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    Re: Anybody find black friday deals?

    The twisted lily one is pretty decent.
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    Re: Anybody find black friday deals?

    Has anyone seen anything this year that has caught their eye?
  3. Re: TF Ombre Leather Vs Tuscan Leather

    I would agree that the blending is better done in the Ombre.

    Lol. I actually really like Cuir Intense. It took me a bit. There was an initial phase where I was just sad that it was so sweet...
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    Re: Worth a blind buy?

    Polo might smell a bit old. Bleu de Chanel is a fantastic fragrance here. It is probably the best all around safest blind buy of anything you can try. Maybe look at Ultra Male, or Spicebomb...
  5. Re: Fresh and Clean fragrances ( Between Guerlain Colognes and GreenFresh Mugler cologne,Encre N.Spo

    Honestly one of my favorite ive tried in the classic cologne style is Guerlain Ideal Cologne. It was really nice, and it was super cheap to boot. 1.7 is on fragrancenet now for like $30ish. I got...
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    Re: Fragrances that made you cry

    I dont feel those emotions that deeply. Im not against it. Its fine. Guys can cry. I dont though, generally speaking, even when im really sad, like immediate family death. Im dry. So no, perfumes do...
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    Re: Musc Koublai Khan?

    L'animal Sauvage is pretty close to. You gotta like than le labo lab bottle chic asthetic tho. Those cork caps are atrocious. They renamed the whole line. Marlou scents rock.
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    Re: Musc Koublai Khan?

    Smells like Kiehls. More complex and some slight piss in the back, but Kiehls is the main smell.
  9. Re: New Dior Homme Flanker Your Thoughts ?

    My thoughts are its not a flanker. New pillar.
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    Re: Spicebomb viktor and rolf

    Both fine. Spicebomb is a tobacco pink pepper frag. Extreme is a tobacco tonka vanilla frag. Extreme is stronger, but both are huge. Both are mass pleasing.
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    Re: Need to Edit my Sample List

    OE is somewhat sweet, though i think its a worthy sample.
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    Re: Here's another "Hello World" post

    Terre d'Hermes Parfum
  13. Re: Patchouli dominant fragrances under $50 ???

    Givenchy Gentleman Originale
    Available at fragrancenet for $45ish
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    Re: Fragrantica? Is that you?

    Holy horrible. I liked to check reviews to get a broad picture. The main notes was a great feature that showed what the main accord would be. More accurate than a regular pyramid from the company. I...
  15. Re: I can't believe I've never smelled Heritage..

    I dont find any similarities in abee rouge, vetiver, and air i taj
    Its the best one. Patchouli leather tobacco. One foot in the past, one in the present. Full of class. Id say its a solid question...
  16. Re: Recdations next purchase ( Bottega Veneta, Fahrenheit,Le Male Essence, Leather Blend )


    vui is alright
  17. Re: Nishane Ani - I think I fell for the hype.

    One spray from a sample on my shoulder stuck for about 18 hours, and projected hard. It was really effusive and active. It sort of danced as well. All this from a dark gourmand coffee. It will get...
  18. Re: Hyped up fragrances by Youtubers you fell for?

    None that i can think of. But i dont tread the path most of them seem to. And i generally sample, so that also insulates me.
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    Re: Buy Baccarat Rouge 540?

    I can smell it. Very sweet and pink. Not my favorite. It is piercing, heavy and see through at the same time. Its very contrdictory. It doesnt give me a headache or anything, but it almost seems to...
  20. Poll: Re: Versace Pour Homme / Versace Dylan Blue / MontBlanc Explorer

  21. Re: Rose and Frankincense for men fragrance search - why is this combination so unusual?

    Aramis caligraphy rose comes to mind
  22. Re: The origin of the oud craze in the US

    lots of the oud fragrances out there are junk that the word oud is thrown on to try to sell something. There are many decent frags with the oud word used. Any time they try to go for some woody...
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    Re: Tom Ford Extreme

    im generally not in favor of backups. my thought is that if I love it enough after ive burned through a bottle that I will be willing to pay a little more to get another one. the money I save is...
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    Re: Scent trials

    Ive only tried the first 2. If i had to pick one it would be the Tauer
  25. Re: What am I missing? Where have warm, 'ambery' masculine fragrances gone?

    man+amber= mamber? Manber?

    the problem i think is that theyve significantly sweetened the ambers in the designer realm

    brown bottles:
    adg absolu
    adg instinct
    stronger with you
    code profumo...
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    Re: Wardrobe Malfunction

    not what I thought this thread was gonna be about when i clicked in... :grin:
  27. Re: Recommend me a full on masculine I should try!

    Mancera Black Gold

    $15.74 for 8ml from maxaroma. No tax or shipping.
  28. Re: Love It, Like It or Indifferent...a wardrobe review

    Hijack. Have you tried the Ormonde Elixir? I recommend.
  29. Re: Sampled 20+ Niche Fragrances, Looking for Insights

    Overall, the trend moves less sweet as it drops in points though this is not exact. I'm suprised that Musc Ravageur is as far down as it is with Naxos being so high. Not smelling the same, just...
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    Re: Tom Ford Extreme

    velvet orchid is fairly nice
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    Re: Herbal/aromatic fragrances?

    Couple of designers come to mind

    Michael Kors Extreme Speed
    Gucci Guilty Cologne
  32. Re: Tom Ford Noir Extreme vs Tom Ford Noir pour femme

    I'm interested to smell this when fragrances come back to stores. I don't remember smelling the femme version, but Shalimar is really nice, so I'd be willing to give it a sniff.
  33. Re: you have $ you buy 1 niche or 5-10 designer fragrances?

    You have already zeroed in on targets, and have a collection backbone. With this in mind, I am 100% voting for the 1 or 2 niche.
  34. Re: Is DHI worth it even if you dont like it?

  35. Re: you have $ you buy 1 niche or 5-10 designer fragrances?

    Me personally, niche. Im not sure that would be what id recomend though. It depends on what you enjoy. I follow my fragrance whims. If you are gonna blow 300 on a niche tho id spring for a sample.
  36. Re: Wish there was a Burberry London EDP version

    I understand the sentiment. It smells good, but its weak. If there was enough of a market and they did release an EDP it would probably suck though. Ramp up the tonka and sweetness, unbalance the...
  37. Re: Love It, Like It or Indifferent...a wardrobe review

    26 love
    8 like
    2 indifferent
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    Re: Effectiveness of fragrances

    I don't have lots of longevity issues. At least not in my opinion. I do consider longevity important though. In my experience, when I've tried putting lotion on before a frag (or after as Roger...
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    Re: Dior Dune vs. Dior Jules

    I'm ashamed to say i havent tried either one. I should just blind buy. I tried to order a sample of Dune once, but ordered the femme version. Dior Dune, not Dior Dune Pour Homme. Dior Dune is really...
  40. Re: I am Newbie Building a Collection. Help me.

    D&G The One EdP
    Dior Homme Intense
    Sauvage edT
    Bleu de Chanel EdP
    JPG Ultra Male
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    Re: Top 10 as of now

    1. Arsene Lupin Dandy
    2. Ormonde Elixir
    3. Salome
    4. Tom Ford For Men Extreme
    5. Oud Assam
    6. Oud Wood Extreme
    7. Cuir Intense
    8. Leather Oud
    9. Maai
    10. Yatagan
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    Re: Leather and a journey

    Masque Milano Hemingway - I think this is the fragrance.

    Others to think about:
    Freetrapper - Fits, but its a bit weak.
    GGA - Not super safe.
    Joboy Private Label - Niche GGA...
  43. Re: The sexiest most sophisticated head turning scent on a woman


    L'heure Bleu

    They might not be the most modern, but they are sofisticated and beautiful. I recently tried Dior Dune, and I loved it, but it is kinda fruity floral....
  44. Re: Atelier des Ors Lune feline VS MFK Grand Soir

    Holy. Gotta be a reform, or anosmia to a chemical in it,. I have next day longevity, but thats as a skin scent. But this scent is so thick it almost smells like gobs of something. It is so very...
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    Re: Your best blind buy ever

    Ormonde Elixir. Just fantastic.
  46. Re: Initio Oud for Greatness ? is it Really that Great ?

    Its Viking meets BR540. Id hazard to say if your BR540 then youd like this one too. Its available on grey market for like $200 i think. It is very much like a PdM, and thats not a compliment.
  47. Re: *NEW* Guerlain Bois Mystérieux (2019)

    Joy Amin just did a review on this. He said it smells like By The Fireplace, Grand Soir, and Bois d'Argent. I dont agree with anything there. Ive not smelled BTF, but the other three smell nothing...
  48. Poll: Re: MFK Poll (APOM / Oud / Baccarat Rouge EDP)

    For a man


    I like Oud. As with nearly all MFK, its a bit loud. His handling of oud is really good though. Hes got good polish. None of his fragrances have...
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    Re: Fragrance du Bois

    talk to me a liitle bit about the attars people. Anybody whos tried them, how are they? i saw something about synthetic oud. they real or synthetic? how do they wear? these are blind buy...
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    Re: Zoologist - Thoughts and Comments

    Brand is pretty good. Im usually interested to try them. Havent moved to purchase anything yet. Good quality in just about everything ive tried. To me, Hyrax is trash.
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    Re: The best designer launch of 2020.

    Honestly, Dior Homme 2020.

    I thought we were getting a new Hermes Masculine pilar, but no. Pretty much flankers and trash all around. Beau de Jour has gotta be up there.
  52. Re: We Need to Talk About Scalping and Price Gouging

    Come on, man. Im not pointing finger or calling people out. Thats what the whole "vote with your feet" thing is.
    Honestly, when i was talking about scalpers the first things that came to mind were...
  53. Re: Bogue profumo / Antonio Gardoni consolidated thread

  54. Re: Bogue profumo / Antonio Gardoni consolidated thread

    Gotta say, I like the bottles, but the metal plate on the MAAI looks nice. Nicer than my engraved one. Also, rubber cap feels cheap for such an expensive fragrance. Kinda lame.
  55. Poll: Re: For which purpose is Creed Aventus or Prada L'Homme better? WOMEN ONLY

    Once in the mornings. A second time if there is a heavy workout or a particularily dirty and sweaty day of work. I suppose it could go up from there. Shower in the morning before work. Get filthy...
  56. Re: We Need to Talk About Scalping and Price Gouging

    Im a "vote with my feet" guy. I will not buy from scalpers on principle. Theres always more frags.
    I think they need to limit people to 2 bottles per shipping address. People can get around it, but...
  57. Poll: Re: For which purpose is Creed Aventus or Prada L'Homme better? WOMEN ONLY

    Generally, if you have to ask it doesnt matter. Fragrances are like rims. If you put expensive rims on a car of low value it doesnt really help. Looks will get you laid, personality and money will...
  58. Re: Has the virus and its social-distancing restrictions made your perfume choice change?

    No change here. I dont hug or kiss anyone not in my immediate family.
  59. Re: The importance of samples and decants

    Nearly everything ive smelled has been from samples. It is the only way i can actively participate in this hobby. Walmart only carries so much, lol.

    For samples i've used:
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    Re: Elixir Attars Discussion Thread

    5 sprays to the neck
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    Re: Dior Homme Eau for men!!

    This had great longevity for me.
  62. Re: Well, just took a job working from home...

    Lots of frags. Gonna blow that nose in 15 months, lol. By the end itll be nuthin but the hard stuff. SOTD Kouros. SOTE Red Tobacco. Lol
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    Re: What are your "cat box" scents?

    ive gave some away, thrown some away, donated some to goodwill, sold some off. the ones i spray my car and as bathroom air freshener are the dollar store perfumes upstairs and colognes downstairs. ...
  64. Re: Recommend me a fragance for winter days

    Tom Ford Noir
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    Re: Best 30 yo Date Fragrance?

    #7 I've found that in my experience women like the fresher fragrances. the fresher and sweeter the better, broadly speaking. Chanel is not my favorite on here. DHI is the best fragrance....
  66. Re: Is La nuit de l'homme suitable for an 18 year old

    Id say it is very appropriate. that is right in its wheelhouse. though, it would work less for picking up chicks or dudes and better for watching netflix on the couch.
  67. Re: Which niche fragrances are considered classics?

    id say niche perfumery has loads of classics. those named are good examples. id even say, at this point, Aventus is a classic fragrance. Its over 10 years old.
  68. Re: Beginner looking for something that stands out

    Tom Ford Noir Extreme

    i think this fits perfect. you should try it. available everywhere.
  69. Re: “As of now the best smelling modern mass pleasing masculine?”

    The One EDP
    Silver Mountain Water
    Chanel Bleu
  70. Re: The legitimacy of YouTube fragrance review channels

    low low. i trust them about as much as a fragrance commercial. they are just entertainment, pretty much. Gents has lost some imo. Eugene used to talk about how all of those people getting free...
  71. Re: Anything resembling to Aqua Velva Musk?

    spray on some Jovan Musk and troll groovy.
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    Re: How would you Rate JV Dark Rebel

    its alright. there are others. poor longevity. doens't smell harsh. if you have fahrenheit parfum id consider dark rebel not worth it to own over regular prices.
  73. Re: Dolce & Gabanna K bottle design inspired/copied by...

    Mr K looks like a Clive Christian and Fort and Manle had a kid
  74. Re: Building a minimalist but situationally diverse wardrobe. Advice?

    Terre and Royal Oud to me do not smell similar. The overlap would be in the general usage. Id consider them to be used for similar situations, and if i were to be limiting to 6 fragrances i wouldnt...
  75. Re: Building a minimalist but situationally diverse wardrobe. Advice?

    Maybe a sandalwood like
    Tam Dao
    CdG Wonderwood/oud

    Royal Oud would overlap in usage with Terre, otherwise id recomend that too.
  76. Re: Latest Giorgio Armani - Stronger With You Leather!

    Id smell it if i saw it. Ugly bottle. Armani feels like they are going Kenneth Cole, Calvin Klein route with their stuff. It feels like they are drifting downmarket with lackluster release after...
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    Re: must have masterpiece/classic

    Terre d hermes too new to qualify?
  78. Re: Are stories about Tom Ford Extreme's poor longevity true?

    My experience is average longevity.
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    Oud forward perfume

    So, ive been really enjoying oud lately. Ones in particular,

    Rania J. Oud Assam
    Rania J. T. Habanero
    Dusita Oudh Infini
    Ormonde Prive
    Bortnikoff Mysterious Oud
    Fragrance du Bois Borneo Oud...
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    Re: Dior Oud Rosewood 2020 Discussion

    Thank you for your observations! I'm excited to try this one once samples start showing up around.
  81. Re: A new Dior Homme fragrance is on its way, apparently

    I dont get ambroxin.
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    Re: Cologne for cowboys

    Lonestar memories has a background sweetness from the amber. Kinda reminds me of a niche Dark Rebel Rider. Not really a dirty leather. GGA is kinda there, but smells more like a gym teacher than a...
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    Re: niche fragrances.

    Claire V articles. Start sampling through.
  84. Replies

    Re: Are all these fakes or legit?

    20ml but all different ounces. Wierd. Fake.
  85. Replies

    Re: What are YOUR 10/10 fragrances?

    Arsene Lupin Dandy
    Oud Assam
    Leather Oud
    Tom Ford For Men Extreme
    Ormonde Elixir
    Oudh Infini
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    Poll: Re: Ignore/Hide Thread Function

    I also never subscribe to a thread on purpose. and i would use this for threads i don't care about.
  87. Re: Fahrenheit Parfum...Cucumber or not?

    Aqua has it. But not Parfum, you should be good! :thumbsup:
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    Re: I'm a sample addict

    I buy many samples. There are not many fragrances near me to try. I think it is the base layer of this hobby for me.
  89. Poll: Re: FOUR MFK'S: Aqua Vitae/Aqua Vitae Forte/Aqua Universalis/Aqua Universalis Forte: Which is Best?

    I didn't think Universalis Forte was super feminine. It is white floral, but so is CK One.
  90. Re: Does Prada L'homme use actual iris?

    No way man. The iris smell is from orris butter, from the root. It is WAY too expensive. Like anything that says oud is not oud if its $40.
  91. Re: Bogue profumo / Antonio Gardoni consolidated thread

    I bet. Im excited to sample MEM.
  92. Re: Bogue profumo / Antonio Gardoni consolidated thread

    Sampled Maai. Loved it. Bought a bottle before i even finished the sample. One of those, "yeah, I gotta check out some more of his stuff" loves. Had sampled Trex before, so still have that one. Liked...
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    [CONUS] Re: Beau de Jour $115; Explorer $36

  94. Replies

    Re: Bottle OCD (buying testers)

    No go for me. It would have to be substantially cheaper. Like $150 for 115 or something. Id try to buy a cap tho.
  95. Re: REBUKED! Wearing ONE SPRAY of Beau de Jour!

    Mine is the Signiture blend.
    I totally get it the desire to go scentless for a bit. Whenever i get a negative comment it makes me think about going less and lighter. I dont know why it is so...
  96. Re: REBUKED! Wearing ONE SPRAY of Beau de Jour!

    4 sprays of BdJ today. Shopping and such. I find it quite strong. Its got a really powerful and persistant base, even though the top if average strength. Not my favorite. I go in and out with it. 3...
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    Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now?

    1. Arsene Lupin Dandy
    2. Oud Assam
    3. Salome
    4. Leather Oud
    5. Oud Wood Extreme
  98. Poll: Re: Which Men's Fragrance smells like a Billionaire the most? WOMEN ONLY!

    I think we should not generalize the wealthy, right? Probably need to question whether it is a 90 year old self made man or 23 year old heirress. I bet theyd wear different frags. Also, neuvo vs old...
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    Re: Today I Finished...

    Wow, 15 month hiatus. That is serious business. I could go six months easy, 15 probably not.
  100. Re: Dior eau Sauvage parfum, which box is the new formula?

    I dont see Eau Sauvage Parfum on the US Dior website. You gotta buy it from a different store. In the usa, if you see a taller black box it may be Sauvage Parfum. Make sure it says Eau before it.

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