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    Default Mixing oils and frangrances

    I would just like to take some of my designer colognes and make a lighter (oil-based) scent. I wanted to make sure I'm doing this right. I have purchased some jojoba oil... is that all I would need to mix with my designer colognes? Should all of my different colognes work with the jojoba oil?

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    Default Re: Mixing oils and frangrances

    There's a good chance the acohol in the cologne won't mix with the oil. I suggest experimenting with small quantities. You should be able to find small plastic measuring cups at a grocery store with a 5 ml division. I'd start with 5 ml of your jojoba oil and then adding a few drops of the cologne. Stir & cover & give it a while. If you don't see clear drops of cologne floating in the golden jojoba oil, then you could try a 50-50 mixture.

    Good luck & please let us know your results.

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    Default Re: Mixing oils and frangrances

    Are you saying you want to combine existing fragrances with jojoba oil? Like say, take a bottle of Usher and mix it with oil to make a lighter fragrance? If so, you would just decrease the amount of the existing fragrance by adding more oil until you come up with the intensity you seek.

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    Default Re: Mixing oils and frangrances

    The fragrance you start with ("designer colognes") is probably alcohol based, the majority of perfumes (certainly in the Western world) is. Alcohol and jojoba oil do not mix very well, so I would not recommend the use of jojoba oil.

    You could use alcohol to dillute your fragrance. Use a good quality alcohol that is suitable for use in cosmetics, has no smell of itself and has a high alcohol content (at least 90%).

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