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    Default I've got to stop.

    Ok, here's the base line. I've got to stop buying things, yet I want to keep coming to Basenotes and not have the urge to buy big new bottles of stuff. I've bought way too much in the last 3 months.

    I think I'm just insecure and want someone to tell me my fragrance wardrobe is well-balanced. I didn't want a lot when I started, I just wanted something for every occasion. I think I reached that point a few bottles ago, but here I am with a few more, now.

    Anyways, help please? Hahaha.

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    Default Re: I've got to stop.

    If you feel bad but you want to try more why not go on makeupalley and see if you can swap small quantities, that way you can enjoy a scent for some time but not buy another FB.

    You seem to love all the fb you have judging by the stars so I don't think you have gone into the deep end, yet. And 18 bottles is a nice collection, it's not out of control but gives you a good range to pick from.
    But once you get locked into a serious perfume collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.
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    Default Re: I've got to stop.

    Thanks for replying. It means a lot.

    Yeah, I definitely think I should get into the whole decanting/sampling scene. I know I could afford to sell some juice out of my 125ml bottles.

    Also, the main thing that was bugging me last night has been resolved. I felt bad that I hadn't been using my Steam Aoud bottle at all, so I returned that today. It was really expensive, so that lifts a load off of my shoulders.

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    Default Re: I've got to stop.

    I was getting ahead of myself for a while, too. I have mainly samples now. I usually don't buy a bottle until I've used the sample 3 times to make sure I like it enough. It takes a long time to use a sample, for me anyway. I find it can vary from one time to the next. I might wait a month or so before I buy a whole bottle because I can change my mind or find something else I like more in the meantime.

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    Default Re: I've got to stop.

    At least you have a bunch of bottles your happy with.. You've got a good collection.
    Glad you could return the Steam Aoud, I got a tester of that from The Purfume Shoppe and was very close to buying a full bottle myself but I have decided Vetiver De Sables will most likely be my first Montale purchase. Did you get your GIT locally ? I haven't seen it in many places in Vancouver.

    I hear you though, I think I need to stop soon as well, as I should saving for other things..
    Its quite an addicting hobby.
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