Eau Sauvage, but with more longevity and more emphasis on the middle and...
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    Revlon Intimate Musk

    Did it really exist, or did I hallucinate the whole thing?

    Remember wearing this in about 1984, 1985-ish, when I was in my early teens. It was a spicy, oriental musk from memory, and came as oil...
  58. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    0914hrs on a Saturday morning, and I'm up to about 18 sprays of Eau Parfumee au The Vert.

    I feel like such a lightweight.
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    Re: Loving Dior's Little Old Ladies

    I kicked off the working week with vintage Miss Dior on Monday, Dioressence on Tuesday, so may as well make it all-Dior theme week. Diorella today, I think.

    Dioressence is definitely one that had...
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    Re: Loving Dior's Little Old Ladies

    This morning I dithered over Dioressence vs Diorella for my SOTD, and so would not dream of criticising. They're both glorious, in their own ways. What's Forever and Ever like? Normally it's my...
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    Re: New movie about Creed opens today

    Can't wait for the inspirational decanting montage.
  62. Re: Found some hidden gems today... LOL!!

    My local dodgy discount store has QPIUM for men and Bulgarian Bleu.
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    Re: Dior's Sauvage: A Carnal Dementia.

    It's here in NZ now. I saw it in a branch of Farmers on Saturday. They'd stashed classic Eau Sauvage away somewhere to make room for it.
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    Re: Who really likes Mitsouko?

    I'd love to know who originally made up that idiocy about nice people liking sweet things. Doesn't stand up to the slightest scrutiny.

    I'm defective when it comes to appreciating L'Heure Bleu. ...
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    Re: Who really likes Mitsouko?

    Even though I love it, totally see the Baby Jane comparison. God knows I've occasionally called Mitsouko bitchy and obnoxious when it's hot to wear it.
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    Re: Who really likes Mitsouko?

    Love it, in every concentration, and resent that hot weather prevents me from wearing it more often. I like that the sweet is transient and tempered with that foundation of spicy, bitter and earthy....
  67. Re: Does Annick Goutal mostly do really old-fashioned scents?

    Oh, definitely. Just to muddy the waters, there seems to be some transitional ones about with coloured glass and new-style labels. Have seen both versions of Mandragore with this.

    Also, for...
  68. Re: Does Annick Goutal mostly do really old-fashioned scents?

    I have Ninfeo Mio in the sage-green glass, boy version. The box is also in a kind of Eau de Nil colour to match. That's the full-size one. That clear glass as in your picture may have been used...
  69. Re: Does Annick Goutal mostly do really old-fashioned scents?

    Same perfume, marketed with two different style bottles.

    Not sure, but I think some of the more stereotypically girly ones don't have the square boy bottle version.
  70. Re: Does Annick Goutal mostly do really old-fashioned scents?

    It's the old packaging. The new packaging retains the same bottle shapes, but the female version is now clear glass with gold, and the male version has a label that's white with gold and (I think)...
  71. Re: Does Annick Goutal mostly do really old-fashioned scents?

    If it isn't like a modern fruity/floral, then it's definitely going back on my sample list.

    I've tried and failed to find a bottle of Myrrhe Ardente, but there's lots of the body cream and shower...
  72. Re: Does Annick Goutal mostly do really old-fashioned scents?

    I see it as quite an eclectic line, but with packaging that's old fashioned to the point of parody. There's an enormous range between the extremes of Ambre Fetiche and Petit Cherie.

    Most of the...
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    Re: Current Mitsouko EDP Spray

    Yesterday I stumbled on surprise Mitsouko EdT in a local pharmacy for a really good price, so I picked one up. The sales people were completely dumbfounded by its existence, had never heard of it,...
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    Re: Summer Perfumes

    How could I forget Eau de Givenchy? No experience with the new version, though.

    Has anybody tried the new Eau Sauvage Cologne? The supposedly more grapefruity one with a white cap that came out...
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    Re: Where have all the women gone?

    Wanders in.

    Sees bunch of dudes having a slapfight.

    Wanders out.
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    Re: Summer Perfumes

    I'm in NZ, so the summer wardrobe is being phased in. Technically I'm a woman, but see that as completely irrelevant to perfume choice. Will be wearing the hell out of Eau Sauvage, Eau de Guerlain,...
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    Re: Current Mitsouko EDP Spray

    Somehow I forgot to include the information, but that refers specifically to the 75ml EdP.

    I'm having exactly the same worry over treating myself to a bottle of pure parfum for my birthday.
  78. Re: Predicting the next major trend in perfumery. (Citrus -> Gourmand -> ?)

    The 1970s seem to be a trend for fashion and interiors, so perhaps for perfume as well. If it meant a return of raunchy medallion man musks and dry green chypres for women, that would make me...
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    Re: Current Mitsouko EDP Spray

    I last ordered from FragranceX in about November 2014, and got the 2013 batch then. So unless an older batch has found its way into the warehouse, you should be getting the post-2013 formulation.
  80. Re: Vetiver Pour Elle as Le Bolshoï Carmen

    Oh good grief. I love Guerlain, but also want to bang their collective heads together. Would it kill them to put this on general release? I'd even give them money for it, as is traditional.
  81. Re: Was it Aromatic Elixir or was it me?

    It wasn't Calyx, unless they had it in the AE bottle. The SA tried to steer me to Happy, but as a chypre freak I wanted to give AE another try. I must have a really bad reaction with the new...
  82. Was it Aromatic Elixir or was it me?

    Yesterday I tried AE for the first time in years, because in theory I should like it, but got nothing but a couple of hours of sickening rose, then a couple of hours of slightly less sickening rose...
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