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  1. Re: GHALIYAT TAREEQ AL HAREER by Elixir Attar

    Thank you for your feedback))

    We now have an option to offer it without these gold flakes ����

    They have no olfactory value , rather decorative����
  2. Re: GHALIYAT TAREEQ AL HAREER by Elixir Attar

    Hello Sir Vogel

    I just checked your comment on base-notes regarding the free shipping offered with Ghaliyat Tareeq Al Hareer and why you DIDNT get free shipping��

    Yes, the website has a...
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    Re: Elixir Attars Discussion Thread

    Hello Everyone on basenotes


    I am sorry i don't follow base-notes frequently, so answering the question about shipping from Egypt- i was there sourcing raw materials and visiting friend when...
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