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    Default what is an aquatic?

    Sorry if this has been asked numerous times but what exactly is an aquatic? Can a citrus scent like Clinique Happy be an aquatic? I was always under the impression they were different but now I have no idea. Thanks

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    Default Re: what is an aquatic?

    In my book:
    Aquatic: fresh fragrances like Lacoste Essential, Lacoste Cool Play, Acqua di Gio, and I guess most of the male Jil Sander scents.

    Citrus: fragrances smelling foremost of citrus fruits, or similar notes that are not extracted from citrus fruits in a strict biological/botanical sense. Examples would be M7 Fresh, Concentree d'Orange Verte, Eau d'Hadrien, and to some extent Guerlain Vetiver and Terre d'Hermes.

    Of course there may be hybrids, and Happy may be one of them.
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    Default Re: what is an aquatic?

    Aquatics have a note which gives an impression of water (ozonic, fresh) as if from a rolling river or the sea which is from entirely synthetic aroma chemicals. It often has a similar smell to watermelon. It is frequently blended with citrus, which is also a "fresh" smell and so can sometimes get confused with this but they are separate ingredients. Citrus notes are derived from citrus fruits or their parent plants or are synthesised recreations of these oils. Aquatics are a fairly recent development, citrus has been around forever (tell me that caveman didn't rub the orange peel on himself.....)
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    Default Re: what is an aquatic?

    The chemical added to scents to make the aquatic notes is calone. It is a synthetic, and it's supposed to smell like the sea. Ozone notes, I think, are different.

    Aquatics are often used in conjunction with citrus notes, because the aquatic by itself would be too harsh. I personally feel that aquatics are better in the top when used without too much citrus, because even that combination is a little harsh to my nose. Calone may do better with green top notes rather than pure citrus/calone combinations.

    It's all a question of taste after all...
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    Default Re: what is an aquatic?

    Quote Originally Posted by JaimeB View Post
    The chemical added to scents to make the aquatic notes is calone. It is a synthetic, and it's supposed to smell like the sea. Ozone notes, I think, are different.
    not only's a list of some of the chemicals used as "marine chemicals" (sometimes some of these even overlap with fresh air or ozone notes):

    Cyclemone A
    Decyl Mehtyl Ether
    Intreleven Aldehyde
    muguet aldehyde 50
    Myrac Aldehyde
    Precyclemone B

    notes: some of these also fall under other categories, that is, there is not one chemical that functions as a sole note in a fragrance, most of the ones mentioned also have floral,citrus,ozonic etc qualities, not only oceanic or marine "aquatic" qualities.


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    Default Re: what is an aquatic?


    Entirely synthetic and quirky modern sub-group which uses a variety of chemicals (e.g. calene) to introduce a suggestion of the sea, lakes, rivers and streams to the top and middle notes of a perfume. As innovative and ingenious as the introduction of aldehydes in the early 1920’s
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    Default Re: what is an aquatic?

    Sometimes the aquatic accord is simulated via the use of a sea salt note instead of the chemical calone.

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