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    Default Will Returning Fragrances Void your Ebates Cashback?

    Hey all, I just read that you won't get your ebates cashback if you return a portion of your order. I have ordered 6 bottles in one order but have one defective bottle, fragrancenet allows you to return bottles for refund only in Canada - no exchanges, and they said they will not alter the initial invoice.

    Has anyone ever returned an item to fragrancenet and still got their cashback, the cashback is still in PENDING status on the ebates page as of now.

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    Default Re: Will Returning Fragrances Void your Ebates Cashback?

    I was asking myself this question yesterday since fragrancenet messed up my order and I asked for a refund. Either way I don't really care, I was just curious.

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    Default Re: Will Returning Fragrances Void your Ebates Cashback?

    Mine is just a partial refund since i am only returning one of the 6 bottles, but if fragrancenet does not alter the invoice in any way then ebates will still get paid by fragrancenet correct? if ebates doesnt get paid i won't get paid either.

    This goes for anyone else who might experience this in the future.

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