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    Default Dark Aoud - Montale's Unmentioned Leather?

    I just got in a sample decant of Montale's Dark Aoud and am enjoying it so far. I get a strong "leather" note. I understand that the funkier aspects of Oud can often come off as certain darker aspects of leather. Fragrantica only lists two notes, but on Basenotes leather is mentioned (I feel there is something along the lines of cedar as well, but maybe thats the pepper/teak).

    In a way, this can be described as Cuir Arabie without the stinkier aspects. Aoud Leather is the accessible one of the line, but for someone looking for a bitter Montale Leather and wants nothing other than the leather and some supporting notes (and doesnt want the stink of Cuir Arabie), Dark Aoud would be a good choice.

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    Default Re: Dark Aoud - Montale's Unmentioned Leather?

    this are the official notes, not just oud and sandalwood what fragrantica lists.
    Dark Aoud Notes
    Indian sandalwood, Oud, Black Pepper, Saffron, Vetiver, Teak, Leather, Grey Amber
    1976 - Yatagan Caron
    1977 - Snuff by Schiaparelli
    1981 - Kouros YSL
    1988 - Fahrenheit Dior
    1980 - Patou Pour Homme
    1987 - Lapidus Pour Homme
    1981 - Quorum Antonio Puig
    1993 - Insense by Givenchy
    2014 - Dior Homme Parfum
    1987 - Ho Hang Club Balenciaga

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    Default Re: Dark Aoud - Montale's Unmentioned Leather?

    It's a great scent - woody and spicy.
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    Default Re: Dark Aoud - Montale's Unmentioned Leather?

    A great scent, but not an everyday fragrance. I have to be in the mood for it. Also has some good quality sandalwood in the base (or at least it used to). I definitely get leather in there blending into the dark, medicinal leathery aspects of the oud. It's very much a clean leather rather than a worn in animalic leather. The scent always makes me think of carbon fiber for some reason.
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