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    Default Frank Los Angeles - Frank #2

    Would like to hear thoughts from people who either own Frank #2 or have tested.

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    Default Re: Frank Los Angeles - Frank #2

    Own it and feel that it's a very underrated fragrance, good value too. It's a nice boozy plum smell. I'm not certain but I've heard rumors the company has closed down, shame if it's true.
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    Default Re: Frank Los Angeles - Frank #2

    It is a very good fragrance and I am happy to have it in my collection. It is quite aromatic, with that boozy plum undertone that JiveHippo correctly mentions. I kind of liken the scent to a more refined Patrick by Fragrances of Ireland, but the scents are not carbon copies at all, just the general vibe I get off them. I prefer Frank No. 2, and would certainly be dismayed if they went under. One of the better value niche companies out there, IMO.
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    Default Re: Frank Los Angeles - Frank #2

    it's unfortunate they close down, their website cannot be access either
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