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    Default Profumo's Incense and Tobacco Fragrances for Men

    <> makes some nice, all-natural masculine fragrances, especially those that feature frankincense or tobacco. I have been posting reviews of samples on the Feminine Fragrance Discussion, but many of you probably have not seen them. So, I'm writing a few here that I think would be of interest to you guys.

    I am especially impressed with Profumo's masculine fragrances because they are original and unusual--a welcome change of pace from typical men's colognes. These are all-natural, so they smell fresh and clean right from the start. (Don't look for huge sillage and chemical tenacity. They are beautiful and ethereal.) And they succeed in moving far away from the "fresh citrus and lavendar" or "sweet leather and tobacco" cliches that dominate the men's market.

    These first three feature frankincense:

    Gringo - This was my favorite sample. I liked it best from all the samples, even the women's perfumes. It has patchouli, fankincense, peppermint, sandalwood, vanilla, rose, castoreum, and lemon. It's hard to tell in writing what that combination would smell like, isn't it? It yields an excellent incense fragrance. Gringo smells like sticking your head into a bag of frankincense resin and snorting the dust like cocaine. It is rich, heavy, and high-quality. The patchouli adds earthy mustiness and sweet, chocolatey undertones. The mint and lemon freshen and lighten the scent. And the vanilla rounds it off with softness. I cannot smell the castoreum at all. The animalic quality goes under the radar.

    Persona - This one has opening notes that are pure happiness to me.
    I love the vetiver, and the neroli adds the right amount of citrus without turning it too sour. Profumo has an excellent source of natural neroli, and he uses it to advantage in many of his perfumes. Rather than being earthy like Gringo, Persona is fresh and barbershop clean--the best quality of this perfume. Very enjoyable.

    Hindu Kush - This appealing, spicy Oriental fragrance starts with a mixture of spices both pungent and sweet--ginger, cumin, nutmeg and pepper--each appearing quickly at different intervals. The incense is high-quality and rich. Particularly enjoyable is the sweet, woody resin. The base smells like a dark labdanum--a bit smoky with subtle, maple nuances. Altogether, it creates a mystical, adventurous, rather sexy fragrance.

    Now for the tobacco fragrances:

    I have not smelled Tabac, which garnered four stars in The Guide.

    Chilum - A superlative tobacco fragrance and an excellent sandalwood one as well. Woody, diffusive and airy, with a bit of sweetness from ginger root. Real sandalwood gives this fragrance a dry, powdery charm that grows as you wear it. The tobacco is light and fragrant, not smoky. The entire effect, in combination with the gorgeous sandalwood makes me want to breathe inward. (Hey, that's a little like smoking, isn't it?) This is a tobacco perfume is that many people could feel comfortable wearing. It is adaptable yet distinctive. It is one of my favorites in Perfumo's line.

    Don Corleone - The image of a handsome man in an expensive suit appears to me. This fragrance, like the man in the image, is classy, stylish, and understated. It is rich and, "oh, so Italian!" right down to the polished shoes and the light scent of tobacco. It surprised me to find that tuberose and vanilla are also listed as notes. You would never suspect them. Clear away all images of Poison or Fracas from your minds, this prime quality tuberose absolute is natural, fresh, and not very sweet--not in the least a classic "floral" scent. This is unisex. The vanilla is extremely subtle. I don't know what olfactory group to include this fragrance in. It smells of the outdoors and of tobacco and of well-dressed men. I like Don Corleone a lot.

    Cuba Express - This fragrance reminds me of vacation! The opening smells like sweet edibles--tropical fruits, spices, and rum. It makes me think of eating at local restaurants on beach vacations. The imaginary restaurant is infused with the aroma of fresh fruit, steaming coffee, chocolate dessert, and spiced rum. Men are smoking pipes or cigars. This perfume is heavy and complex, juxtaposed with edible and non-edible aromas. If you are a man who is outgoing and friendly, who laughs a lot, who expresses himself openly and dresses well in colorful shirts, it would suit you perfectly.

    So, there you have it. Incense and tobacco fragrances for men. This perfumer is particularly gifted working with these notes. And he uses high-quality naturals. So, if you're looking for something different that doesn't smell like anything else on the market, try these.

    Here is thelink to the website:
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    Default Re: Profumo's Incense and Tobacco Fragrances for Men

    Excellent reviews, Purplebird. The Hindu Kush and Chillum sound particularly interesting to me, partly due to their names. [Hindu Kush is said to be the Hindu Gods' abode, i.e. Paradise, and Chillum is my native language term for a (tobacco) pipe]

    It'll be interesting to see what the perfumer has tried to convey with these fragrances

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    Default Re: Profumo's Incense and Tobacco Fragrances for Men

    Thanks for bringing your reviews to this side of the forums!

    Hindu Kush and Don Corleone particularly interest me ( though the latter does sound like the most unlikely celebuscent ever ).

    I must also recommend the delightful Rose de Bois, a rounded rosewood-sandalwood-cinnamon fragrance, my favorite from his line so far.

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    Default Re: Profumo's Incense and Tobacco Fragrances for Men

    You're welcome. I probably should have tacked them onto hirch duckfinder's thread, but I didn't see it in time.
    I liked Rose de Bois, also. So did almost everybody who reviewed it on the female side.
    It's a great starting point for anybody who has never smelled all-natural perfumes. It is probably a likeable and comforting scent for just about anybody.
    The thing is, he uses good ingredients, and a perfume is only as good as each separate component--which is especially true for all-naturals because fewer ingredients go into them due to their complexity.
    Profumo knows his ingredients and he isn't afraid to try and make something a bit offbeat or daring.

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