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  1. Re: Latest Giorgio Armani - Acqua Di Gio Profondo!

    Eh. Like cooked eggs. Some of the DG Light Blue flankers have it too, i think Sun maybe. Im sure its some sort of chemical that is dolloped in fresh aquatics to make them thicker and last a bit more,...
  2. Re: Obsession men: has the formula changed?

    Ive owned a built in sprayer version and a newest version. The old version was a lot thicker, kinda like a Grand Soir, though the newer version smells similar. Its just thinner, and less round. More...
  3. Re: Latest Giorgio Armani - Acqua Di Gio Profondo!

    I dont like it. Smells like eggs in the mid.

    If they didnt use the ehg smell i like the rest, but it dominates the mid, just like Essenza.

    I think this smells closest to Essenza of anything...
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    Re: Sycomore, Encre Noir, and...

    I found what I was looking for in Dior Purple Oud. Though i still want to try the fath someday. Thanks to all who offered up choices beyond the 2!
  5. Re: New Amouage: Material and Boundless

    Ugh. Study on vanilla. Im not excited. From the names i was thinking boundless should be an airy aldehydic incense, and material would focus on a simple composition and fantastic materials.
  6. Re: NEW: Mont Blanc Explorer 'Ultra Blue'


    This is the only picture Ive seen that has the green on it. Havent heard about it anywhere else.
  7. Re: NEW: Mont Blanc Explorer 'Ultra Blue'

    Just was looking at the notes on the other site, marine notes, fruity notes, ambroxan. My thought is it looks like a designer take on Millisme Imperial. Mont Blanc straight goin after em! Take em...
  8. Re: If you had the choice between these three male fragrances

    Sauvage. Just keep the sprays minimal.
  9. Re: NEW Ralph Lauren - Polo Cologne Intense Eau de Parfum

    Ive worn enough Sauvage to spot similarities, as I quite enjoy the edp and edt as work scents in moderation. 3 sprays of Sauvage is very strong and lasts all day. The deep drydown of that has a clean...
  10. Re: NEW Ralph Lauren - Polo Cologne Intense Eau de Parfum

    Yea, very similar to Dior Homme 2020 in behavior/reaction. I hope i end up being able to smell this one strongly like I do dh20.
  11. Re: NEW Ralph Lauren - Polo Cologne Intense Eau de Parfum

    That deep dry down is nice, and I don't know if its anosmia, but it is really quiet. Some others don't seem to think it is so muted, so it is probably just me. Same thing happened with the newest...
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    Re: Dior Sauvage

    I dislike refillables.
  13. Re: NEW Ralph Lauren - Polo Cologne Intense Eau de Parfum

    lol. See that Oud Wood Intense cap peaking out from behind the new Polo? Man!

    Wore it today to work. I moved a lot. I didn't smell much. I can't tell if its weak or anosmia. Usually 3 sprays...
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    Re: Tom Ford Noir ?

    I really like the openibg of the edp Noir. Its beautiful. Patcholi rose vanilla.
  15. Re: NEW Ralph Lauren - Polo Cologne Intense Eau de Parfum

    Ha, lol! As I say, I do like a little naked masculinity. I do have an unpictured MFK though, Grand Soir is upshelf from there. Too early for much reaction.
    So far, nose blindness. Opens said...
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    Re: MFK Oud Satin Mood

    Yea, overpowering as well. Oud Silk is better, though its more feminine with the rose amped.
    Axe EDT Oud Dark Vanilla opens to smell like Oud Satin, but dies in a couple hours. So if you like the...
  17. Re: The official Ralph Lauren Polo Green thread

    The only Polo i own is a 3 digit Cosmair. I love it, but i really like the stuff i smell in the store. It still smells like Polo to me. No comment on performance, but i might buy a new bottle too.
  18. Re: NEW Ralph Lauren - Polo Cologne Intense Eau de Parfum


    Found a bottle at Macys

    Opening had me thinking bubblegum and sage/herbs. Cap clicks into place now.
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    Re: MFK Oud Satin Mood

    Id say its unisex leaning feminine.
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    Re: Marine with notable violet note?

    This was bugging me today, cuz i remembered smelling one that fit perfect, but i couldnt place it. Bentley Momentum, the original. Not Intense or Unlimited. Its a violet aquatic.
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    Re: Marine with notable violet note?

    Aqua Fahrenheit is cucumber water fahrenheit.

    Id say maybe Tiffany & Love last time i smelled it gave me a violet in the mid and it seemed watery. Recency bias, but thats off my head.
  22. Re: NEW Ralph Lauren - Polo Cologne Intense Eau de Parfum

    I was on the fence. I put that ebay tester in my bag a couple times. Decided to hold off. This feedback has felt like a roller coaster. Im like, sounds good. Then, sounds bad. I just hold the...
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    Re: Current 5 faves today

    1. Ormonde Elixir
    2. Spice Blend
    3. Dior Homme
    4. Arsene Lupin Dandy
    5. Leather Oud
  24. Re: Cuir Cannage 125 ml, Purple Oud 125 ml, Patchouli Imperial 125 ml

  25. Re: Hi. I'm Looking For A "Modern Chypre" - Can You Help Me?

    Bogue Maai is what comes to mind for me, but it has a loud voice.
  26. Re: Le 3rd. Homme de CARON (Caron 3rd. MAN) "Oooh COME ON MAN!"

    Love it. Caron is great.
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    Re: V&R Spicebomb Infrared (new)

    Jeezy petes. Have they no self respect? Spicebomb Summer Night 2021. Get it and be cool!
  28. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread Vol 2

    Ive probably spent more on samples than bottles. Price of entrance when locality is prohibitive. I get a few free samples from luckyscent when i buy a bottle.
    I dont think ill be sampling Jeremys...
  29. Re: Tom Ford Beau de Jour - ask for component

    Theres something a little clove like in BdJ, lavendar can almost lean brown in big doses sometimes.
  30. Re: NEW Ralph Lauren - Polo Cologne Intense Eau de Parfum

    That bottle is fantastic. Its a nod to masculinity, but updated. Without going all blue, ultra speed, doritos locos, double black, capri sun extreme. There are some guys who appreciate traditional...
  31. Poll: Re: 2021: Creed buys the pot... all in or fold?

    Eh. Creed was vastly overpriced already. Irregardless of price they are not a top tier fragrance company for me. I feel like i must have been too late to the party, but i fimd most vastly...
  32. Re: Anything noteworthy over at Ormonde Jayne?

    At the moment Ormonde Elixir is my favorite fragrance. Ormonde Man is great as well.
    The Elixir has almost got some kind of cotton candy sweetness up top, and creamy powdery dry down with sparkle...
  33. Re: The inexplicably worst fragrance imaginable?

    I love Yatagan, Oud Assam, Leather Oud, and Oudh Infini.
  34. Re: I'm shocked, shocked (CK one Shock) purchase. I'm a bit

    Fragrance equivalent of Great Value Cream Soda in a can. Not gross. Not particularily good.
  35. Re: I just might return my bottle of Dior Homme Intense

    I had that happen on a bottle of DHI on here. Somebody was unhappy with its performance after all the crazy hulk mode talk. Ebay is a minefeild tho. Id throw it away first.
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    Re: Your "FU" Fragrance

    Hm. MAAI maybe?
  37. Re: RIP Carlos Powell a.k.a. Brooklyn Fragrance Lover

    Sad. I first saw him on the Redollesence street talk as a random person. When he got his own chanel I was glad.
    His enthusiasm was great. He was very positive. I think positivity toward life in...
  38. Re: What's the most daring, animalic fragrance?

    That I own:
    1. Dusita Oudh Infini
    2. Rania J Oud Assam
    3. Papillon Salome
    4. Tom Ford Oud Wood Intense
    5. Dior Leather Oud
    6. YSL Kouros

    That I dont:
    Marlou 50ml
  39. Re: Cool Water vs Tres Nuit...on their own merit?

    Cool Water
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    Re: Woody fragrances under $50?

    Gucci Guilty Absolute
    Lalique Equus
    Guerlain Heritage
    Terre d'Hermes
    Yatagan maybe
    Bentley Men Absolute (i havent tried it tho)
  41. Purple Oud 125 ml, Patchouli Imperial 125 ml

    Purple Oud 125ml bottle. Patchouli Imperial would be something I'd like at a decent price. Hit me up!
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    Re: Christian Dior Tobacolor

    D&G The One is my bet, but i hope its better.
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    Re: Christian Dior Tobacolor

    Whoa. Awesome sauce. Now THAT interests me. Privee tobacco could be awesome. Lets hope its tobacco forward.
  44. Re: ADG Profumo - Surprised by a sample (or 3rd time lucky)

    Could just be me, others do report low performance. Its not loud like a Mancera, so it can play peekaboo. I generally get worse performance than is reported by others on Profumo, and better on the...
  45. Re: ADG Profumo - Surprised by a sample (or 3rd time lucky)

    I personally get good longevity. Its is not loud, but at appropriate volume. Its a proper edt to me, and of good proportions. It reminds me of how i feel whenever i wear 3rd Man and Yatagan. Caron...
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    Re: Cant get past the bottle design.

    Im super bottle picky. I definitely wont buy a frag if i dont like the bottle. Deal breaker. Worst
    1 million
    Bad Boy
    Alien Man
    Mugler Pures
  47. Re: ADG Profumo - Surprised by a sample (or 3rd time lucky)

    I have been prefering the original edt for like 6 months or so, but really enjoyed profumo last time i wore it. It feels nicely suited to a winter version of gio.
  48. Re: The Absolute WORST Fragrance of All Time

    for my answer this is a tough one. I went back through the frags I've worn. I tried to find something no one should wear. I may not like 1 Million, but it is not a bad fragrance for those who wish...
  49. Re: The Absolute WORST Fragrance of All Time

    We can't be friends. lol

  50. Re: Colognes with no citrus & no woods???

    Molecule 02? Lol. Dior Lucky probably.

    If this was a though exercise the above is my answer. That would usually leave animalic facets, spices, florals, and fruits. I feel like you may be...
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    Re: Favorite Masque Milano?

    I've only tried Hemmingway and Montecristo. I would agree with the person above who said they were worthwhile. I think of the two that Montecristo stands out. It is more unique in its kitchen...
  52. Re: If you could go back in time and smell the original formulation of ANY fragrance...

    Knize Ten
  53. Re: Finally another good manly fragrance

    Listen dude, I get it. I understand what you are saying. There are a great many fragrances that are liked a lot by a lot of people that might be labeled as fairly feminine to the masses. I would...
  54. Re: Finally another good manly fragrance

    Sycamore is not overly masculine. It is thoroughly unisex. Try some 80s frags, like:
    They read as pretty masculine to me.
  55. Poll: Re: The big 2021 car house motor race.....

    The Bentleys have the For Men line, Infinites, and the Momentums. All those are capable frags. Ferraris got some nice ones. But they have so many, i havent tried most. The Essence Musk was really...
  56. Poll: Re: Lush Poll - Your Favourite ? (Unisex thread for male and female releases)

    Ive always wanted to try Tank Battle since i read about it. None of the others have registered yet.
  57. Poll: Re: Battle of the Declarations - original EdT or Parfum?

    I liked Essence best.
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    Re: The Spice!

    Spice Blend by Dior is an upscale Spicebomb.
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    Re: Ebay creed aventus safe seller?

    I wont buy any frags from Russia on ebay. $100 for Aventus would be a huge red flag. If I were to wish to buy it it would pobably be grey market.
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    Re: Acqua Di Gio Profumo

    Its average longevity for me. A little better than the EDT.
  61. Re: Male's 35-40, would you wear A&F Fierce?

    Im 35. No for me. Im probably in its original demo, but i poo pooed it then. Im less judgy now, but it still just smells to youthful for me to be super comfortable in. I might try it again someday....
  62. Re: I have yet to try out Montale fragrances. Which ones should I sample?

    I cant believe Aoud Cuir d'Arabie is not mentioned earlier, though Diamondflame kept it from being competely absent. It is animalic, leathery. I wouldnt suggest it as something knowing tspencers...
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    Re: Armani - Eau de Cedre

    Ive sampled it a couple times. I didnt find it feminine. It is cedarish, and that is not something that usually smells super feminine. I havent developed much of an opinion yet beyond broad strokes....
  64. Re: What's trendy on Basenotes currently?

    Semantics are huge right now.

    The natural perfumes are having a moment, with ALD, Bortnikoff, and TNRP. Some indies are making waves, like Rogue, and some straddle the line like Dixit and Zak....
  65. Re: Is Your Top 10 Your IDEAL Top Ten?

    .. aaaaaaand I then bought Oudh Infini. Things change i suppose.
  66. Re: Can you help me find a somewhat affordable cologne that will WOW me?

    Maybe Explorer?
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    Re: Brands faking their color juice

    Id assume most blue, green, purple, and red juices are dyes. Id assume dyes are nearly universal in non clear designer fragrances.
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    Re: Your 2021 Fragrance Balance

    2021 begins with:

  69. Replies

    Re: A second round of blind testing...

    Blind testing! Fun!
  70. Replies

    Re: An analogy

    I guess the question is if you have smelled many ALD and Bortnikoffs. I own none. I do prefer more trained compositions generally. But the beautiful ingredients smell vastly different then the...
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    Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Balance

    I ended with:
    44 bottles
    6 decants
  72. Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Highlights and Accomplishments!!!

    I feel like i grew quite a bit this year, developed and learned. Some synthetics started to grate on me a bit. I attempted to start learning a bit about the perfumers.
    My big goal of last year was...
  73. Re: Your 2019 Fragrance Highlights and Accomplishments!!!

    Didnt think i was gonna get there, but hit my 100th of the year today. 1 day to spare. Lol.
  74. Re: Hows the house of Nishane? Any masterpieces?

    I am not a fan of the house. They do feel composed and of interest, but they have a garrish nature to them all that i have tried that i dont much appreciate. The bases have some chemicals in that rub...
  75. Re: Costa Azzura Signature Blend

    I dont really understand it either. And the Aqua line is comperably priced to the signature. So what is the point? Im thinking wider distribution net? And yellow and gold? It was nice as its own...
  76. Re: Costa Azzura Signature Blend

    Saw this photo online:
  77. Replies

    Re: Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas all!!
  78. Costa Azzura Signature Blend

    Saw a bottle of Costa Azzura by Tom Ford in a signature blend bottle. It was basically Beau de Jour signature, but gold instead of silver.
    Looks like Costa will follow Ombre Leather and Beau de...
  79. Re: Am I the only one who isn't a fan of ADG?

    I like it quite a bit. The EDT is my favorite, followed by Profumo. Essenza, Absolu, and Instinct are all not my favorite. The EDT drydown is nice, though the opening stays around a long time, and...
  80. Re: Your Most Versatile Fragrances In Your Current Rotation?

    Probably DH 2020 is the most versatile.
  81. Re: Can a bottle of Perfume go bad? Yes it can.

    They can certainly go off. Ive seen a bunch of rotten yellow frags over the years. Since i started collecting again it hasnt happened to me yet, but we shall see.
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    Re: Top 10 as of now

    Yea, my bad. He put the link for part one in part 2, i went in to find my last quote so i could have the requested before and after 2 month change. Mixed my tabs up on reply. Sorry. Just left it cuz,...
  83. Replies

    Re: Top 10 as of now (part 2)

    1. Ormonde Elixir
    2. Leather Oud
    3. Arsene Lupin Dandy
    4. TF Men Extreme
    5. Salome
    6. Heritage
    7. Yatagan
    8. Polo
    9. Oud Assam
  84. Replies

    Re: Top 10 as of now

    1. Ormonde Elixir
    2. Leather Oud
    3. Arsene Lupin Dandy
    4. TF Men Extreme
    5. Salome
    6. Heritage
    7. Yatagan
    8. Polo
    9. Oud Assam
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    Poll: Re: Guerlain Bottle Imperfections

    that would drive me nuts
  86. Replies

    Re: Fahrenheit feedback

    No matter what, even if we dont care about those kinds of things, earnest positive feedback from the fairer sex is always something that will shade that fragrance positively in your eyes from now on...
  87. Re: Woody/citrus/tobacco/leather/musk Soft Fragrance

    Your description is a bit contradictory. I suggest trying Nasamoto Duro. Kinda reminds me of DHP without the iris. Not exact. But from your description, that is my recomendation.
  88. Replies

    Re: Thoughts on a sweet coffee scent?

    Polo Red Extreme has a nice coffee note, though its not really a coffee frag. Dior Vetiver as well, but thats expensive and hard to find.
  89. Re: Anyone familiar with Ganymede by Marc-Antoine Barrois?

    main notes, hard to pin down. ambroxan saffron i think.
  90. Re: Help me on my next purchase for my collection

    missing leather and vetiver

    i suggest Original Vetiver
  91. Replies

    Poll: Re: HELP ME PICK please :)

    Ultra Male. I think this fits your criteria.
  92. Replies

    Re: Changing my fragrance

    Fahrenheit is awesome
  93. Replies

    Re: My Mystery Bottle..Help Me

    This was a fun little game of detective. I tried to find it to no avail. Chuck, nice work!
  94. Replies

    Re: Strongest Mancera

    nothing. if Red Tobacco is not strong enough for you, the scent you are looking for is not a perfume. It is among the strongest things I have smelled. I will say you probably cannot smell...
  95. Re: Is there a note you think is saturating the market?

    I feel like the woody ambers gotta be smelling vastly different to different people. I know my sensativity to some of them has grown over the years.
    D&G K
    TdH Vetiver
    Sultan Vetiver
    Beau de Jour...
  96. Re: Is there a note you think is saturating the market?

    Pink pepper.
    Green apple.

    Pink pepper smells good, the others are notes that usually turn me off.
  97. Re: Choosing interview fragrance from my collection

    1 sray Dior Homme Cologne under your shirt. 1 spray is fine, but 0 is better than 2. Negatives make a bigger impresion. Unless it is an ultra competitive job you are interviewing for. If there are...
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    Re: Best masculine fragrance.

  99. Replies

    Re: Your 500ml Wardrobe

    Because Id still want bottles id go for 50ml ones. I disqualified if they didnt come in that size.
    1. Fahrenheit EDT
    2. Dior Homme EDT
    3. Heritage EDT
    4. Ormonde Elixir
    5. AdG EDT
    6. Tom Ford...
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    Re: If not Creed, then who?

    I assume you arent looking for all natural perfume since you are using Creed as an example. High quality ingredients, they are on par with Guerlain. So nice quality ingredients that arent neccesarily...
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