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  1. Re: Recommendation next purchase ( Yatagan, Opium, The Dreamer, Ungaro III, LIDGE )

    I have 4 of the fragrances and here's how I'd rank them:

    Opium Pour Homme EDT
    Caron Yatagan
    Versace The Dreamer

    Lidge is the least masculine smelling of the 4; it has a powdery cocoa...
  2. Re: What's better, Bleu de Chanel EDP or Parfum?

    Parfum, then EDP, then EDT

    Parfum is the only one I don't own but having it sampled a couple times I think I like it best. I prefer the EDP to the EDT as it is more well rounded and smells a bit...
  3. Re: Men's fragrances that smell like bug spray

    The bug spray I have in Toronto uses DEET and citronella and gives me a bit of vibes of Guerlain Vetiver
  4. Re: Recently discontinued or rumored to be?

    I had no idea about Noir Anthracite, pleased to have a 50mL bottles of it. Gucci guilty absolute is still in stock at grey market retailers and sephora in the US. If it's been discontinued there may...
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    Re: TF Ombre Leather Vs Tuscan Leather

    I prefer Ombre Leather - feels more masculine to me and more of a straight up leather
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    Re: Azzaro Pour Homme current still safe?

    I have a bottle from somewhere between the mid 80s-1992 and a bottle from 2017. The modern bottle is pretty decent tbh. The opening is a bit harsh and synthetic, but once it has about 10-15 minutes...
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    Re: Blind buy dissapointments

    Viking was an unusual choice for a fragrance release after Aventus. Viking smells like a fragrance I'd expect from Creed, but something that smells older and more mature. I was very pleased when I...
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    Re: Blind buy dissapointments

    Most blind buy "disappointments" end up growing on me. Sometimes I have an expectation in mind and then when it arrives its quite different and I'm disappointed. I give those disappointments a chance...
  9. Re: Mr. Fine American Blend EDT=Rive Gauche PH clone?

    Yep I have fougere royale and love it. So I imagine Fougere Nobile is softer and greener than Rive Gauche with limited (or no) anise then?
  10. Re: Mr. Fine American Blend EDT=Rive Gauche PH clone?

    I haven't tried fougere nobile, but I think you've really hit the head on everything you listed and their relationship with Rive Gauche
  11. Re: Mr. Fine American Blend EDT=Rive Gauche PH clone?

    As Rive Gauche pour homme is my favourite fragrance I've been very, very curious about this one. One store I know sells it in Canada and it was out of stock when I last checked. I'll probably buy it...
  12. Re: Mature and refined " SPORT " fragrances

    When I go golfing I tend to wear any of the following:

    Cool Water
    Aqua Quorum
    Bowling Green
    New West
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    Re: Rive Gauche Score

    Yep, I had 2 bottles and was browsing eBay about 6 months ago and saw a 75mL tin can for about $140 Canadian so I decided to pick it up as an extra just in case. I hope to never ever run out of Rive...
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    Re: Dior Homme Intense DHI 2020 shocker!

    That is disappointing to hear. I have a bottle from 2018 and the performance is nuclear. I wear it out on date nights with the wife (she wears it often too actually lol) and the performance is so...
  15. Re: Habit rouge EDP is amazing , is the EDT worth it?

    I've only had a small sample of the EDP, but I prefer the EDT. What a journey the EDT takes you on from a lemon/rose opening to a rose/leather/benzoin drydown. It is among my all-time favourite...
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    Re: Rive Gauche Score

    The divine nectar of the gods. It pains me to have to wear it sparingly now so that I don't run out, but this is my absolute favourite scent.

    Cheers :beer:
  17. Re: Guerlain Vetiver - What's wrong with the new formulation?

    Hmm, I wonder if the tester bottle at the mall was spoiled or possibly a bad batch. I have a bottle that is I think 4-5 years old, its in the mouthwash style bottle but has cursive writing on the...
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    Re: Fakest Youtuber

    Recently stumbled onto someone named the Georgia Gent and I hate to sandbag him, but he is the embodiment of the fake YouTuber. Or at least the incredibly redundant YouTuber. Top 10s, Hypebeasts,...
  19. Re: Who are YOUR favorite fragrance reviewers on youtube?

    I've found him less watchable these days as well. I love his demeanor and his sense of humour but he's selling out a bit too much these days. Can't say I blame him for doing it, but it makes it...
  20. Re: The Holy Trinity of Dior Parfums: Which is Your Favorite?

    My sentiments exactly
  21. Re: Has a Fragrance You've Bought End Up Trumping Over an Existing Fragrance You've Liked?

    When I first got Rive Gauche I thought I'd never want to wear Azzaro again. And for about a year I didn't; but then I had a sudden urge to reach for Azzaro and now I'm back on it. I still love Rive...
  22. Re: New Dior Homme Flanker Your Thoughts ?

    I still don't understand why they had to call it Dior Homme. Of course comparisons to the original Dior Homme were going to happen and it was going to leave fans of the OG feeling pissed off. Why not...
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    Re: Chanel Egoiste

    Absolutely agree. I spray once or twice more with my current bottle than I do my vintage bottle, but I am still very pleased with the version sold today
  24. Re: Pick One Old School Masculine Fragrance As The Grail!

    If I had to name only 1, it's Antaeus.

    If you can give me and second and third, Bel Ami and Kouros
  25. Re: Recommendations morning office fragrances (Egoiste Platinum, Icon,Ck One Shock )

    Platinum Egoiste is a perfect year round office fragrance
  26. Re: What do most (non-fraghead) women think of guys who collect perfumes?

    Women aren't a homogeneous group and as such there can be no most, only anecdotal.

    With that out of the way. My wife thinks it's endearing and cute on one hand that I have a nerdy hobby, on the...
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    Re: Chanel Egoiste

    Welcome aboard!

    I have a bottle of Egoiste from 2005 and one from 2018. Both smell very similar to me, except for the fact that the 2018 feels weaker. Based on the lighter coloured juice and worse...
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    Re: What is the best TOM FORD fragrance?

    For a barbershop guy like me, it's Beau de Jour.

    Lots of fantastic frags from TF though. I've tried very little of the private collection but I've enjoyed Oud Wood, Tuscan Leather, Tobacco...
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    Re: Your experiences with Aramis Tuscany

    I have the most recent formulation, which btw is heavily rumoured to be discontinued, and I like it quite a lot. No similarities to the original Aramis to my nose.

    It smells to me like Azzaro pour...
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    Re: Finally got Bentley Intense for men

    I find it an enjoyable enough fragrance but I completely agree about the quality; this smells designer through and through. That said I could see this being a fragrance release from a very accessible...
  31. Re: Guerlain Men's Fragrances Discontinuations (Habit Rouge, Homme, Vetiver, L'Instant pour Homme)

    Gave me quite the scare before I read the entire post. Thank goodness we aren't losing all of those.

    For those who've tried Vetiver Extreme, how does it compare to the regular Vetiver and would it...
  32. Re: Recommendations for a great, non-sweet, winter fragrance ?

    Eau Sauvage Parfum - a hint of sweetness
    Bogart pour homme - somewhat similar to Pure Havane, but with the majority of the sweetness removed. Cherry tobacco and tonka, yet...
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    Re: Dior homme parfum

    I've heard the same thing, that its either the exact same juice or if it isn't the changes are indistinguishable. This is actually better cause now you'll get 25mL more in juice.
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    Re: Dior homme parfum

    I see it pop up from time to time on It isn't there right now, but once it goes back in stock, it sells out very quickly. They may never get another 75mL bottle again, but you never...
  35. Re: Hyped up fragrances by Youtubers you fell for?

    IMO Dylan Blue fails to capture the quality of BDC. Feels inspired by BDC, but much screechier and more synthetic. Just my two (s)cents
  36. Re: Hyped up fragrances by Youtubers you fell for?

    I think there's a strong chance I'd like Gravitas given that I have a very similar taste as MrSmelly but I can't see myself getting a bottle given the price and the fact that I probably own 10+...
  37. Re: Hyped up fragrances by Youtubers you fell for?

    When I was first getting back into the hobby I fell for Aqua Amara. Smells like orange scented air freshener. Its sitting in the back of my drawer and eventually when the value is sky high I'll swap...
  38. Re: Aramis Tobacco Reserve Was Discontinued Quickly - Have Tobacco Focused Frags Run Their Course?

    Wow I can't believe it was discontinued this quickly. I smelled it once in a department store and kept meaning to get a sample and try it out, guess I probably never will at this point. My initial...
  39. Re: Why the sudden increase in price (Aramis Tuscany)

    I'm moving next month and packed away my bottle of Un Homme, but otherwise I would be reaching for it right now lol. I tend to gravitate to Un Homme during the fall and Tuscany exclusively in the...
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    Re: Farewell to Rive Gauche?

    Yeah pandemic related stock issues make a lot of sense. Hard to source ingredients and materials, labour shutdowns and it is likely that their parent companies focused more on making hand sanitizer...
  41. Re: Hermes- Bel Ami [ vintage] versus New formulation

    I am ignorant to the vintage stuff, but let me tell you ignorance is bliss. The modern bottle of Bel Ami I have is a masterpiece, rich deep woods and a dark, oily, leather. IMO pick up a bottle of...
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    Re: Best Landmark Fougere

    Rive Gauche pour homme is my favourite scent of all time and I think it is the perfect embodiment of high quality barbershop fougeres.

    That said I think either Azzaro pour homme or Brut by Faberge...
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    Re: Chanel egoiste platinum ?

    Compliments are a tricky thing to gauge. If my wife or my close family like a scent on me they will almost always compliment me on it, strangers on the other hand almost never.

    Platinum Egoiste is...
  44. Re: What are your all time favorite "cheapies"?

    This is where I shine lol. As a lover of retro fragrances, they are often very cheap these days. I quantify cheapie as anything below $50 CAD. Here are mine:

    Tuscany per Uomo
  45. Re: Other frags like Jaipur Homme Boucheron...

    Nothing else I've come across to date smells like Jaipur homme.

    I think you may also enjoy Habit Rouge. I prefer the EDT to the EDP as it is less linear and has a strong lemony open that I love,...
  46. Re: Such a dilemma: to spray or not to spray rare vintage?

    I spray mine sparingly, but there's no point in owning a fragrance if you're not going to wear it at all.

    In the event I own vintage and modern formulas, I'll wear the vintage during special...
  47. Re: Mid-40s man looking for a "sensual date night" fragrance that feels mature and masculine

    The date fragrance subtype is one that I think is often misunderstood. Many younger people go for loud, sweet fragrances, which I think is an incorrect choice. What if your date doesn't like the...
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    Re: Farewell to Rive Gauche?

    I find BdJ a cross between Zino and Rive Gauche. I find the opening is pure Zino and the drydown starts to get towards the realm of RG. I don't particularly find it a Rive Gauche smell alike or...
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    Re: Farewell to Rive Gauche?

    One can only hope that it comes back. Rive Gauche is my favourite fragrance and although I own two backup bottles, I wouldn't mind ordering a few more :D

    Sad news about opium edp though, I've only...
  50. Re: ALL YEAR office fragrance, clean, discret, from this list ....

    Of these I would recommend Platinum Egoiste the most if you were looking for a signature scent. It may be a little old fashioned for you, but I also wouldn't sleep on Egoiste, such a wonderful...
  51. Re: Why the sudden increase in price (Aramis Tuscany)

    Pretty much this. I've heard rumours of it being discontinued for a few years. Perhaps the rumours were correct and maybe stock is finally running low. Terrible news if it is true, this is my summer...
  52. Re: Ralph Lauren Safari Opinions Worth Considering?

    Safari is the newest of the three in my collection so admittedly it has seen less wearings; that could be part of the reason. I was halfway through a 100mL of Tsar & Pasha before I even picked it up....
  53. Re: who else doesn't care about compliments? (and never gets any)

    Getting random compliments on the street just doesn't happen unless you are someone like Jeremy Fragrance who is good looking, well dressed and well groomed and has a vibrant, loud, extroverted...
  54. Re: I am Newbie Building a Collection. Help me.

    Here are the ones I would purchase from your list in order of top priority to bottom:

    Platinum Egoiste
    Dior Homme Intense
    Bleu de Chanel EDP
    YSL La Nuit de L'Homme
    Acqua Di Gio Profumo
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    Re: Guerlain Heritage - EDT vs EDP

    I too have felt this sting, never again. I've thought about grabbing decants of fragrances that come in EDT and EDP but typically I just choose one of the two based on recommendations here and try to...
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    Re: Guerlain Heritage - EDT vs EDP

    I took the advice of the people on this thread and went with the EDT. I have never tried the EDP, but ignorance is bliss. The EDT is a knockout; gentlemanly, classic and elegant while not being stuffy
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    Re: Salvador Dali original 1987

    Sweet isn't how I would describe it, but I can see why someone might. It isn't dry like Aramis, but its not sweet like a 1 Million or something. Its a very musky fragrance and the musk provides a...
  58. Re: Ralph Lauren Safari Opinions Worth Considering?

    I'm a huge fan of Safari. Safari is part of a group of 4 fragrances that smell quite similar; Safari, Tsar, Pasha and Jazz, the last of which I have yet to smell.

    Of the 3 I own, Safari is my...
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    Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    In the office place, Dakar, Al-Rehab's clone of Drakkar Noir, gets me by far the most compliments from my female co-workers.

    At home, my wife and her sisters compliment me most on Rive Gauche,...
  60. Re: What is a typical "barbershop" scent for you?

    Being from Canada, the traditional old-school barbers here use Clubman Pinaud, Brut or a similar scented aromatic fougere. So when I think of Barbershop scents, my mind goes to aromatic fougeres.
  61. Re: Suggestions for 'edgy' night-time fragrances...

    What about something very retro, like Salvador Dali pour homme, Gentlemen by Givenchy, Anteaus, Van Cleef & Arpels pour homme. Most young people today will have never really smelt these scents; they...
  62. Re: Name a house that's overdue for a masculine release

    Chanel is well overdue. Heard rumours that we were getting one soon though
  63. Re: Well, just took a job working from home...

    Kouros 24/7!
  64. Re: $200 on one NY Intense the pick?

    For those who have tried it, does this have real oakmoss or just the IFRA compliant synthetic stuff?

    Been thinking about getting my hands on a decant of this stuff sometime soon
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    Re: Salvador Dali original 1987

    This is certainly quite the hairy-chested 80s powerhouse. Gothic and dark, something best worn at night when you want to be a bit mysterious or alluring. Similar wearing situations as Van Cleef and...
  66. Re: Anything resembling to Aqua Velva Musk?

    Its been years since I've worn Aqua Velva musk, but if I recall correctly it reminds me of Royal Copenhagen Musk
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    Re: LIDGE new bottle disappointment

    I never owned a bottle from it's eau extreme days and only own a new, ugly, mouthwash style bottle. It's a fantastic and uber powerful cacao/patchouli scent. I can't say whether the old stuff was...
  68. Re: Fahrenheit ... still worth it and which one?

    I own a 2019 bottle of Fahrenheit (edt) and it is absolutely still worth it. Still a very powerful gasoline smelling scent. I never owned a bottle of the old stuff but I can't imagine how bombastic...
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    Re: Is Versace Dreamer discontinued?!

    Glad I picked up a bottle of this stuff just one month ago if it is indeed discontinued. Every online grey market retailer I frequent seems to still have it and at a very reasonable price, so if it...
  70. Re: COVID Season - How Many Sprays? 10 or 15? Or More?

    Wore Kouros, Antaeus, Lapidus and Salvador Dali pour homme a lot more during lockdown than I would any other spring. Couldn't really increase the spray count to more than 3-4 as my wife would get a...
  71. Re: Best place to start with L'homme Ideal series?

    Everything in the line is very modern smelling. Not your typical Guerlain scent either, smells less expensive and more youthful. Personally I enjoy the cologne, but I think it's only okay. The rest I...
  72. Re: Most underrated designers fragrances/cheapies?

    Underrated cheapies are my jam. Here are some of my favourites that don't get as much love:

    Pasha de Cartier
    Bowling Green
    New West
    PS Fine Cologne
    Tuscany per Uomo
    Sung Homme
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    Re: Kouros thread question

    I love me some Kouros, even the new stuff :embarassed:, I'd be down for a thread dedicated to it.

    Thought I'd throw out this link to an awesome site dedicated to vintage fragrances:

    Raiders of...
  74. Re: which is better jazz x safari x tsar x pasha

    Completely agree about Pasha, although I do prefer Tsar to it ever so slightly. That drydown is fougere perfection; the lavender/oakmoss combo is to die for and is a perfect midway point between the...
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    Re: Van Cleef & Arpels pour Homme

    No surprise, I love At the Barber's lol. Hope you enjoyed it. The drydown smells to me almost like a dead ringer for Platinum Egoiste, but the opening is significantly spicier and gets in the...
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    Re: Your Vintage SOTD - 2020

    Safari by Ralph Lauren from the Cosmair Era. Spicy, clean, a little sweet; a perfect early 90s fougere. Paid only $20 more for my vintage than current bottles too
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    Re: Van Cleef & Arpels pour Homme

    I'm always a bit dramatic when I think about what kind of mood/style evokes feelings of a fragrance :laugh:

    Truth be told though the overwhelming majority of my fragrances are worn with a...
  78. Re: A Better Alternative to Acqua di Parma Colonia?

    Not identical or anything, but I often wear Monsieur de Givenchy when I'm in the mood for something like ADP Colonia. It can be had at discounters for about half the price of ADP Colonia. Chanel pour...
  79. Re: YSL La Nuit De L'homme in Rectangular Bottle

    Never seen anything like this at all. Personally I would err on the side of caution and pass up on it unless the seller provides more pictures that could prove its authenticity
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    Re: Van Cleef & Arpels pour Homme

    Also forgot to mention, I get no smoke at all and just a very slight touch of powder, almost like a shaving soap/cream kind of powder. Prices still seem somewhat reasonable on VCA pour homme so if...
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    Re: Van Cleef & Arpels pour Homme

    Pretty much agree with you on every front. VCA pour homme is third only to Kouros and Lapidus pour homme in my collection for projection. Used 3 sprays on myself about a month ago and my wife could...
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    Re: Sauvage EDP reformulated?

    I feel like it must happen a fair bit. I'm not sure what Dior was thinking at all naming a fragrance so close to one of its classics 50 years later. I imagine young people who want to buy Sauvage...
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    Re: Sauvage EDP reformulated?

    My wife bought me a bottle of this. Bless her heart I told her I wanted Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum and she thought Sauvage Eau de Parfum was what I wanted :laugh:

    I must say though this caught me by...
  84. Re: which is better jazz x safari x tsar x pasha

    Jazz is the only one I don't own, but Tsar is my favourite. The other 2 are also in my top 25 frags of all time, but I prefer Tsar the most.

    Projection - Tsar
    longevity - Pasha
    modernity -...
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    Poll: Re: If I wanted that GIT vibe....

    I think Tres Nuit is closer to GIT but Egra smells a little bit better.

    In regards to Colonia Club I'd say no. Mint bomb with a bit of lavender. Closer to Viking than GIT
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    Poll: Re: If I wanted that GIT vibe....

    If you like the fresh cut grass accord in GIT, I think you'd be happy with Egra by Rasasi or Tres Nuit by Armaf. I find performance pretty good but not amazing. They also smell quite close to GIT,...
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    Re: Non loud, gentle fragrances

    +1 Egoiste
    +1 Chanel Pour Monsieur
    +1 Eau Sauvage

    Fougere Royale
    Monsieur de Givenchy
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    Re: Non loud, gentle fragrances

    The vintage stuff might be, but I've got a 2017 bottle and its very soft. Could just be my skin. I've ordered a vintage bottle that I'm waiting to arrive and I'm hoping it is louder lol
  89. Re: The Official Tom Ford Fragrance Thread

    Based on your collection I think you would absolutely love Beau de Jour.

    Ombre Leather is a fine fragrance, smells something like a leather car interior or a nice leather jacket. Very enjoyable...
  90. Re: Do you notice your fragrances get stronger as they age?

    Interestingly enough I wonder if fragrances growing stronger with age (like a fine wine or whiskey) is often what makes people prefer vintage to current formulations without even realizing
  91. Re: Acqua di Parma launch "environmentally-friendly" Colonia Futura

    Aww damn. I'll still sample it eventually when I get up the nerve to go into a store again, but I won't be holding my breath.
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    Jaipur Homme - EDT or EDP

    Hi there,

    I'm starting yet another Jaipur homme edt vs edp thread. Yes, I have read all previous threads but I was wondering which I would prefer based on what I'm looking for.

    I know the EDP...
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    Re: Worst Office fragrance ?

    Of my collection I would not wear any of the following to work:

    King Kouros
    Lapidus pour homme
    Dior homme parfum
    Dior homme intense
    Opium pour homme
    Santos Concentre
  94. Re: What Other Fragrance Products Do You Use?

    I use beard oil and a matte clay style product in my hair. I used to really pay attention to the scent, but the smell of both of those are gone within 10-20 minutes so I don't really care about it...
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    Re: Davidoff Cool Water Reformulated?

    The newer stuff is not quite as good, however, I don't think its worth it to go out of your way and spend maybe 5-6 times the price of the current formulation on a vintage bottle. I have a Lancaster...
  96. Re: How much is Green Irish Tweed like Coolwater?

    I find them pretty similar. GIT has a green, fresh cut grass accord that Cool Water doesn't. That scent makes them smell different, but they are not worlds apart. Most non-fragheads probably can't...
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    Re: Today I bought August 2020

    Picked up Gucci pour homme ii yesterday for a very reasonable price
  98. Re: Has Your Fragrance Wardrobe Grown Beyond Your Original Intention?

    Just cracked 100. Most are old school cheapies which didn't cost much, but not all of them lol. Its definitely larger than I thought it would ever be but I've slowed down a lot because I have most of...
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    Re: Why did you wear what you wore today..

    New West for him because I wanted a powerful fougere that is wearable on a blistering hot summer day
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    Re: New Chanel men‘s fragrance 2020?

    One can only dream! If they released an ultra-macho fougere tomorrow I'd be rushing out to buy it... I'd sample it first in store but if it checked all the boxes I'd absolutely buy it
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