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    Default Dukes of Pall Mall again

    Hey, I just had to share. Not only did I send off an academic paper today (an incredible feeling of relief after endless nights of tortuous struggles with the text) but I finally captured a bottle of the original Dukes of Pall Mall Cotswold Cologne (not the frequently ebayed aftershave). I had gotten one previously which was evidently made under license after the original firm had faltered (the name was there, but the address, the design and the fragrance had changed - not for the better IMO, as it came across as very modernized-fresh-synthetic, actually a bit like Floris Cefiro).

    This one is the real McCoy and I really hope the juice is in good shape and gets here in one piece from England. This was one of my baddest wants. Soooo bad. Yeah!

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    Default Re: Dukes of Pall Mall again

    To the good life! Cheer's!

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    Default Re: Dukes of Pall Mall again

    You got it for 4.99GBP + shipping...

    You wanted it soooo bad and you literally got it for Free.....

    Enjoy the feeling my friend...


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    Default Re: Dukes of Pall Mall again

    It arrived today. It is the real thing, 100% full and in perfect condition. And it smells so incredibly good I'm just floating away, over a romantic England's vales and hills. Oooh, where's that old Kate Bush record of mine (I mean Lionheart, of course)?

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