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    Default Choose A Perfume That Fits Your Personality

    The exciting beauty of perfumes can only be felt with the full presence of senses. Hence, one of the main purposes of perfumes is to create an absolute impression and a feeling of freshness, seduction or simply - a reflection of one's mood. Therefore, it is very important to choose your fragrance wisely as it will become your own unique imprint. Different scents display different notes on different skins. With this in mind, perfumes must be chosen according to skin type as well as personality or even moods.

    For example, women who are feminine and tender tend to use floral perfumes. Such are perfumes with peony, lily, lilac, rose, tulip, violet, carnation, dahlia, fresia, orchid etc. Women with bolder personality are more inclined to spicy ones with clove, cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, nutmeg... Women who are sensual, oriental scents such as musk or amber contribute to express these features. Those who love fun and outdoor activities mostly use citrus perfumes with lemon, lime, orange or tangerine feel. Moss and wood based perfumes reflect sporty spirit. Women who love to take care of themselves use fragrances that contain lavender or musk.

    Women with strong and assertive personality should tend towards more oriental scents. These perfumes contain exotic extracts from honey, chocolate, caramel, vanilla and other deep scents. In general, perfumes with sweet and spicy aroma are for people who are profound, introvert and serious. Light perfume scents such as citrus and other fruity scents are intended for people who are happy, extrovert and adventurous. Of course, this is not a strict generalization since everyday activities also have a great influence on choosing the right perfume. For instance, choosing warm vanilla or even coffee beans smell may also mean that you choose your perfume based on your everyday coffee drinking routine which is one of your favorite things to do. If you choose vanilla, maybe you like the taste and smell of vanilla in freshly baked cookies. If you love fresh citrus, maybe it's because you're a healthy food enthusiast. If you love musk and sandalwood, maybe you're courageous and love to live life to its fullest. If you like flower-based perfumes, you're romantic, sensuous and love being in love. If you don't stick to a particular perfume and choose a different one each time, it means you're not afraid of life changes and embrace them with joy.

    Whichever aroma you choose, it is likely to remind you of good times in your life and you identify good memories with smells that remind you of them. If you love the holidays, it is likely that you'll choose a strong wintery perfume with ginger or nutmeg notes.

    All in all, perfumes are like ornaments on our skin. If you wear it well, you'll make the most of it. Self-confidence is the main ingredient in women's beauty.

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    Default Re: Choose A Perfume That Fits Your Personality

    Quote Originally Posted by thechaste View Post
    If you don't stick to a particular perfume and choose a different one each time, it means you're not afraid of life changes and embrace them with joy.
    That would be me.
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    Default Re: Choose A Perfume That Fits Your Personality

    Choosing a fragrance to fit my personality is both a major difficulty and challenge, but simultaneously also a major excitement and satisfaction, since my rather modest and limited fragrance collection already covers a variety of possible personality facets.

    But the more diverse and daring, the more creative or simply timelessly no-frills, no-nonsense, tastefully stylish can enhance, further emphasize and complement the attractive, classy, utterly remarkable feature of any person of any gender, age group, under almost any situation. And if the perfume bottle/outer appearance of the fragrance reflects even partly reflects some of these aspects, even better (from a personal viewpoint).
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    Default Re: Choose A Perfume That Fits Your Personality

    I choose fragrances on experiences or objects/places I want to smell like. More often than not, I want to smell like a forest campfire after the rain, or Catholic Mass. This is probably reason enough to get psychotherapy

    1. CdG Kyoto — Holy Mass, but sexier
    2. YSL Kouros — dirty apocalyptic lust
    3. Bvlgari Black — leather and lace, with a twist of lime in your tea
    4. Vivienne Westwood Boudoir — creased petals in bedsheets, thick and textured
    5. Guerlain Shalimar — (vintage only) naughty grandma

    (as of 7/2017)
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    Default Re: Choose A Perfume That Fits Your Personality

    Still looking, still trying. Don't want that to come to an end.

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