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    Nice find. Very interesting indeed.

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    Not just very insightful, but also well organized- thanks for sharing

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    Best thing about that chart is the "Ambery Fougere" category. At the time, everyone else was calling them fresh orientals, which didn't really distinguish them from Ambery Orientals (like Envy and Obsession) which are also fairly fresh. A stack of scents which I found immediately intoxicating fell into that category.

    Where I think it's a bit weak is that scents that others call "Woody Spicy" - and that category makes sense to my nose - are scattered all over the Chypres.

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    I love charts and categories. I'm not sure what this chart means by "fresh." They put Drakkar Noir under that category...I like it, but I would not call it fresh...maybe heavy and lingering and sensual, but not fresh!

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