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  1. Re: alpha wolf macho masculin fragrances

    No alpha asks. That is beta behavior, and i wont help you cosplay.
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    Re: Help me trim my collection

    Remove these ones:
    Daily Summer: AdG Profumo,
    Daily Winter: Bvlgari MiB
    Date / Dinner with GF: D&G The One edp
    Go out to social events / club bars / or party in a friend house: Channel AHSEE...
  3. Re: Creed Millesime Imperial recent batches impressions

    I got a couple ml official sample of MI, I just don't get what the fuss is about. It is just such a bland fragrance, boring in profile and short lived. People say that they want Milestone, since it...
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    Re: No more invictus DNA please

    Whaaat? Name one fragrance that smells like Invictus!
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    [CONUS] Re: Bois d'Argent; Creed Viking; Dior Homme Cologne

    new stuff
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    Re: Dior Bois d`argent weak?

    I bought a sample and a bottle and my sample was stronger. Hoping the 2020 bottle just needs to macerate a bit.
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    Re: Best Men's Fragrances from Rasasi?

    i really want to try asrar indonesia.
  8. Re: Which is the best out of these?

    Profumo smells like root beer
    Code edp smells like code i think
    Ultra male smells like sweet pear juice
    Ultime is clean ginger bomb over rose with ambrox musk base
    Light blue forevor smells like...
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    Re: Latest Ralph Lauren - Ralph's Club!

    Tried this a couple days ago. Very disappointing. Its got some parts that remind me of the New Cologne Intense. Kind of a bubblegummy smell. This one has a bit more sage in the middle, but is not...
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    Re: Best designer Aqua

    Gio is the best of its kind.
    Uomo Aqua for iris
    Sel Marin i guess if you want that briny salt
    Falling into the Sea if you want artistic expression
    I assume the Acqua Allegoria line by Guerlain...
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    Re: Rose + Oud Fragrances

    I havent tried Ombre Nomade or The Night, but of what i have Dior Oud Ispahan does a good job of dirtying up the fake oud a bit with some leather to give sort of an ode to oud. Oud Palao is similar....
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    [CONUS] Re: Creed Viking; L'Homme Ultime; Dior Homme Eau

    New stuff
  13. Re: Odd one. How much would you say remains in this bottle?

    My first thought was 40, but decided that it is probably not filled to the brim originally, and that with the beginning space id bump my guess up 5 percent.
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    Re: Replacing Dior Homme Original

    My solution would be to buy another bottle. If i could not get the edt, i would buy the intense as a consolation. If you are looking for a modern replacemnent i found the givenchy gentleman edt clear...
  15. Re: $200 And Under Best Smelling And Blended Fragrances?

    Best blended and smelling, under 2 bills.
    Guerlain Heritage EDT
    If the superb blending is a neccesity i think its pretty much gotta be french, or in that style. Guerlains obviously. Carons. I...
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    Re: L'Air du Temps

    I smelled a woman who smelled amazing today. I thought it was maybe chanel no 5 or something. Im bad with female fragrances. I asked, she said it was aome french perfume called l'air du temps. I...
  17. Dior Maison Prive La Collection bottles

    So, I've been collecting bottles from the Maison line. I got a New Look 1947 in, and the date code on it is for 2010, which is the year it was released. The earliest ones I have are from 2014, and...
  18. Re: Coming up fast! Wednesday July 14th. Caron YATAGAN DAY (Bastille Day).

    2 sprays before bed last night. 7 this morning. Im a 4-5 spray guy many days, but no work today, so im rockin hard!
  19. Re: Fragrance purges and regret (never again)

    I love to purge. Recently went through another, and got my bottles under 30. Was very happy. My current mode is buiding back up. Im super happy when i shift my collection. I regret a few, but there...
  20. Re: Coming up fast! Wednesday July 14th. Caron YATAGAN DAY (Bastille Day).

    3 hours from now i will start my Yatagan celebration.
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    Re: Marketplace 7 day rule

    I saw that, it was quite weird.
  22. Re: Hello from FragWag, new frag enthusiast / blogger

    Welcome. The initial frenzy is fun when you are constantly expanding your horizons. Take your time to enjoy the journey, and the collection youve aquired.
  23. Re: Coming up fast! Wednesday July 14th. Caron YATAGAN DAY (Bastille Day).

    Excited. I dont wear this enough anymore. Was my number one for like a year. So many scents, so little time.
  24. Re: Guerlain Homme Boisee, Habit Rouge Leau/EDT, Purple Oud, Patchouli Imperial

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    Re: NEW Dior Sauvage Elixir

    I saw a bottle online.
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    Re: NEW Dior Sauvage Elixir

    Was creating a post about this. Good info. Will probably be a darker sweeter worse version. Sweetening it up make it like everything else. We will see. Spice will probably be pink pepper, ugh. Please...
  27. Re: Coming up fast! Wednesday July 14th. Caron YATAGAN DAY (Bastille Day).

  28. Re: Opinions on the best of the La Nuit de L'Homme line?

    Shoot, just reread this. Ultime, and the original l'homme, not la nuit. So original l'homme and ultime. La nuit goes too creamy and tilts toward gourmand, in the vein of Tom For Noir Extreme with...
  29. Re: Opinions on the best of the La Nuit de L'Homme line?

    The original and Ultime are my favorites of the line.
  30. Re: Help getting a signature scent among these. (2021 / Latest formulations)

    Bleu is the fragrance. Code is not a hot weather frag. Cahsee is sweet. Bleu best all around most versatile.
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    Re: New Acqua di Parma Oud & Spice

    Bergamot, pink pepper, fake oud. This will smell like 1000 other fragrances. Not excited for this release.
  32. Re: Where did the grapefruit trend come from? Is it almost over yet?

    I think the big trend is mandarin.
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    Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now

    1. Ormonde Elixir
    2. Arsene Lupin Dandy
    3, Dior Homme EDT Original
    4. Guerlain Vetiver
    5. Dior Spice Blend
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    Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now

    Dia Man is really good. Reminds me of Tom Ford Extreme, with its dried potpouri leather fall vibes, and I also love Lupin, im gonna have to check out the ones i havent smelled, as you obviously have...
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    Re: Joop Homme - Different versions?

    This tickled my funny bone, the way you said it. Funny that Original Santal is youre SOTD when reading this. Upscale Joop!
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    Re: Joop Homme - Different versions?

    There are multiple versions. Lancaster used to make it, then it was made by coty. You can find a Mild Deoderant Spray that looks like a normal bottle, but will be lighter in color. Coty does this...
  37. Poll: Re: Wearing clothing from the day before with a new fragrance

    This, though with the caveat that if I am doing something that is smelly or dirty, such as yard work, I will wash the overshirt as well. I never wear a tshirt more than once, though I will sleep in...
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    Re: The Monclin!

    This is cool. I think this would be fun to approximate. I think a spray in the cup would do something, as long as it was your own glasses and that you could then wash.
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    Re: Dior Vanilla Diorama

    I don't like most vanilla notes. I am not interested. Sad. I was excited for tobacco, then it ends up being sweety, (though I'll try it at some point), then followed up with a vanilla sweety. ...
  40. Re: Dior Homme 2020....quick thoughts...

    This is one of those fragrances that grows on you with wears. It doesnt wow, but is a fantastic "set it and forget it" fragrance. You dont really notice it, just wafts here and there. Not overt, i...
  41. Re: Do you always try a spray from a new bottle? (even if you've had it before)

  42. Re: Bad boy fragrances vs alpha male fragrance - What is the difference for you? Will some be both?

    I think it is silly to think that there are not alpha and such in men and women. It gets used by toxic people who co-opt the language, but it is basic psychology of group dynamics and theory of...
  43. Re: Bad boy fragrances vs alpha male fragrance - What is the difference for you? Will some be both?

    Fake tough guys would worry about that. Like Michael Jackson Bad tough guys. They probably wouldnt wear a "girly" fragrance, but just what other guys would wear. Alphas lead, and will buy according...
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    Re: Animalic fragrances

    I dont find Keihls animalic, but others do, and its cheap. Other than that, its hard to find decent animalics for cheap. They can be hard to pull of, and they will not be mass appealing. Maybe sample...
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    Re: Judgment of Fragrance

    When assessing a fragrance, does the composition, ingredients, progression or narrative seem to have a stronger impact on your judging it?

    I care about composition, ingredient quality,...
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    Re: Prada Luna Rossa Ocean (new 2021)

    Yeah, not excited for this, though i'll probably smell it in store. I'm gonna go ahead and assume that with ocean we are talking sea salt, and that makes the addition of caramel a little more...
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    Re: Down to my Final Four

    Dior Homme Cologne would be my choice here.
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    Re: Latest Ralph Lauren - Ralph's Club!

    Interesting. Bottle looks good. Names kinda dumb. Notes are sparse, but promising. No tonka, no apple, no ambroxan, no woody ambers listed. They may be there, but if they are not highlighted that can...
  49. Re: Dior Homme Sport - which version is available at Sephora/Dillards

    Dior Homme Sport is fine, but i find it very short lived. If it had average longevity id have bought a bottle at some point. They are everywhere second hand that ive seen.
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    Re: Do You Spray Perfumes Before Sex?

    sure. i spray fragrances before many activities. I think there needs to be a timeframe that would consititute a beginning and end to the open ended before. Even so, I probably would spray a spray...
  51. Re: Creed empty bottle, boxes and even receipts?

    there is no reason to want a reciept except for faking a purchase to try to sell a fake.
  52. Re: Creed empty bottle, boxes and even receipts?

    As a lover of antiques and restoration there is a part of me that has always wanted to get, say an old Jicky bottle and fill it with more readily available Jicky, so i could wear it but use the old...
  53. Re: Anyone familiar with Ganymede by Marc-Antoine Barrois?

    Really like this one. It is hard for my brain to grasp, but i find it a pleasing puzzle.
  54. Re: Third Annual "YATAGAN DAY" July 14th. (Bastille Day) 2021

    Im in hard. Ill overspray to boot. Unwashed vegtables under a pine tree for everyone!
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    Re: Latest Paco Rabanne - Phantom!

    That is terrible. No interest, i mean, id smell it, lol.
  56. Re: Purple Oud 125 ml, Patchouli Imperial 125 ml

    patchouli, purple
  57. Re: NEW: Mont Blanc Explorer 'Ultra Blue'

    I didnt think this was bad. A bit generic, thin, and weak, but not bad. I thought it was a competent fragrance.
    I talked to an interparfums rep about the lines. She said she thought the green was...
  58. Re: first time buying on jomashop and buying fake

    I hope they fixed this for the person who did not get a real fragrance. That is some dirty pool sending out a factice, and then requiring the return of said factice at buyers cost to make it right. ...
  59. Re: Guess the highest ranked fragrances on Basenotes / Fun competition

    1. Aventus - dedication gives it many high ranking, while detrators are realistic with their ratings to 2 or 3 stars is a recipe for a high number.
    Sauvage will be nearly last. It is cool to hate...
  60. Re: Oud for Glory by Lattafa - wonderful fragrance at an excellent price

    I've wanted to try this one. The bottle and name I think are funny. And the PdM and Initios of the world are price gouging for the quality that they put out, and that brings bottom feeders to make...
  61. Re: First few sprays weak performance? What causes this?

    I have definitely experienced this a bunch of times. My nose can smell it, but will become anosmic to it until it sorta learns to smell it more and more. As I familiarize I can usually smell it for...
  62. Re: Is there a better, fresher fragrance than the original Acqua di Gio?

    No, it is a great great fragrance. The best freshie, but suffers from the fact that it is so good. Like Michael Jordan can't win MVP every year. People get sick of that, but it is so popular...
  63. Re: What is the Advantage of Sauvage Over Prada Luna Rossa Carbon?

    Sauvage smells better, lasts longer, projects more.
  64. Re: D&G Light Blue Forever EDP - Amazing

    Fully understand that. I did get wafts over the next 8 hours, and that is not a close smell situation. It is definitley strong and present. You can smell it and it performs well, making itself...
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    Re: Latest Azzaro - The Most Wanted!

    Bottle looks ok, this is crap though. Recoil in horror. Trash. Worst in the line, and one of the worst things ive smelled lately, along with Profondo lights. Oversweet, in a terribly sharp...
  66. Re: Has anyone tried Acqua di Giò Profondo Lights yet?

    Vile. Worst thing ive tried in a while.
    Eggy, musky, nastiness, with sweetness that has all tge appeal of a clementine with milk and scrambled eggs put in a blender, throw in some chemicals from an...
  67. Re: D&G Light Blue Forever EDP - Amazing

    Finally tried this one. 3 sprays to a bare arm.
    The opening is a bleghy amount of grapefruit rind. The bitter violet goes with that to make this smell like a grapefruit that was sprayed with...
  68. Re: Best ROSE themed fragrance for men/uni

    Davidoff Zino

    Some reading on the topic:
  69. Re: Fruity BUT non sticky nor overly sweet fragrances

    Kenneth cole Reaction
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    Re: A fragrance for a 20 yo guy

    Mont Blanc Explorer
    Mont Blanc Individuel
    Then spend your extra money buying some special guy or gal something.
  71. Re: Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Profondo need your suggestions

    I like the opening, but the heart smells like eggs. Profumo has some wet dog in the middle, i prefer incense and wet dog to hard boied eggs. Performance on both are medium. All Gios are adequate...
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    Re: Blue freshy with a nice dry down?

    Versace Pour Homme
    Bentley Momentum Unlimited
    Valentino Uomo Aqua
    Dunhill Desire Blue
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    Re: Second Skin Scents

    Hm, L'Artisan Skin on SKin maybe, thats kinda like coconut lotion on skin smell. Dior Homme 2020 wears as a second skin to me, that is sort of an ambiance smell around you, and not overtly perfumey...
  74. Re: Best current designer frags May 2021

    I take this question not as what is my favorite designer fragrance right now, but in context it seems to mean, "I am going to the department store, what will they have for sale that is good?"

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    Re: Game Day! 2021 Edition

    Viking for the Vikes
  76. Re: Best Myrrh Focused Men’s Fragrances?

    Songe du bois dete/ Bois Mysterieux
  77. Re: For fragrance that don't last and project, A new secret?

    Interesting. I don't have huge issues with performance, though some are weak. I always feel like adding molecule 01 or 02 or anything will pretty much just last longer smelling like 01 or 02. Not...
  78. Re: Purple Oud 125 ml, Patchouli Imperial 125 ml

  79. Replies

    Re: Latest Dior Prive - Eden-Roc!

    Sounds pretty good. I'll have to try it.
  80. Replies

    Re: Rip git

    I almost bought a sample the other day. Still haven't smelled it.
  81. Replies

    Re: Belcam Fragrances

    Why I did this?

    They have an American Flag printed on the box saying Proudly Made in America, so I thought, why not? Lets give a proud American Company a shot.
    I don't look down on them for...
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    Belcam Fragrances

    Belcam Fragrances are cheap clone fragrances that can be bought at places such as Walmart and Rite Aid. They cost about $8. They are based out of upstate New York. They are proudly made in...
  83. Re: Latest Giorgio Armani - Acqua Di Gio Profondo!

    Eh. Like cooked eggs. Some of the DG Light Blue flankers have it too, i think Sun maybe. Im sure its some sort of chemical that is dolloped in fresh aquatics to make them thicker and last a bit more,...
  84. Re: Obsession men: has the formula changed?

    Ive owned a built in sprayer version and a newest version. The old version was a lot thicker, kinda like a Grand Soir, though the newer version smells similar. Its just thinner, and less round. More...
  85. Re: Latest Giorgio Armani - Acqua Di Gio Profondo!

    I dont like it. Smells like eggs in the mid.

    If they didnt use the ehg smell i like the rest, but it dominates the mid, just like Essenza.

    I think this smells closest to Essenza of anything...
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    Re: Sycomore, Encre Noir, and...

    I found what I was looking for in Dior Purple Oud. Though i still want to try the fath someday. Thanks to all who offered up choices beyond the 2!
  87. Replies

    Re: New Amouage: Material and Boundless

    Ugh. Study on vanilla. Im not excited. From the names i was thinking boundless should be an airy aldehydic incense, and material would focus on a simple composition and fantastic materials.
  88. Re: NEW: Mont Blanc Explorer 'Ultra Blue'


    This is the only picture Ive seen that has the green on it. Havent heard about it anywhere else.
  89. Re: NEW: Mont Blanc Explorer 'Ultra Blue'

    Just was looking at the notes on the other site, marine notes, fruity notes, ambroxan. My thought is it looks like a designer take on Millisme Imperial. Mont Blanc straight goin after em! Take em...
  90. Re: If you had the choice between these three male fragrances

    Sauvage. Just keep the sprays minimal.
  91. Re: NEW Ralph Lauren - Polo Cologne Intense Eau de Parfum

    Ive worn enough Sauvage to spot similarities, as I quite enjoy the edp and edt as work scents in moderation. 3 sprays of Sauvage is very strong and lasts all day. The deep drydown of that has a clean...
  92. Re: NEW Ralph Lauren - Polo Cologne Intense Eau de Parfum

    Yea, very similar to Dior Homme 2020 in behavior/reaction. I hope i end up being able to smell this one strongly like I do dh20.
  93. Re: NEW Ralph Lauren - Polo Cologne Intense Eau de Parfum

    That deep dry down is nice, and I don't know if its anosmia, but it is really quiet. Some others don't seem to think it is so muted, so it is probably just me. Same thing happened with the newest...
  94. Replies

    Re: Dior Sauvage

    I dislike refillables.
  95. Re: NEW Ralph Lauren - Polo Cologne Intense Eau de Parfum

    lol. See that Oud Wood Intense cap peaking out from behind the new Polo? Man!

    Wore it today to work. I moved a lot. I didn't smell much. I can't tell if its weak or anosmia. Usually 3 sprays...
  96. Replies

    Re: Tom Ford Noir ?

    I really like the openibg of the edp Noir. Its beautiful. Patcholi rose vanilla.
  97. Re: NEW Ralph Lauren - Polo Cologne Intense Eau de Parfum

    Ha, lol! As I say, I do like a little naked masculinity. I do have an unpictured MFK though, Grand Soir is upshelf from there. Too early for much reaction.
    So far, nose blindness. Opens said...
  98. Replies

    Re: MFK Oud Satin Mood

    Yea, overpowering as well. Oud Silk is better, though its more feminine with the rose amped.
    Axe EDT Oud Dark Vanilla opens to smell like Oud Satin, but dies in a couple hours. So if you like the...
  99. Re: The official Ralph Lauren Polo Green thread

    The only Polo i own is a 3 digit Cosmair. I love it, but i really like the stuff i smell in the store. It still smells like Polo to me. No comment on performance, but i might buy a new bottle too.
  100. Re: NEW Ralph Lauren - Polo Cologne Intense Eau de Parfum


    Found a bottle at Macys

    Opening had me thinking bubblegum and sage/herbs. Cap clicks into place now.
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