Hello there, I am new to this thread but not new to basenotes, especially active in oud forum. But at this forum I would like to offer you perfumers 2 unique materials:

1. Jasmine Absolute
what make this jasmine absolute different with others is she is created by enfleurage, in which capable to capture the whole dimension of jasmine. Plus it is wax free, it would not freeze inside your refrigerator, the jasmine is jasminum sambac. And originated from Central Java. I heard that tropical grown plants have more aroma compare to same species that grown outside the tropic.
One of the perfumer I sent sample to told me that it is the best jasmine scent he ever sniff.

2. Frangipani
The frangipani absolute is an excellent middle note, she is sweet earthy and very deep yet can be booster for top notes This item is rare to be found on the market, also using enfleurage.

if anyone interested please shoot me an email to agarwoodindonesia@gmail.com, price can be negotiable if one would like to be our re-seller.
Thank you and have a pleasant day.