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Thread: Aglaia Odorata

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    Default Aglaia Odorata

    Aglaia Odorata -- bright kelly green, did not dissolve completely, with particles -- does not smell like an absolute, it is a complex smell consisting mostly of geranium and green elements, concentrated and comforting. If diluted, it would, perhaps, represent meadow grass -- lush and with small yellow flowers (yarrow?).

    This is about 20 per cent absolute.

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    The Aglaia odorata I have smells very lush and raisin-like, or perhaps a concentrated scent of wine. It has a very low register; not the high one that yarrow EO has to me.

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    Are you sure that is aglaia and not davana? Davana smells like extremely concentrated raisins/wine. I've never heard aglaia described as such.

    What color is your aglaia absolute?
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    It is Alaia Flower (aglaia ordorata), China, solvent extracted absolute, and has a medium-dark greenish-purple color. This is from Liberty Natural. Anyway, it is quite luscious.

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