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    Default Bulgari Omnia Crystalline

    I tested this on a card but unfortunately neglected to skin-test it. Does this have decent longevity? How's the drydown?

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    this is a very light scent and wears very close to my skin. It lasts only about 3 or 4 hours on me. Bulgaris never last long on me while other's can last an entire day. Drydown is a nice light floral. I normally wear this to the office in the summer. It's a fabulous scent for warmer weather. IMO, this is an underrated scent.
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    I find it light, not great on longevity, or sillage. Omnia, it's weightier cousin, has more of an impact. All the same, Crystalline has its place and its purpose, and you can combine the two fragrances to make a third - which is fun. Crystalline is a good general daywear fragrance.
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    Bulgaris are light on my skin, but they project grandly and last forever on clothing!

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