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    Re: TF Fabulous Censored in the U.K.?

    They must figure that customers own their own Sharpies.
  2. Re: The Most Expensive Perfume In The World - You Have To See To Believe This!

    Indeed. What better way to garner attention.
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    Re: Slumberhouse Discussion

    I tend to agree with this as well. There's going to be some oxygen in the bottle to begin with, so that part should be OK. But otherwise yeah, I'd give these new bottles some time. I suspect that...
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    Re: Modern fragrances

    I feel like Bruno Fazzolari's ' Lampblack' might fill the bill. It's modern, somewhat CGD-like, meant to smell a bit like printers ink, and one of the few things I've garnered complements from.
  5. Re: The Most Expensive Perfume In The World - You Have To See To Believe This!

    That's just the tester, right ?
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    Re: Beast mode fragrances

    An old sample of Montale Blue Amber was the first fragrance that really scared me as far as potency and persistence is concerned.
  7. Re: When you want to smell like luxury, what do you wear ?

    Invasion Barbare. I still have one of those square splash minis of the original formulation.
  8. Poll: Re: What's the best Fragrance One Fragrance for Men by Jeremy Fragrance?

    My wisest purchases were the ones which I didn't buy, which was all of them.
  9. Re: Has anyone tried "Peau d'Ailleurs" by Phillipe Starck perfumes?

    Oh brother, I'm surprised that there's been this whole thread on Peau d'Ailleurs, and yet no one mentioned the potting soil note !

    Which really is what distinguishes Peau d'Ailleurs and makes it a...
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    Re: Nissan Fragrances

    Some pretty curious marketing alright, given that they seem to have put some level of effort into the bottles etc.

    I mean what fragrance line comes right out and advertises the fact that their...
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    Re: Amouage Alert: Overture for man!

    Yep, sounds like one of those "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" scenarios.

    We'll see I guess, but it sounds like the only thing that's assured is more glitz and higher prices.
  12. Re: Advice: Do not buy Frederic Malle fragrances on eBay from Russia seller world-of-fragrances

    These Russian knock offs have certainly taken over E-bay. I see all sorts of different brands in auctions starting at $0.01.

    Whoever's doing it must have a large coordinated operation, and...
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    Re: Tom Ford Black Orchid Parfum 2020


    Well dang, when it comes to iconic sensuality, I'm always in favor of amplification.
  14. Re: The annoying trend of releasing a 'regular' as EdT, then EdP the following year, then Parfum..

    The way I look at it is that they are saying "We made this stuff that was OK, but…actually it could be better. In fact, it could be a lot better ."

    I mean give me a break, ya know ? This is...
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    Re: New Serge Lutens: Périlleusement vôtre

    I was a big huge of Lutens things in the past, and cherish the collection of older bottles I have.

    But with what they've been doing with their pricing, they've become objects to be observed from...
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    Re: MDCI Invasion Barbare Thoughts?

    I always find myself asking the same question when it comes to these sorts of threads. Reformulation really is the bugaboo in the discussion of any older (or even not quite so old) fragrance. I have...
  17. Re: Do grey market sites ever sell products that don't meet quality control standards?

    I'n with the others, and have always had good experiences with Fragrancenet.

    Having said that, everything you mention spells fake to me.

    I can't imagine they are knowingly selling fakes, so...
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    Re: Bvlgari Black Reformulation?

    I suspect it was reformulated at some point, before it's discontinuation.

    As with the response above, I have the "twist cap" version, of which the sprayer can break if you are not careful with it,...
  19. Re: Another you can only have one fragrance, which is your choice? Thread

    Lampblack, I think. I like it, and it's unexpected enough that people who generally dislike perfume seem to like it too.
  20. Re: Looks like bat from zoologist perfumes is being discontinued...

    From what I could tell on Fragrantica, old and new, the labels look almost exactly the same, except that the old version says Eau, and the new version says Extract. So at least there'll be a way to...
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    Re: Your favorite Serge Lutens????

    Hard not to rank Ambre Sultan up near the top. I'm awfully fond of Borneo 1834 as well.

    There's a whole lot of different ways to go with the Lutens things, and I'm happy to own quite a few more...
  22. Re: How do you think Corona and the crisis will affect the perfume industry?

    I do hope you are right, and that humanity goes through a reassessment about what really does and does not matter in their lives.

    While people may still want to be good to themselves, I know that...
  23. Re: Coronavirus: New symptom of virus could be loss of taste and smell, top UK doctor says.

    No kidding, these first few warm days !!
  24. Re: By Kilian Sample Refill Bottles - can they be used without the original bottle?

    I know we're not supposed to talk about "panty droppers", but these two women do look uncommonly eager.
  25. Re: Which Fragrance Are You Currently Waiting To Be Delivered In The Mail?

    Anyone remember when DSquared2 Potion came out, and in their release notes they mentioned (almost as an aside) that it also came as a perfume oil ?

    Damned if I didn't stumble across the 15ml oil...
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    Re: A Chergui alternative?

    This seems to be the case, unfortunately. I have a partial bottle, with the old Lincoln Monument logo, which hardly has any punch to it at all. While samples I've tried of more recent formulations...
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    Re: Serge lutens performance issues?

    Oh dear, I am feeling old now.
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    Re: Luca Turin Cult

    His books certainly got a lot of people interested in perfume, and opened their eyes to the breadth of it's variety.

    He deserves a lot of credit for that.
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    Re: Spoiled Instore Testers??

    I've been to a store where many of their Serge Lutens testers were still the really old first-release bottles.

    When what they were actually selling was the more recent formulations. This can...
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    Re: Serge lutens performance issues?

    Maybe I'm just paranoid, but if I were buying Lutens these days, I'd get them from outfits like Fragrancenet and FragranceX. They still carry a lot of the now-discontinued old 50ml bottles, and the...
  31. Re: What fragrances do YOU find backup bottle worthy?

    I did buy a backup of DS&Durga 'Isle Ryder' when I heard it was discontinued.

    Same with 'Safran Truoublant'.
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    Re: Is Byredo Bal D’Afrique a masterpiece?

    People may not call it a masterpiece, but it probably is the most-mentioned fragrance from their line, and one that Chandler Burr included in his "Untitled" blind-smelling project back in the past...
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    Re: L' Artisan - Mass discontinuation.

    Yeah, who knows. The old Tea for Two had some punch to it, but it may be that lots of houses are dialing their classics down, in response to what they see as an increasingly fragrance-unfriendly...
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    Re: Those Animals You Own

    A sample of the original Zoologist 'Beaver'. They had to rework the stuff several months later I guess, as the first version was simply too rank.
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    Re: Did I change, or did Eau de Cartier?

    When you read those threads about color changes, it's usually because folks have noticed a difference in the smell to begin with. So basically I think that you'll have to trust your own nose if you...
  36. Re: What citrus/orange fragrances have the best value?

    You can have almost as much fun reading this thread as you might have trying the perfumes that are mentioned ! A highly recommended experience !
  37. Re: How much should you spend on my fragrance collection?

    When you start running out of room to comfortably store them, that's probably a sign that you should become more selective.
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    Re: Meleg Perfumes non-IFRA discussion thread

    Humm, how exactly does one get civet cat glandular juice without hurting them civets ? Enquiring minds want to know.

    Plus they got some stoner dropout from John Vavartos making their bottles I...
  39. Re: notes you love that most others seem to hate on

    As someone involved in horticulture, I'm still entranced by the "dirt" note. A note that never seems to have caught on.

    I Hate Perfume "Black March"

    "Peau d'Ailleurs" by Starck
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    Re: NEW Serge Lutens Des clous pour une pelure

    Oh boy, here we go with Lutens again. A new frag that will live up to their glories of old, or….?

    Hope springs eternal I guess.
  41. Re: Are Scent Free Environments Becoming A Problem For Fragrance Enthusiasts?

    Isn't perfume supposed to be fun ?

    A lot of people seem to have forgotten what fun is these days, and spend too much time on hyper-alert for potential micro-aggressions,
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    Re: Fake Drakkar Noir Ad with Thierry Wasser

    Well I was more than willing to believe it was Junior. And he really is quite a good fellow. So I'm smiling from here I'll admit. :)
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    Re: Fragrance Maceration...?

    It's possible that any newer frag has been watered down, I always figure. In response to new regulations, or their assumption that with todays worries about "personal space" people want frags that...
  44. Re: Scent of a freshly mown or late season prairie (hay, chamomile, narcissus, coumarin, broom)

    A rare thing for me - a full bottle of this. Perhaps not the US prairie, but the danker Euro version of the same. Non-floral and more out in the gorse and low shrubs on the moors. This video pretty...
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    Re: Do you wear fragrance even at home alone?

    Yes, at home mostly to be honest. As was mentioned above, some cities seem to be fragrance-hostile, and that's pretty much how it is where I live.

    All pure and natural - That trend.
  46. Re: Could you please help me choose from these samples?

    I'd definitely include Ambre Sultan in your samples. Good stuff, readily available, and will provide you with a good basis to compare other amber-type frags to.
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    Re: advise about montale perfumes

    Black Aoud can be enormous it's true, but I agree with you about Blue Amber. I'll never forget the first time I tried it…

    Oh brother !

    Heaven knows what the current formulations are like, but...
  48. Re: Glass Vs plastic decant bottles. Decanting questions

    This is my experience as well. Not sure if it's because of bad sprayers, or bad threads, or what. I'm coming to believe that the alcohol in the fragrance makes it's way out through the plastic...
  49. Re: Dossier perfume - showed up in Facebook feed

    I'm beginning to wonder how many of these "replica" type lines are produced in the same factories that make some of the originals.

    There is apparently a market for these "alternatives" that seems...
  50. Re: Bulgari (Bvlgari) Black - Luca Turin disagreement

    This is the truth alright. I have a bottle with the original twist-style of sprayer- the first one they made that would frequently break, and the stuff is still pretty amazing.

    And is how things...
  51. Re: Uh oh.. Massive fragrance changes in 2021/2022. (opoponax, jasmine, ylang ylang)..

    Remember folks, these regulations only apply to "sensitivities".

    There was a big and well-documented paper that came out about a year ago, that went into all of the various perfume ingredients...
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    Re: Lolita lempicka Au Masculin similar?

    It's interesting to see how the prices of this line are creeping up, now that it's been discontinued. The original is still pretty easy to find, but the flankers have all but disappeared. Quite the...
  53. Thread: black friday

    by Birdboy48

    Re: black friday

    Yep, I did a little poking around, and it doesn't seem like too many houses are doing Black Friday offers anymore.
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    Re: Your top 10 of this decade (2010 - 2019)

    Lots of what others have mentioned, but I'll add :

    Isle Ryder by DS&Durga
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    Re: Does vintage and artisanal spoil you?

    Unfortunately I doubt that we've even begun to see the dust settle. As I understand, IFRA regulations were exclusively based on findings relating to possible allergic responses. But there was a...
  56. Re: Le Labo Santal 33....can anyone explain this please!?

    Empty bottles at high prices (and seeing them sell) arouses these same suspicions for me.
  57. Re: Need Advice about Sending Large Amount of Samples within US Securely!

    There's something curiously hypnotic about those bags, in a conceptual-art sort of way. But I can't quite put my finger on what it is.

    Whatever the case, thanks Hednic, for posting these pictures...
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    Re: Which fragrances asked too much of you ?

    I'm always pretty comfortable with Lampblack.
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    Re: How to open/remove Maison Margiela Cap!?

    Oh brother, who knows. My guess is that it's crimped on there, and not meant to be removed. You could go at it with a hacksaw blade and see if you could cut a slot in it, and then pry the slot open...
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    Re: Sonoma Scent Studio

    Yep, according to the fire map, her place is well inside the perimeter. My sister visited her at her place several times, and if you check it out on Google Maps, it's basically right in the forest.
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    Re: Collecting vs Hoarding and downsizing

    I'm with you on that. As I understand, some academics consider "collecting" as a mental artifact from humanity's distance past, when we had to hoard food and other resources as am means to stay...
  62. Re: How many people do you encounter during your day that are wearing a fragrance? (best guess)

    Absolutely zero, I'm afraid. Everyone here is so fashionably pure and natural, that if you wear anything at all, you're always going to be "that guy".
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    Re: Copper by Comme des Garçons

    One thing about CdG, it always seems like they are genuinely trying to be creative. And that they have a history for that. And is a difficult approach not to admire.

    So it's really hard to not...
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    Re: L' Artisan - Mass discontinuation.

    Well now they've changed the text on that page, and eliminated any mention of discontinuation, so who knows what they are up to. :tongue:
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    Re: Copper by Comme des Garçons

    "inspired by the idea of lying in the grass next to someone wearing excessive suntan lotion".

    I'm thinking that a bottle of Coppertone might be a bit less expensive ?
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    L' Artisan - Mass discontinuation.

    I received an e-mail today from L' Artisan, that said this :

    " L’Artisan Parfumeur invites you to say goodbye to old friends at exclusive prices for a limited time. Make the most of this unique...
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    Re: I see why some people become Niche Snobs...

    I don't get out much socially I'm afraid, and wear most of my collection at home to be honest, so the "art in a bottle" angle actually is what appeals to me. In my town, folks seem to frown on scent...
  68. Re: black box L'Artisan is awful - why oh why did they ruin them?

    My sense is that there's not a perfume company on earth that expects that people are going to be repurchasing fragrances which they may have used up. Their assumption ( and probably a correct one )...
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    Re: NEW Andy Tauer L'Air des Alpes Suisses

    Gosh, I hope it turns out to be a big success.

    I met Andy once when he was traveling incognito, and it's like people say : He's such a great guy.
  70. Re: How would you rate/review a perfume if .....

    What if *everyone* thought something was well-made and of fine quality, but everyone also thought it was "not for me" ?

    I'm not sure I'd want to see an overall "thumbs up" for something that most...
  71. Re: Cold/Detached Fragrances (In Need Of Recommendations)

    DS & Durga - Isle Ryder. It's pretty remote, and not something that brings to mind hanging out with a crowd.
  72. Re: How to get this Brazilian Fragrance out of Brazil ?

    Check this link. It says they are shipping from Florida.
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    Re: Fragrance SMOTHERED by over spraying?

    Yep, and that makes me wonder if they make a whole ton of samples when they first produce the frag. Enough that they still have lots of them on hand, and keep sending them out, even after...
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    Re: No-Buy August

    Oh heck, I saw something that was being hyped here, on FrgranceX for really cheap, so I ordered it. :rolleyesold:
  75. Re: Dior getting blasted for new Sauvage campaign

    I guess I'm tired of all this "riding into the desert" stuff, and looking to other cultures for meaning. If you live in the desert, and are familiar with its ways, then fine -There may be some things...
  76. Re: Dior getting blasted for new Sauvage campaign

    " In the release, it explains that this film is a continuation of Johnny Depp’s last Sauvage fragrance film, which featured him riding into the desert. This time, his journey took him to the American...
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    Re: Vetiver fragrances inventory: under-the-radar

    Oh gosh, I can't remember. But when I went to finally submit my order, there was a notification that said there was a promo code, and listed it. I just copied it and pasted it, and $8 off of their...
  78. Replies

    Re: Vetiver fragrances inventory: under-the-radar

    Just ordered it from them with their August promo code = $31.98 with free shipping.
  79. Re: Abduction Eau de Parfum by Joe Merrell + Saskia Wilson-Brown

    I'll be interested in what you think of it.

    Off topic, perhaps, but...

    As someone involved in psychology, the whole Alien thing is interesting. Because there's a certain consensus that aliens...
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    Re: Do You Prefer A Certain Bottle Size oz’s?

    30ml would be my preference, although most things are not available in that size it seems. I have limited space, and at my age, probably have enough in samples alone to last a lifetime. Funny...
  81. Re: NEW Dior Sauvage Parfum 2019 Official Discussion

    Gosh, who could have guessed they would do this ?
  82. Re: Recent Fragrance Releases You Feel Have Been Overlooked?

    I'm a big fan of Aramis Perfume Calligraphy Saffron. It was part of a high-end series that Aramis was trying to get going.

    To be honest, I'm a bit stunned that you can still pick it up on e-bay...
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    Re: What do you wear purely for yourself?

    Some of the stronger and more feminine samples that I have. If I know that I'll be staying home I'll wear them on those days.
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    Re: Bogue Unfiltered series

    The whole idea sounds cool of course, but if I had created an amazingly great perfume, the idea that I'd worked hard to come up with the formula, and yet decided to only make one bottle of it...
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    Re: UK Summer Scorcher - What are You Wearing?

    I'm wearing L'Artisan's discontinued Navegar. It has a lot of the faults that L'Artisan's tend to have, but it's straight ahead cedar works well in our dry heat.

    I wore Lampblack a few days ago,...
  86. Re: what exact perfume notes you associate with "sexy"?

    Whatever notes coincidentally happen to be in whatever the sexy person is wearing.
  87. Replies

    Re: Fragrance and Mosquitos?

    From what I've read, it appears that mosquitoes are primarily attracted by the carbon dioxide that people and animals exhale, and that that's initially what brings them in from long distances. In...
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    Re: I'm stuck in men's fragrance purgatory

    Perhaps this is a bit nichey, but I'm an ongoing fan of Bruno Fazolari's 'Lampblack'.

    It's masculine and dry, and wears well all year round. I got two compliments wearing it today from women in...
  89. Re: Expensive Perfumes aren't worth it - people prefer cheaper scents.

    I swear, some company needs to come out with a fragrance that includes every one of these "most popular" notes.

    They could call it "What Everyone Else is Wearing".

    So when someone asked what...
  90. Re: Expensive Perfumes aren't worth it - people prefer cheaper scents.

    OK, here's the original study :

    Without mentioning it by name, they pretty much admit that they used the info from...
  91. Re: New York Times: "Could this be the end of frankincense?"

    Some years ago, I suspect people would have pooh-poohed the idea that Mysore Sandalwood was disappearing too.

    "Oh, they're planting plantations."

    The concern here seems to be with trees that...
  92. Re: Expensive Perfumes aren't worth it - people prefer cheaper scents.

    Yes, it says they studied 10,000 frags, not 10,000 people.

    Without reading the original study, I'm in agreement with you - It was probably some kind of analysis of the Fragrantica directory.
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    Re: Slumberhouse Discussion

    Those hoping to score Slumberhouse things would do best to keep checking with Fumerie in Portland. You can subscribe to their newsletter.

    They see Josh in the flesh, and he delivers to them in...
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    Re: Creed Cease & Desist

    This would seem to be the crux of the matter. I'm not aware of any sort of restrictive agreements that people are required to enter into when they purchase Creed products. If Creed was going after...
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    Re: The World in Scents

    Sent off for the sample pack today, and looking forward to a reasonably priced adventure.
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    Re: Does Oud Ispahan by Dior use real oud?

    As I understand, wild oud can be quite variable in nature, which would argue against it's significant usage in fragrances which hope to maintain any level of consistency over a period of time.

  97. Re: Thinking of going FRAGRANCE FREE this summer...

    Oh brother, my recommendation would be to *not* look into "Florida Water" too closely unless you have some time on your hands !

    I ended up here, with a venerable Chinese "Two Girls" version...
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    Re: Perfume Calligraphy by Aramis

    I certainly enjoy the saffron version, and remember being interested in it when it first came out.

    I picked up a bottle on the Bay about six months ago for $44, after going though a 5 mil sample. ...
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    Re: Sephora to close all its US stores June 5th

    Could be, but whenever I hear about things like this, I figure it's mostly a defensive action.

    So that if someone tries to sue them, they can trot out the fact that hey; they did all this...
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    Re: Fix for a bottle that doesn't spray well?

    If it's a clogged spray nozzle, you could just yank the thing off (as is shown in those pictures) and soak it in alcohol or hot water for a while, with the hope that the old gummy perfume would...
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