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    Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now?

    1. Arsene Lupin Dandy
    2. Oud Assam
    3. Salome
    4. Leather Oud
    5. Oud Wood Extreme
  2. Poll: Re: Which Men's Fragrance smells like a Billionaire the most? WOMEN ONLY!

    I think we should not generalize the wealthy, right? Probably need to question whether it is a 90 year old self made man or 23 year old heirress. I bet theyd wear different frags. Also, neuvo vs old...
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    Re: Today I Finished...

    Wow, 15 month hiatus. That is serious business. I could go six months easy, 15 probably not.
  4. Re: Dior eau Sauvage parfum, which box is the new formula?

    I dont see Eau Sauvage Parfum on the US Dior website. You gotta buy it from a different store. In the usa, if you see a taller black box it may be Sauvage Parfum. Make sure it says Eau before it.

  5. Re: Difference between Basenotes and Fragrantica?

    I think the moderators at times can be a little heavy handed, but they are absolutely neccesary to keep it civil and apropriate. Plus, im sure we are not privee to some of the stuff that gets people...
  6. Re: Dior Lucky = MFK Aqua Universalis Forte

    I guess its been a while since I've tried Univeralis Forte, and I've never tried the original. I remembered it as a melange of white florals instead of Lily, but I think my nose has gotten better at...
  7. Re: Dior eau Sauvage parfum, which box is the new formula?

    Both of those will be Eau Sauvage Parfum. The Eau Sauvage Parfum, or ESP for short, has two different formulations. It was first released in 2011, that will have a black box, black ribbon, and black...
  8. Re: A novice with renewed interest...Suggestions greatly appreciated!

    Well, there is a Search by Note spot on fragrantica. I went through the suggestions after plugging in the top 3 notes of Brigitte Tocca and then looked at the fragrances on the list. Hednics...
  9. Re: Dior Lucky = MFK Aqua Universalis Forte

    They are both ultra clean white florals. But the Lucky is lily if the valley centric. Im a fan of both brands. If asked Id say I prefer Lucky of the 2.

    Edit: i should have said, Not the same, but...
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    Re: Fragrance du Bois

    I have a sample of Borneo, but that was the only one i got. Havent really tried it yet. From the stick the only things i thought were that it was pretty tame in a good way and kind of "buzzy"
  11. Re: Dior Homme original vs Dior Homme 2020?

    I agree, they are not remotely similar fragrances. I think Fahrenheit is closer to 2020 than DH Original is.
  12. Re: What Hermes are you still wearing?

    Terre EDT is the only one I've kept. I like it. Its classy, put together. I find it effortless, which is great sometimes.
  13. Re: Does Spicebomb Extreme smell like Bvlgari Man In Black

    No. Man in Black smells like Spicebomb regular. But Spicebomb regular doesn't really smell a lot like Spicebomb extreme. Pink pepper vs tobacco tonka.
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    Re: Fake Creed Cap (2019 batch)?

    aventus cologne one looks right.
  15. Re: Dior Homme original vs Dior Homme 2020?

    OG is better than the intense and the parfum in my opinion.
    OG > 2020 > Parfum > Intense
  16. Re: Similarities between Dior Homme Parfum and Fahrenheit Parfum?

    There is some similar note in the drydown. Cant put my finger on it.
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    Re: Autumn In a Bottle

    first thought is always Burberry London. Others say Christmas, I say Fall.
  18. Re: Your Recent Purchases Presentation That Has You In Awe?

    Great company. Nothing but good things to say about them.
  19. Re: What Descriptions/Comparisons in Fragrance Reviews Annoy You or Leave You Clueless?

    That is an interesting question. Like what is yellow. I think of it as a kind of tangy aftertaste of a full sweetness. Obsession for Men drydown is a reference balsamic to me. Its almost a...
  20. Re: What Descriptions/Comparisons in Fragrance Reviews Annoy You or Leave You Clueless?

    The rest of the world doesnt use dryer sheets? Crazy. They are great at preventing static charge.
  21. Re: What Descriptions/Comparisons in Fragrance Reviews Annoy You or Leave You Clueless?


    Lol. Kouros.
  22. Re: Any decent budget resinous/balsamic fragrances?

    Obsession for men maybe? Its balsamic in the dry down.
  23. Re: What is the one fragrance that, if given the chance, you'd force other fragheads to try?

    Rogue Mousse Illuminee
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    Re: How many bottles is too many?

    Just one more...
  25. Re: So...assuming I wanted a smooth vetiver...?

    Wore Elie Saab today. Its really a good vetiver. Middle of the road between fresh and rooty. Updated. Could smell it after work. Pretty good.
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    Re: A happy mistake

    That Sycomore EDT was the best vetiver I ever tried. I was unaware it was so rare when I tried it. Went looking for something like it. Haven't found anything.

    I have the EDT of Terre, and I...
  27. Re: Out Of These Three, Which Do You Find Best For All Occasion/Compliments In The Fall/Winter?

    I own Grand Soir, and a decant of Ambre Nuit. Id go Dior. The MFK is just so heavy and sweet it is hard to find a time to wear it for me.
  28. Re: Are there any remarkably good fragrances here? recommendations

    Really depends what youre going for. They are not interchangable.
    Dior Homme 2020 is my favorote of them.
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    [CONUS] Re: Anthracite $64; D&G K $28; Explorer $39; Dark Rebel $20

  30. Re: Beau de Jour to become part of Tom Ford's signature line?

    I own both, like both a lot. Viking is better to me. It smells less off-gassy. Smells like better quality ingredients, easier wear, more appealing to public, more versatile.
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    Re: Current guilty pleasure?

    Im a fan of Dior 2020, but lets not get carried away.
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    Re: Current guilty pleasure?

    guilt·y pleas·ure
    something, such as a movie, television program, or piece of music, that one enjoys despite feeling that it is not generally held in high regard.

    I LOVE Musc Noble. Its...
  33. Re: EBAY Charging Sales Tax???? How Long Have They Been Doing This?

    Ugh, like 6 months or something. I cant standtax orshipping.
  34. Re: What’s your favorite Bertrand Duchaufour

    Probably Al Oudh
  35. Re: Planning on some designer fragrances, would love some feedback (and a plot twist ....)

    Maybe one of the Polo Supreme line? I've tried Cashmere and Oud. They are both kinda creamy blonde woods. Cashmeran loaded. They are nice smelling. I also think Metalique is something kinda...
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    Re: Dior Oud Rosewood 2020 Discussion

    I do not. Ive only ever seen a dior privee on my shelf, lol.
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    Re: Dior Oud Rosewood 2020 Discussion

    Anybody else gotten a nose on this? I see it is now available in the USA online.
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    Re: Hello from mommy

    I find rose to be somewhat tart sometimes. My wife loves Gucci Bloom. I quite like it as well. I know it is wrote, but I quite enjoy that one. It is light, airy, white floral. Gauze or lace...
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    Re: Why is Guerlain Vetiver so cheap?

    It is quite good. The whole of the Guerlain main line masculines are well done, and deserve to be well above their current prices at discounters. Whether each frag fits your style, they are all...
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    Re: Most worn in August 2020

    Musc Noble by Guerlain
    4 wears

  41. Re: Fragrances for Cuddling and Sleeping.

    The One EDP
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    Re: Best from Dior Privee Collection?

    Leather Oud

    They are basically all good though. I dont think ive thumbs downed one yet.
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    Re: Guerlain L'Instant EDT longevity.

    Maybe its a skin chemisty issue, as i get great longevity from Heritage EDT and Vetiver (8 hours easy), but very poor from Habit Rouge EDP and l'Instant EDT. Maybe perceptions?
  44. Re: Anyone familiar with Ganymede by Marc-Antoine Barrois?

    Thats funny. I had a private message up to ask you about that last night. Right after i commented on this thread i saw it. Decided to sleep on it. Lol. I try not to rush myself.

    Narciso Rodriguez...
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    Re: Guerlain L'Instant EDT longevity.

    My linstant edt was super light. Super light.
  46. Re: Anyone familiar with Ganymede by Marc-Antoine Barrois?

    first sampling of this today. didn't think id like it. but i like it a lot. its got some wow to it. it smells like a department store. fahrenheit, but posh and not rough. spicy and fresh. its...
  47. Re: Your worst performing frag in rotation?

    Habit Rouge EDP, might have to part ways soon. It disappears on me. Ce la vie.
  48. Re: Best 2 from this list ? ( Santos, Bentley, Jaipur,Gucci Guilty Absolute , T Ford Noir ...)

    I like Gucci Guilty Absolute, but it is not a safe blind buy. TF Noir is really nice. I LOVE the opening. I actually dont own it, gotta get that one. Its a bit sweet for me in the dry down. But its...
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    Re: NEW // Zoologist — Deer Musk

    Thats the non natural one he did.

    I hope this ia more true to the animal than Beaver. I was all jacked up for that one and qas let down hard.
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    Re: Dior Prive

    They are available for all the fragrances in Europe. In the US they are only available for Feve Delicious, Ambre Nuit, Oud Isphahan, Holy Peony and Gris Dior. (Holy Peony is new, as there were...
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    Re: ADG Profumo vs Others

    my experience of the performance was middling. im not sure I like it better than the original. but id pick aventus if I was you. good with ladies, good for everything. that is a workhorse.
  52. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    First impression was that it is a leather in the same vein as cuir cannage by dior. Less refined blending, and a woodier heart and base. overall both basically smell like baby lotion. It feels...
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    Re: Bogue MAAI

    That is not the intensity level ive experienced. Its a sample, probably stay that way.
  54. Re: Ridley Scott Directing Movie About Gucci With De Niro and Pacino In Talks

    Im glad im not the only one who thinks de niro is done. I love acting as an art, de niro was good, but has been overrated and running on rep for 20 years. Pacino has held up a bit better, held his...
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    Re: Bogue MAAI

    First sampling today. This is not an angry animal, or pissy at all. Animalics like Orio Cuir, but subtler. Its like camphorous in the opening. Its nice, smells like good quality. A couple hours in it...
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    Re: What's missing?

    If you dont love polo id skip yatagan. Not the same, but both are piney and the i bet most who enjoy Yatagan also enjoy Polo.
  57. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    Aoud Cuir d'arabie - yikes
    Knize 10 - pleasant and familiar
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    Re: Jovoy Private Label

    only my first impressions here, but a couple hours in its giving me a niche gucci guilty absolute vibe.
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    Re: What's missing?

  60. Re: Does your other half's opinions impact your frag choices?

    My wife hates most of it. She likes Jovan Musk, Sauvage and Gio. Viking is Ok, and she closet likes Fahrenheit, though she wont admit it. Hates everything else. It makes no difference to me, unless...
  61. Re: Not using of tom ford and dior for the week

    One doesnt want to use up the precious.
  62. Re: Nishane of Parfumes de Marly - choose one

    My perception is that Nishane seems better quality to me, as more originalish. But i have limited experience with Nishane. PdM was not the most impressive stuff ive tried.
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    Re: New Hermes for men??

    Terre Oud?
    Terre Sport?
    Terre Bleu? (plz no)
    Terre Wood?
    Terre Aqua?
  64. Re: top notes middle notes and base notes

    It an take time. Some have more drastic transitions thanothers. I find Habit Rouge to dry down to a more vanilic amber, and open with a lemon rose.
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    Re: Guerlain iris torréfié (2020)

    Lol. He was gushing. The whole time he was talking i was thinking, sounds like Dior Homme. Then he gets there after a bit. Taking the original EDT and adding a stark black coffee in the back would be...
  66. Re: Exploring the “CLEAN” Line: Can You Give FIVE Recommendations?

    Yea, i onlyreally tried the Reserves. Probly a good call.
  67. Re: Exploring the “CLEAN” Line: Can You Give FIVE Recommendations?

    Lots of meh for me. Sueded oud has kind of a tuscan leather suede, its alright, but a bit short lived when i tried it. Its ok though. Id consider it. Walmart has it for $54 online right now.
  68. Re: My Garbage Bags Smell Like Green Irish Tweed

    I like scented garbage bags. But i'm sensative to the actual trash smell, and need to take my garbage out at least every day. i think mine right now are unscented from Costco or Sams club or...
  69. Re: Kouros no longer listed on YSL website

    Lol. I love this comment. This dude tells it like it is. I had a Kouros day today, was detailing my car interior and mowing lawn. Sweaty hot work, Kouros day. There was one time today that I got...
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    Re: Happy bright floral

    How bout Yuzu man? Think that fits in? I like Caron.
  71. Replies

    Re: Happy bright floral

    I forgot to say unisex or feminine is okay. Im completely out of my zone there. I love Twilly, but my wife wears that and Bloom so those would be out.
  72. Re: Latest Bentley - Bentley For Men Silverlake!

    Ps, that bottle looks like some kind of Al Haramain or something. So shiny. Fingerprint magnet. Cuz you know what looks classy? Chrome it up! At least its a car brand, so ill give em a brake there.
  73. Re: Latest Bentley - Bentley For Men Silverlake!

    Lalique vs other sub $20 frags, they are well composed. Actual blends and construction. But i feel like the cheap materials ultimately let them down. Bentleys plastic smell is real, and slightly...
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    Happy bright floral

    I was puttering around the ol fragrance workshop getting ready to scent up the other day, i decided to wear something happy and fun. Light and bright. Realized i had a hole in my wardrobe. Its pretty...
  75. Re: Latest Bentley - Bentley For Men Silverlake!

    I didnt know lalique makes bentleys. Makes sense.
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    Re: It's Danny Mitchell's Fault....

    Polo is good.
  77. Replies

    Poll: Re: How dirty do you get?

    Nothing seems too animalic to wear. I wear vintage Kouros and original formula Leather Oud regularily. I bought a Leather Oud bottle because I loved my decant so much. I don't find them...
  78. Re: Interested in trying Zoologist. Any suggestions?

    T Rex is awesome. It really takes the cade overdose and pairs it with some burn plastic and that rough leather.
    I found Beaver a nice light floral watery thing. Fairly bright and happy.
  79. Re: Interested in trying Zoologist. Any suggestions?

    They are an awesome line and company, i own none. They are fun samples. Concept frags, themes and art. Wearability, questionable i suppose.
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    Re: Chanel Bois de Iles or Sycomore?

    Dior Purple Oud is thier Sycamore type fragrance, not Dior Vetiver. They are both really nice.
  81. Re: Need help finding a good masculine pine fragrance

    Yatagan for a polished outdoorsy french thing
    Polo for the old money american scent
    if you want something ultra expensive and hard to find Baikal Gris by ALD is good. Hens teeth though.
  82. Re: Best Calvin Klein fragrances (outside of the big three)

    I feel like I hear people talk about Reveal, but Ive never tried it. Euphoria and Obsessed are something I've smelled at Kohls, and just eh, put them back on the shelf. I literally can't remember a...
  83. Re: Acqua Di Gio Profumo vs Bentley Momentum Intense (Similar to CH Men)

    They are absolutely nothing alike. Actually, I liked Momentum Unlimited. Its a blue fragrance, but loads better than the sweet amophous blob on Momentum Intense, which reminds me of a sugar cube. ...
  84. Re: Costco: Good Deal on Creed Flacons Right Now

    I like having the bottles to spray out of. I'd have to fill an atomizer, and that loses me. It seems like an awesome deal for splitters though!
  85. Re: Thinking about buying thierry mugler angel men

    I sold it off. I like it. I respect it. I don't really miss it.
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    Re: Winter signature beast

    I get good longevity and above average projection. But it is not something I consider beastly. This is from an 8ml decant from Scentbird, so assuming it is real. My experience has never matched...
  87. Re: "Unwearable" - an unhelpful label?

    I find those who are openly critical to be often more trustworthy. They are not trying to spare feelings, just telling the truth as they see it.
    I always think its weird when someone says "well,...
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    Re: Winter signature beast

    Mancera Red Tobacco. 2 meters is huge. If you love Spicebomb Extreme i bet youd love this.
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    Re: Do fragrances expire?

    That would be prior to any reformulations, which people would be happy about. You should be happy to buy it i suppose.
  90. Re: Who are YOUR favorite fragrance reviewers on youtube?

    At this time I watch

    Persolaise - Hes great. He really wants me to buy him a coffee though.

    Eugene - I watch all his videos.

    Kristo - He hasn't posted in a long time, but he's good.
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    Re: A good fig

    I recently tried Fig Man by Carner Barcelona. Its a really well done fig forward fougere. Very dry. I liked it.
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    Re: Would you recommend Tam Dao?

    Wow, I never thought of that, but that is a good picture of what it smells like.
    OP, Its dry, woody. It has a bit of a yellow warmth to it that is lacking in the crystal cool Royal Oud. They...
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    Re: Sycomore, Encre Noir, and...

    I knew that about Lalique, and wasn't hating on their glasswork in general, just specifically the Encre Noirs.

    So far I have been recomended:
    Eldo Fat Electrician
    Ginepro Nero by...
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    Re: Tom Ford Extreme

    It is fantastic. It leathery, boozy, floral, and not too sweet. Its got a bitter aspect to it that with the florals is awesome. If I were trying to replace it instead of back it up I feel like I'd...
  95. Re: L’Air du Desert Marocain: Your Opinion in 2020

    For me, it still smells every bit as good as the first time I smelled it. Its very unique to me, and I love the structure. Its blending is a bit chunky at times, but that leads it in an air of a...
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    Re: Sycomore, Encre Noir, and...

    I will say that I did not find the other Lalique bottles that bad. The glass work on Equus and Pour Homme were fantastic. The cut background pictures showing through were really cool. The curve...
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    Luca Turin on Youtube

    Luca Turin has set up his own youtube channel. He has started with 15 lectures on scent.

    Here's a link to his channel.

    Here is the first video.
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    Re: Sycomore, Encre Noir, and...

    Chanel bottles are indeed fantastic. Encres were the bottle problem. I find them tacky like an armaf. Chanel might have the best looking bottles of all the designers.
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    Re: Guerlain les Absolus d'Orient

    After a few full wearings of Bois im gonna say it is slightly different to Songe. I feel it in the transparency. Songe is a little clearer, and a bit more medicinal, Bois leans a little heavier on...
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    Re: Sycomore, Encre Noir, and...

    I found that Purple Oud by Christian Dior is a play on the Sycamore theme. Very nice, imo.
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