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    Default Trumper Eucris, UK Only

    Barely used Trumper Eucris for swap; this is my backup bottle which it's becoming increasingly obvious that I won't need until I'm about 80 amazing oldschool gentlemanly fragrance, an ashen and dark oakmoss which is unlike anything else I know.

    Used maybe 3ml from it (if that) so around 97 remains. Still boxed but the retaining tape for the stopper has been removed (stopper still works just fine; it vacuum seals with the unscrewing crown on top).

    Looking for a bottle of Yatagan (must be full or virtually) or Grey Vetiver EDP / Eau Sauvage EDP / Dzongkha by L'Artisan (obviously these don't have to be full given the price difference), but will consider most things. I really like incense and myrrh, if that helps
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