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    Compiled from the Note Identification Project thread:

    Basil - Green, live, minty with just a touch of sweetness. No overpowering note of anise, either. Nice sample.

    Basil (EO, Aura Cacia, Ocimum basilicum origin France/Egypt)--3 drops on cotton, wafted
    Green and spicy, slightly lemony-minty, and a hint of nuttyness, oilyness. Recognizable as a culinary herb, but in this form smells much less fresh and much more on the medicinal side. Even so, I still get a connection between this and freshly chopped basil, or with pesto sauce. After dry down, it is much less oily and spicy, but the green lemon-mint remains and the nuttyness increases.

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    2 drops of EO in 2 tbsp water, heated in a ceramic simmering potpourri.

    Minty, leafy and very green. Quite aromatic and true to the basil herb. As it develops, there is an affinity to galbanum. Further development leads to the typical licorice scent of many basil varieties. This licorice scent gets stronger as the tincture cooks.

    "The force that through the green fuse drives the flower // drives my green age..." Dylan Thomas

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    I have sampled 2 basils. One is minty and licoricey. Fails to capture the fresh green notes of the fresh herb. The other (organic) is fantastic. It just immediately takes me to a caprese salad. It has all the character of fresh basil.

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    Genovese Basil for me is the most fragrant and aromatic.

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    Another basil facet that comes to my mind is rubber, which is a quality I find in Habit Rouge's top chord and in Knize Ten's drydown.

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    Basil plants growing in window-box, pinched between forefinger and thumb.

    Identifiable components:

    Mint/laurel (linalool?)

    Strawberry/cinnamon/eucalyptus (probably methyl cinnamate?)

    aniseed/bay (estragole?)


    The stems seem to be heavier with a pine/turpentine/tar scent, whereas the newest tips seem to be most volatile with a slight citrus zest.

    Thai basil is quite different: much bigger on the estragole, plus anethole.

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