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    Default Basenotes Madlibs! Oh yes I did.

    Ok beloved truth seekers! Time for some Basenotes Madlibs! This is how it works. I pick out a fragrance review in our collosal database, chose random words to change and leave it up to you all for replacement words. In the land of the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich, we call this game 'Madlibs', I'm sure there's a correlative in the UK, probably called "Flibberty Jibbits" or something.

    I will ask for figures of speech, nouns, verbs, etc. These will be numbered so your contributions should include the number in the sequence and the word. You can include one or as many answers as you like. Look to see what numbers have been taken before posting. I will use the first answer posted in the final 'reading'.

    I will provide a list of needed words like this:

    1. Adverb
    2. Verb
    3. Adjective
    4. Adjective
    5. Plural Noun
    6. Noun

    I wait until all six are provided by Basenoters. Like I said, feel free to add more than 1 word and check to see what has already been taken before you post.

    Let's say I get the words
    1. Begrudgingly
    2. Sniff
    3. quiet
    4. slutty
    5. Grandmas
    6. bunion

    Given these words (which I came up with randomly for this example) the immortal words made world famous in hednic's signature become:

    Remember that while it's begrudgingly acceptable to sniff the content of a post - sniffing the poster is not. Mean spirited, quiet, snide, slutty, hateful and rude Grandmas on Basenotes don't warrant or deserve other Basenoters' acknowledgement or bunion.
    Some people find this kind of thing hilarious. I'm going to find a short, suitable review for a first round and to see if there's interest. Coming up in few...going out for a smoke and some tea (rooibos) and I'll be back needing some words from my eager little paragraph-smiths.
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    Default Re: Basenotes Madlibs! Oh yes I did.


    I've got to be honest. I'm too lazy to keep on top of this. I started making a new madlib 'template' out of ClaireV's hilarious review of of TF's Black Orchid when I realized the review is funny enough and my madlib will just ruin a truly great creation. ..not only that but I come here for fun and it's too much like work. I was sipping and toking, having a near panic attack at the thought of the responsibility involved.

    Really though, I posted on impulse and if there is an overwhelming demand and support for Basenotes Madlibs (aka FlibbertyJibbets) then I shall suffer for what I love and scribe the Sacred Flibberty Jibbets. I will be a willing word slave and paragraph-smith to the denizens of the Fragrance Game Pit. As ye will it, so mote it be.
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