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    Default Re: Portrait Of A Lady Vs Lyric Man

    I'll go for Lyric Man rather than POAL

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    Default Re: Portrait Of A Lady Vs Lyric Man

    Drseid: Your recommendation made me take a trip into the city to sample POAL at Barney's. I got distracted by the other Malles, and I came home with Geranium Pour Monsieur. I found out after I got home that POAL was inspired by GPM and shares the same base.

    BTW, I asked for a sample of POAL so I could study it a little, but I was given a sample of Carnal Flower, which is beautiful. So I ordered a sample of POAL from Surrender to Chance. I have a Bulgarian Rose Otto that is my benchmark for rose. POAL's Rose is obviously very different, but I'm looking forward to comparing them. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Portrait Of A Lady Vs Lyric Man

    Malle's is more complex & dark, while Amouage's is much more clean&bright.

    But my all time favorite 'Rose Heavy' scent is Oud Ispahan by Dior Privée, it is big, bold, bright rose, kind of jammy or fruity on smoky & spicy oud.
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    Default Re: Portrait Of A Lady Vs Lyric Man

    Like others here, I find Lyric Woman to be more masculine than Lyric Man, which indeed gets too soapy and screechy for me (a lot of orange blossom in there). Lyric Woman is warmer, more balmy and resinous. Nothing particularly "feminine" about it one way or another.

    Also, as has been pointed out before, Portrait of a Lady is named after the Henry James novel; the "Lady" in the name comes from that, not because it's meant to be a woman's fragrance. It's unisex.

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    Default Re: Portrait Of A Lady Vs Lyric Man

    POAL. but Lyric is not bad either. Its all down to preference.

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    Default Re: Portrait Of A Lady Vs Lyric Man

    POAL and Lyric Man are totally different scents. Lyric is more wearable in my opinion and it is office friendly scent. This is my daily scent. POAL is for date night in Autumn and Winter. Too much for summer.

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