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  • London 1920s Perfume Event this Tuesday : Scratch and Sniff

  • Win a bespoke Perfume

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  • London 1920s Perfume Event this Tuesday : Scratch and Sniff

    We have plenty of exhibitions for our eyes, restaurants for our tastebuds, and music for our ears, but our sense of smell has been rather neglected by cultural offerings, until now. Following its pilot in February, covered then by Basenotes, Scratch+Sniff, "Purveyors of Olfactory Adventures", are introducing a new kind of event which places scent and the nose at its heart.

    Vamps. Surrealists. Narcotics. America. Money. And a large dose of seediness on the side. We’re going to take a trip back to the 1920s, reliving the social and cultural history of the time through the stories told by perfume. We’ll stop in at a Stateside speak-easy, will pop by at an Aviation show, and will take a seat in the society drawing room of a Noël Coward play where the characters would dip their cigarettes in the legendary Narcisse Noir perfume. We’ll also look at how the technological revolution and the development of new chemicals brought along a plethora of smells never experienced before and the opportunity for fragrance to be seriously subversive….

    We are in trusted hands, as our guide for the evening is Lucy Moore, historian and author of Anything Goes, a biography of the 1920s:


    Win a bespoke perfume from Essentially Me

    ...The winner of the Perfume Review Competition will travel with a friend to Essentially Me's HQ in the Cotswolds to spend the day learning about natural perfume. The winner will also enjoy a one-to-one consultation to create a bespoke perfume tailored to their personal aromatic preferences...


    --Latest Features--

    Harrods Perfume Diaries

    We've been covering the exhibition and its events. Check out images of vintage perfumes, and read about an audience with Jean Paul Guerlain and Thierry Wasser.


    --Latest News--

    Arran Aromatics launch Eydis Edit

    Lady Gaga and Coty in fragrance deal. But it's happening this time

    New candles from Alexa Rodulfo

    Ruth Mastenbroek talks about her first Eau de Parfum

    Sartorial - new men's fragrance from Penhaligon's

    Ferragamo launch Attimo

    New Fragrances: Tommy Hilfiger - Loud

    Amouage create Memoir fragrances inspired by Baudelaire

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