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    Default NEW: Miller et Bertaux Study #23 (newsletter)!

    From NST:

    Niche line Miller et Bertaux has launched Study #23 (newsletter), a new unisex woody oriental fragrance.

    "I remember. The day declines, slowly … A nocturnal fragrance of combined perfumes. Flower petals, incense fumes. On the bodies and faces, orange, pasted rice, saffron. Two young foreigners sitting in lotus, the sacred flower. Their skin looks so white, their hair so long. Mingling with incense, collars of yellow flowers, garland of patchouli leaves, Tibet cedar coals, coming from the waves and the lounge bar of the nearby beach, a techno music throbbing and modern."

    Miller et Bertaux Study #23 (newsletter) is available in 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

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    Default Re: NEW: Miller et Bertaux Study #23 (newsletter)!

    Thanks hednic! just saw this across in the nst website..interesting!

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    Default Re: NEW: Miller et Bertaux Study #23 (newsletter)!

    Thanks for the info.

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