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    Default Re: Malaysian Basenoters

    Just sampled some Niche fragrances, and now I understand Joey's obsession a little better. I must say, to me Niche Scents represents a different level of sampling. Almost every sampling is a different experience, and i didn't have many "This smells like That" moments. Compare this to designer fragrance sampling, where you don't find outstanding scents with consistency, and you do need a little patience to find the gems.

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    Default Re: Malaysian Basenoters

    Definitely a different level of sampling and another level of harm on the wallet too

    I have always peered across the horizon and caught a few glimpses of niche frags i like. After residing so long in designerland i think it's time for me to go into niche kingdom...not permanently thought maybe just for a short stay Ain't the grass greener on the other side ? haha
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    When i think i can get 3 designer for one niche, i decide i still have a few designers that i am interested in. :P

    Lets hope there are super deals during Christmas!

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    Default Re: Malaysian Basenoters

    Hi guys,

    Do you know if there's any traditional offline store in Malaysia that I can hunt for vintage / old batch best seller perfumes like Versace Eros, Spicebomb, Dior Homme Intense, LIDGE, etc? I'm now more into Niche fragrances but still highly appreciating these best selling frags but the vintage batch one that still offers excellent performances, thx.


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