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    Question Help Identifying please

    Hi I am new here and in need of some help identifying a small bottle. I am not sure what was in it. here are a few pictures.
    Thank You for the help and any information we can get on this

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    I am having some issues posting the pictures i am trying to get them up now
    Thank You
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    Default Re: Help Identifying please

    It looks like an amulet or pendant to me. Aromatic jewelry is often sold empty; the buyer fills it with their own perfume.
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    Default Re: Help Identifying please

    Those are beautiful!!!! Wouldn't the metal change the scent though? (chemically react with it?)

    I thought glass was the best thing to store fragrances in, since it's non-permeable, doesn't leach and is pretty much inert.

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    Default Re: Help Identifying please

    I don't know how much crosses over, but in other fields there are some issues.
    In pharmacy, we can't use aluminum hub needles with all drugs due to chemical interaction. Stainless steel is considered fine in all instances for the short time it takes to compound a drug.
    In cooking, aluminum is a great conductor but for items with proteins like milk or eggs stainless steel or glass is used.
    This leads me to believe that if a vessel were stainless steel that it would be okay for use, at least for awhile. Would I use metal to carry my frags? -I can only see it as practical where glass would break, like backpacking or rock climbing. But I don't wear fragrances when I engage in those activities so...

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    Default Re: Help Identifying please

    Thank You for the information. I have another question does anyone know what this would be worth?
    Thank You

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    Default Re: Help Identifying please

    They are very lovely but I don't think they are very valuable, although in saying that, I have never seen one on a brooch before, only on a chain. I have one similar for a chain.

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    And of course I cannot find mine anywhere to photograph it for you.....

    but I found the one referred to with the blue stone on ebay

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