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    Sticky: Re: Missing from the directory

    Submitted Cremo's 'Citrus and Mint Leaf' using form....Thanks
  2. Re: What do you consider the worst "chemical nightmare" fragrance?

    I'm actually grateful someone much more prominent, i.e. Bavard, mentioned Scent of Peace for Him as that is my chemical nightmare as well. I couldn't escape that one. The other choice for me would be...
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    Re: Your Vintage SOTD - 2020

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    Re: Your Vintage SOTD - 2020

    Nice share! Mike Stoller has over 500 songwriter credits, produced 66 albums/singles, string and horn arrangements, and plays piano and harpsichord...phew! What a musical legend. I'm not sure I'm as...
  5. Re: Avon Charmed (2020): Insane $1,200 Luxury-Tier Avon Perfume!

    You could have posted this April 1st and many would never believe you were serious. Throw in another $1600 and you could show off your 3 grand, 2 bottle collection of Charmed and Creed's Royal...
  6. Re: Do You Still Enjoy the Mugler A*Men (and flankers) Line?

    I actually came into the line with Pure Malt and Havane, and love them both. I eventually would like to get Coffee/Tonka as well, and sample Ultra Zest, Kryptomint and the original. As far as modern...
  7. Re: The Term "Blind Buying" Doesn't Fit, Does It?

    Lysergically speaking I've experienced enough synesthesia to be ok with mixing up sense terms for sure! I just polled my wardrobe and out of the 36 bottles I have 31 of them I bought 'blind', since...
  8. Poll: Re: Which Men's Fragrance smells like a Billionaire the most? WOMEN ONLY!

    No, that smells like 400 million in debt.
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    Re: A song, a drink, a perfume.

    --for the time travelers--
    King of the World - Steeley Dan(1973) from Countdown to Ecstasy<vinyl>
    Miller High Life
    Paco Rabanne Pour Homme(1973)
  10. Re: The legitimacy of YouTube fragrance review channels

    To add positive spin on the topic I will posit that during a pandemic that has many home for safety or out of work and which a major symptom of the disease is loss of smell it is great that people...
  11. Re: The legitimacy of YouTube fragrance review channels

    I want to say that I'm grateful that I found basenotes before some of said 'tuber reviewers'. Just like I'm grateful my politics arent' forged by FBook, I don't want my cologne choices groomed by the...
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    Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now?

    Habit Rouge(1965)
    Paco Rabanne Pour Homme(1973)
    Silver Mountain Water (1995)
    Terre d'Hermes(2006)
    A*Man Pure Malt (2009)
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    Re: Your Vintage SOTD - 2020

    Jerry Wallace - Mandom - Lovers of the World

    All the world loves a lover
    All the girls in every landom and
    To know the joy of loving is to live in the world of...
  14. Re: Which Fragrance Are You Currently Waiting To Be Delivered In The Mail?

    Guerlain Heritage EDT
    Guerlain Home L'Eau Boisee
    Vintage PacoPh decant(with the rounded 'r' logo!
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