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  1. Re: New and looking for classic perfume recommendations.

    L’Artisan Mure et Musc is one of the most well done fruity scent so know. I typically don’t care for them. Definitely more fun and carefree vibe.
    More gourmand are MFK Baccarat Rouge extrait de...
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    Re: cult faves you loathe

    Santal 33
    Mojave Ghost and (less) Bal d’afrique
    By the Fireplace
    Musc Ravageur
    L’heure Bleu
    Japanese Cherry Blossom

    I’m sure there’s more but those are the ones that immediately come...
  3. Re: what is the difference between LONGEVITY and PERFORMANCE?

    They simply mean projection and longevity, both.
    I don’t differentiate between projection/sillage. Sillage is a projection.
    Longevity doesn’t necessarily equal projection- certainly not as judged...
  4. Re: Looking for a rancid jasmine perfume, any recommendation?

    Have you consider Joy? (Upon the dry down the rose comes out more.) I got a bottle since it’s being discontinued. It’s not overly ripe in a sweet way- it’s pissy.
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    Re: What do you really think of BYREDO??

    Underwhelming. Disappointing; because the concepts and design are right up my alley. End products not so much.
    There are still more I want to test, but think it’s not the house for me.
    I remember...
  6. Re: The house you sampled with the most liked perfumes

    I’ll preface this by saying there are some houses below from which I haven’t tried many. However, of what I have tried in the lines, the most successful are

    L’Artisan - I own the most bottles from...
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    Re: How do I find "my" perfume?

    I don’t know what that lotion smells like.
    I agree to obtain samples that you can wear for a time before deciding. The issue being, designer samples aren’t as plentiful as niche.

    I think you...
  8. Re: Falling in love with discontinued fragrances....

    It happened to me several times and I just never learn. Like dating Scorpio men. Frustrating but Imma keep doing it. ��
    TBH, if I really love it, I get as many backups as I think reasonable.
  9. Re: you have $ you buy 1 niche or 5-10 designer fragrances?

    I’m not actively building my wardrobe. What I have will outlive me. Also, I’m only buying bottles of fragrances I love- but for the very rare occasion I get excited about a novelty. Usually, I don’t...
  10. Re: Bourbon French Perfumes—Recommendations?

    I’m bummed too! One, I just love Halloween. Two, ever since visiting for the first time in summer 2018, I’ve spent Halloween in the French Quarter. ��
    I hope more people with experience with BF...
  11. Re: Any Perfume that smells like rose flowers NOT roses extracts

    What’s odd is that of all the floral CO2 and absolutes- rose ones smell most like the flowers to me. Unlike most other floral extracts I’ve tried-which smell flat, spent.

    It think it requires...
  12. Re: Is it ok to wear a fragrance just for yourself?

    It would be one thing if all your loved ones *hated* the smell on you. It’s sounds like they are just neutral.
    I think that’s most of us here.
    I don’t get many comments either way- so by default,...
  13. Re: Which of these women's fragrances would be suitable in summer?

    I’ve not smelled Diorissimo from your list but understand it to be LOV, so Summer appropriate.
    I haven’t been crazy about Dune since it’s reform, but wore the original in the Summer with no...
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    Re: Please help me.

    I’m in agreement that you should sniff these first:
    Aromatics Elixir (first thought)
    Youth dew (bath oil is woodsier)
    Paloma Picasso

    The first two have more prominent patchouli. They all leave...
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    Re: Alternative to DK Cashmere black?

    I suggest testing CdG Incense: Jaisalmer
  16. Re: Does anyone know what the American "sickly sweet" perfume note is?

    I was gonna say ethyl maltol before reading the body of your post but the fragrances you describe don’t match. Since you mentioned several florals- maybe an overdose of hedione? Hedione+amber?
  17. Re: Heaven only knows WHEN, but WHERE would you like to fantasize having another BN meet-up?

    My vote would be NOLA because I love the city. I try to get down there every year - esp around Halloween.
  18. Re: Help trying to find a fragrance I liked in the mid '70s

    Charlie was my first thought. Could’ve been Halston or Aromatics Elixir. Halston probably would’ve been more popular. Might have also been Chanel Cristalle.
  19. Re: Are you wearing fragrance more or less during quarantine?

    I wish I smelled more florals on men, because it’s just my favorite category. That and because most of the perfume I smell on other women are gourmands. I need more florals on everybody. ��

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    Re: A Certain Tobacco Smoky Smell

    On my skin TF Tobacco Vanille is very sweet. Within a half hour I barely smell any tobacco- it ends up smelling like hot cocoa. In my hunt for tobacco scents, I passed on this one.

    Akros Smoke is...
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    Re: Eau de toilette, eau de parfum or parfum?

    I own all three. If I’m honest, I prefer to spray and as my parfums don’t come in spray bottles, I’m usually reaching for a edt or edp.
    Really, it comes down to smell alone. I don’t have performance...
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    Re: Newbie with a question

    If you are referring to the Adrienne Vittadini signature for woman, Dior’s Dune (for woman) is the closest I can think of. For something still in that category- but more vanillic, maybe Chanel...
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    Re: Fragrance recommendations for a sister

    I think she may like Chloe or Dior Blooming Bouquet. Also possibly Narciso Rodriguez Fleur Musc- not an animalic type musk; centered around rose and peony.
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    Poll: Re: Your Favourite From These Sweet Greens ?

    It was hard to choose between AE and Coriandre but I went with Aromatics.
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    Re: Fragrance Survey

    1. What is your favorite designer house?
    YSL on the strength of Opium parfum and several of the LE Paris flankers alone.

    2. What is your favorite niche house?
    L’Artisan Parfumeur.

    3. What is...
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    Re: Molecule 01 vs 02. Which do you prefer?

    I own both and I prefer 01. However, many people have tested and reviewed the original and they think it smells like pencil shavings. So if you didn’t like it, I think you would probably prefer...
  27. Re: Maison Francis Kurkdjian question for the ladies

    I don’t really care for Aqua Celestia in general. Aqua Universalis is pleasant. Both unisex to me. AU more so.
  28. Re: Looking for some Female Perfume recommendations

    AdP Blu Mediterraneo Bergamotto di Calabria
    ADC Tokyo Bloom
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    Re: back-ups , which and how many

    1. LAP Jour de Fete. The manager of the shop in Manhattan (closes years ago) informed me it was being discontinued. Imagine that- companies used to tell their customers when they were discontinuing...
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    Re: Your 3 Favorite Niche Houses

    I like that Arquiste is a conceptual line but extremely wearable. I like the design and even the founder- not pretentious. It doesn’t seem like a total niche/luxury money grab; I believe he is...
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    Re: Your 3 Favorite Niche Houses

    Based on full bottle purchases:

    L’Artisan Parfumeur (*Was* I have to accept that they’ve lost the plot.)


  32. Re: Houses you want to like but don’t - what’s on your list?

    For me – it’s more like houses I just knew I would love, given the concepts or aesthetic. Then after testing several realizing most of their perfumes aren’t for me at all:
    Serge Lutens
  33. Re: What fragrances remind you of Christmas/Winter?

    LAP Tea for Two
    JM Pomegranate Noir
    CdG Jaisalmer
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    Re: Your philosophy: smell like, or smell

    Yes, in the 80s Strawberry Shortcake figurines and the My Little Pony’s were scented.
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    Re: Your philosophy: smell like, or smell

    Not sure if it was that brand, but I totally had scented markers. �� I remembered the black smelled like black licorice and I didn’t like it. The brown color in the ones I had was scented like...
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    Re: Are We Too Hard on Fragrance YouTubers?

    I knew I’d enjoy BN before it was created and joined early. �� Some weird glitch with one of the updates sometime ago, left several with odd join dates.
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    Re: Your philosophy: smell like, or smell

    I think it’s both for me. Maybe leaning a bit more toward, “What do I want to smell?”. I’m realizing that, based on a couple things. As to personal fragrance...I’m not really concerned with...
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    Re: Looking back....

    20 yrs in and I still only have about 3 bottles that have gone into that price range. Looking back and based on usage, I could probably have done with decants or travel sizes of two of those. ...
  39. Poll: Re: How many bottles have you bought in the last few months?

    I’m I’m a curating and culling phase, so happy to say I haven’t bought any.
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    Re: Are We Too Hard on Fragrance YouTubers?

    Forgot to add something that works my nerve and I’m seeing more...
    When a YT asks viewers questions that are clearly superficial. As further evidenced by them not really ever bothering to respond to...
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    Re: Are We Too Hard on Fragrance YouTubers?

    I watch YT fragrance reviews all the time - for the same reason I read them. I get obsessively curious about a fragrance, or I wonder what other people think of my loves. I think I have a really good...
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    Re: Are any niche companies basically a scam?

    Houses/collections as a whole that I don’t get the love for and view as cash grabs:

    Parfums de Marly
    Commodity (RIP)
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    Re: Do You Prefer A Certain Bottle Size oz’s?

    At this stage (my wardrobe will outlive me), 30ml for any new acquisition seems perfect. If I still love it when (if) I finish it, I’ll get a larger size.
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    Re: What do you wear purely for yourself?

    My entire wardrobe.
    The only time I frame it this way, is when it’s something I assume most others won’t like.
    In that case, Opium parfum, Boutonničre No 7, LAP Voleur de Roses, Aromatics Elixir,...
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    Re: A question for women

    I think several:

    (Pre-reform/repackaged) Opium
    Youth Dew
    Aromatics Elixir
    Red Door
    Giorgio Beverly Hills
    Paloma Picasso
    Chanel No 5
  46. Poll: Re: Which Chanel As A Gift? (Please Vote To Help Out)

    I’m 39 and think I have quite a bit in common with your aunt.
    If No 19 *parfum* or *edt* had been on that list- I probably would have gone with No 19; cannot do the edp or Poudre.
    I voted for...
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    Re: A need for Back Up

    I get it.
    At this point I’m ready to cull the drobe, stop testing so much, and focus on backups of my favorites. Especially since they keep getting discontinued.
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    Re: you get what you pay for?

    I don’t think so. These days I think you get what you get, for whatever you’re willing to pay for it.
  49. Re: Roja Dove's tips for applying fragrance - Video

    I think he likes to hear himself talk.
    I stopped watching at 1:29, because where does he think the clavicle is? Is he thinking of women with giant fake boobs that somehow sit above their...
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    Re: D&G Light Blue, Non-Summer Variation

    Chanel No 19 parfum. Or perhaps the edt. I do not recommend the edp- most “perfumey”, least natural smelling of the three.
    I love the parfum, but gave a nearly full bottle of the edp away.
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    Re: Diorella and Dioressence: Anything Similar

    For me Diorella, Cristalle edp, and Quartz (Molyneux) are triplet scents.

    Because of all the cinnamon I got from Dioressence, I’d liken it to Mitsouko. I find some resemblance to Rocha Femme as...
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    Re: Your Favourite Designer Brand Rose ?

    My perfect roses are several of the Springtime Fragrance Paris flankers from YSL. I own 4 of the first 5 and love them all. I *think* my fave might be the Roses des Vergers.
  53. Re: HELP: Fragrance that haunts my dreams. Cashmere?

    To me, Chanel No 5 Eau Premiere smells like a cashmere sweater/throw - or a hug. I have the one in the tall bottle (prefer it to the newer on in classic bottle). Maybe test that one?
    In any case it...
  54. Re: New fragrance: Something different from my collection?

    From the houses of Creed and TF- Original Santal and Tobacco Vanillle. They are much sweeter than anything you have. My suggestion from AdP would be the classic Colonia, but that could be too mild...
  55. Re: How to appreciate perfumes you actually hate?

    I just realize it’s not black and white. I don’t really hate any notes, just the way they are used. Or varying notes. Per your example, I tend to love a listed bergamot or mandarine but generaly...
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    Re: A fragrance for my girlfriend

    I love this idea, especially if you get her a handful of the travel/purse spray sizes from the houses you’re interested in. If she likes the sweeter PR fragrances she’ll most likely enjoy La Vie est...
  57. Re: What's your favorite L'artisan parfumeur fragrance

    Me. I love the house, but Timbuktu was a no-go. I actually really dislike it. Smells chaotic, like the tones, textures, accords clash.
  58. Re: What's your favorite L'artisan parfumeur fragrance

    L'artisan is probably my favorite house. Certainly is if we go by number of different fragrances from one house in my wardrobe.
    I've tested most of their offerings, including Mechant Loup. The notes...
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    Re: The Best so far

    I'm one of the people that lost it for Diptyque's Fleur de Peau. That's my pick.
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    Re: Looking for some suggestions

    Agree with Burberry London and D&G The One.
    Also, Mont Blanc Legend. Pharrel Williams' (CdG) GIRL too.
    I'd check online discounters and Marshalls/TJMAXX for all of these.
  61. Re: Just heard about “MFK”. Is it that good? Do I need it?

    I've sampled several from the house and the only one I love and own a bottle of is the red crystal stepchild- BR540 edp. :D I'm testing and loving the extrait too. Although many of his scents have a...
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    Re: Gourmand with bakery/coffee shop vibe

    Maybe Kilian Black Phantom? Although, this smells like a sweet mocha coffee drink to me.
    My first thought after you brought up the spiced apple pie was Hermes Ambre Narguile.
    Also, Quartana's...
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    Re: House Affinity/Aversion

    L'Artisan Parfumeur

    I own the most different fragrances from these houses. Love the fragrances, and how they smell on me. I even enjoy the design, packaging, philosophy, and...
  64. Re: Your Most Formal Serious Women’s Fragrances?

    I don't wear fragrances according to occasion. However, based on smell, these are my most serious and formal:

    FM Iris Poudre

    Guerlain Vol de Nuit
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    Re: Orange blossom

    I really need to test the Le Labos and the Memo.
    Julia, you should test Nomenclature efflor_esce. It's my HG (and solar/sunny) orange blossom.
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    Re: Let's Talk About Neroli

    Thank you Zilpha. :)
  67. Replies

    Re: Let's Talk About Neroli

    I've been on a neroli and orange blossom bender. Testing lots and building a little wardrobe within a wardrobe- of neroli and orange blossom scents.
    I know BN members generally aren't fans of YT...
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    Re: I don't like oversimplification.

    I actually prefer a concise review, as long as it is describing the smell. That is helpful to me. For example...I've been all about orange blossom and neroli. If a reviewer says a fragrance based on...
  69. Re: Recommendations? Floral + not too sweet + cashmere. Modern.

    Cashmere Mist or Chanel No5 eau Premiere.
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    Re: 'Full moon' fragrance?

    I am pretty new-agey, and for me that perfume would be Guerlain's Vol de Nuit.
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    Re: Female frag suitable for hot climate

    First I thought of was Chanel Cristalle, then No 18. I do love Guerlain's AA Mandarine Basilic too. I also think Hermes Caleche edt could work as well.
  72. Re: What does a "textbook" "typical" chypre smell like?

    These are going right to my to-test list. Thank you.
  73. Re: What does a "textbook" "typical" chypre smell like?

    I think (like myself) you probably don't care for the fruity chypre subcategory, which both these perfumes fall into.
    I'd recommend testing Azuree, Paloma Picasso, Aromatics Elixir, and Halston....
  74. Re: What does a "textbook" "typical" chypre smell like?

    Hmm, well the modern/pink chypres now exist, so there are plenty of typical or textbook options. They are not the same as the typical traditional or classic chypre, which are more in line with the...
  75. Re: NEW: Jo Loves - Orange Butterflies For Women!

    Going immediately on the 'to test' list. Thanks for posting.
  76. Re: What is this fragrance that seems to be everywhere?

    My guess would be Santal 33 or Molecule 01.
  77. Replies

    Re: Am I Missing Out?

    I'm not familiar with some on your never tried list, but am with BondN9. I'd agree, they are pretty much a copy cat Creed. I wouldn't be in a hurry to test them.
    I'm a lover of L'Artisan, so would...
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    Re: Please help me identify this ladies perfume!

    My guess would be CK Eternity.
    Maybe even CK Be.
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    Re: The best unconventional feminine?

    Voleur de Roses
    Aromatics Elixir +1
    Paloma Picasso
    Premier Figurer +1
    Opium parfum
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    Re: Favourite classic feminines

    Queues Fleurs L'Original
    Anais Anais
    Opium parfum
    No 19 parfum
    Aromatics Elixir
    Estee (Super Cologne)
    Shiseido Zen (Classic)
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    Re: Top 5 misconceptions about Escentric Molecules

    I love it, and wasn't about to attempt to make my own. I considered it though, so good to know that I wouldn't have been getting the same Iso E Super.
    About the toner smell-this is exactly what I...
  82. Re: Winter inoffensive woody cologne for 22 years old

    I think you'll find the Pi too sweet. Try Molecule 01. Versatile. Woodsy. Easy. Not as expensive as Creed. Huge-loved and trashed (cos simple)- in fragrance community, but not so much among the...
  83. Re: Does Weather have an impact on fragrance performance?

    I definitely perceive parts of a fragrance more clearly on skin, depending on the weather. That's the only reason I do any seasonal rotation . I don't do it as a rule, but do notice differences and...
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    Re: On the Hunt for my Signature

    I can only suggest looking for something with fig, and for the banana smell, maybe ylang-ylang as well. I can't think of anything quite as fruity as you desire.
    Maybe Premier Figuier. Has the figgy...
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    Re: Looking for affordable. memorable fall scent

    Halston Z-14

    Mont Blanc Legend
  86. Re: Don't know the name for this perfume. Please help me!

    Ridged like this 73063 or like this?73064
  87. Re: Fragrances that last longer in cooler weather

    All of my fragrances last longer in Winter.
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    Re: Alternatives to Diptyque Oyédo

    I might be the only one, but I get a orange flavored children's Tylenol smell from it -the chewable tablets. Get the same thing from Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Arancia. (Some orange...
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    Re: A Little Friendly Advice

    I adore florals. There's a wide spectrum tho. I'll just suggest some I purchased from LuckyScent (that could fit the description):

    CdG Luxe Champaca edt

    Byredo La Tulipe

    L'Artisan Parfumeur...
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    Re: Need a bit of help please.......

    My niece is 10yrs old today, buy caught the perfume bug a few yrs ago. Her favourite is the original Betsy Johnson. She also has and loves (besides the Justin Bieber ones):
    BS Fantasy (original pink...
  91. Re: match for Noel by Crabtree and Evelyn home fragrance oil

    I use it in the oil burner and to scent Christmas cards.
    Test CdG Jaisalmer and Estee Lauder Cinnibar.
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    Re: One Fragrance House

    L'Artisan Parfumeur.
  93. Replies

    Re: sophistication....?

    The association can only be personal, but for me the first adjectives regarding sophistication and smells, relate to tastes. I think a dry quality is the big one to my mind - like a dry wine is...
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    Re: Floral + Fresh Scents for a lady (early 20s)

    La Vie Est Belle smells quite sweet to my nose, while others you mentioned aren't (to me). So, I can't gauge how sweet is too sweet for you.
    Try Versace Bright Crystal and Marc Jacobs Dot, Chanel...
  95. Re: Requesting Responses from Basenoters for a Survey on Niche vs. Designer Fragrances

    1) exclusive, concept driven, precise
    2) accessible, trend driven, general
    3) I enjoy both and can't chose one over the other. I have absolute faves from both categories.
  96. Re: NEW: Houbigant - Quelques Fleurs Jardin Secret For Women!

    This sounds heavenly, as I adore Quelques Fleurs; and I love narcissus! I'm going to calm down and not blind buy. :D
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    Re: Ladies Fresh Perfume Recommendation

    Well, I was going to suggest Molecule 01. :D
    I'm going to throw this out there, cos I love M01 as well, and this has the same addictive woodsy character- Baccarat Rouge 540. Some say it's sugary...
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    Re: Favorite Byredo Scent? ...

    La Tulipe is Spring in a bottle.
  99. Re: My Wife's Two Faves Have Been Reformulated - Help Please

    Seems like she found her musk. As a replacemental for Addict, try some of the vanilla scents from M.Micallef -Vanille Orient. Or SMN Vaniglia. Or maybe even the current version of Hypnotic Poison,...
  100. Re: New to Niche. Help me pick out some samples to try based on my personality/lifestyle.

    Between Luckyscent, StC (mentioned above), Twisted Lily, and Aedes de Venustas, you should be able to get any samples you desire.
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