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    Default HELPP!! Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Men OR Calvin Klein Obsession

    HELLO FRNDZZ..i am new to basenotes. i'm a college student.I have not use any Eau de toilette before..itz my first time.plz recommend any one of these(obesession or 212 sexy men). I have read so many good reviews about these edt .. especially i have not seen any bad review about 212 sexy men. people say obsession is very strong while 212 sexy men is not. i dont like very strong fragrances..they give me Headache.but i am confused !!!!!!
    . and one thing more...there is a shy girl in my college and i like her. which fragrance is best to impress her. i know everyones taste is different.but select any one for me.bdw i am from INDIA. THANX

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    Default Re: HELPP!! Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Men OR Calvin Klein Obsession

    Not a fan of either but of the two I'd choose the Calvin Klein

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