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Thread: Daniel josier

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    Default Daniel josier

    Guess he worked for CH, Rabanne, Ricci, Prada, Valentino, Yves Rocher, L'Occitane ... but can't find any frags with specific name on them other than his brand..?

    Any pure stand outs of his?

    Sounds great,
    Green Leather
    Gold Vetiver
    Ambre Tabac

    What about the Renier brand?

    How about
    Kisses Rain ?

    Thanks for any info!
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    Default Re: Daniel josier

    Haven't tried any personally, but Green Leather does sound nice.
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    Default Re: Daniel josier

    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    Haven't tried any personally, but Green Leather does sound nice.
    It does sound good, in theory at least. I got Daniel Josier 6-sampler set recently.

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    Default Re: Daniel josier

    Green Leather is like Tuscan Leather for teenagers, a much more youthful and interesting take on the old formula. I did some quick impressions on their sampler sets in another thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Palmolive View Post
    My samples arrived (thanks Natalie), here's my quick impressions based on the opening and around 30 minutes of wear:

    Ambre Tabac
    Incense dominated opening which smoothly segues into a moderately sweet and dry tobacco note that is given a bit of volume with the amber.

    Dry, slightly bitter vetiver opening that is sitting on some nice citric notes. After about 20 minutes a wonderfully realistic grapefruit kicks in. Quite delicious, this scent feels transparent in that you can see through its layers once its in full swing.

    Mystery Oud
    A light and spicy western palette friendly oud that is really well blended.

    Brilliant effervescent citric opening with a smooth waxy iris that sits on a dry, soft vetiver and sandalwood base.

    Le Musk
    Very feminine. Standard floral overdose fare like most ladies scents tend to be.

    Bois d’Iris
    I’ve sampled something very much like this before. The vetiver is prominent but smoothed out with a nice soft nutmeg accord. Quite appealing.

    Green Leather
    Tuscan Leather for teenagers. Very playful and bright rendition of an old favourite with the addition of saffron that makes its shimmer.

    What a juxtaposition this one is, on one hand you have an excellent and realistic praline note and on the other a natural jasmine accord that is tempered with elements of rose and bergamot. Should be a trainwreck but works.

    Interdit Absente
    Deliciously fresh and minty opening that smells uber realistic that sits on some crisp musks and a base that feels bubbly. Quite different.

    Another very feminine scent, just a melange of florals riding that musk wave as they all do.

    Orquidea Negra
    Very different and interesting, this one smells like dirt and chocolate at the same time.

    Herbal aromatic overdose, imagine that old people joint pain removing accord but gone niche and there you have it.

    And those are my quick impressions. Will update the thread with more detailed takes once I’ve given them a proper blast with a full days wear to see how they develop. You can tell the nose likes the Tom Ford way of doing things but without the heavy denseness that Ford usually brings to the table as a lot of the scents have this airy, summery vibe going on and most of them smell very natural as they don’t have that aromachemical laden boom going on that is so common place in the niche sector these days as houses engage in their own loudness wars. There is a nice amount of separation between the notes which makes the blend feel quite large and voluminous without being overpowering.
    Still need to revisit the standouts for a full wearing but that should help get you started.

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    Default Re: Daniel josier

    Has anyone been wearing Vetiver? I keep hearing comparisons to Terre d'Hermes....

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    Default Re: Daniel josier

    Bois D’Iris apparently is a dead ringer for Dior Bois D’Argent. It’s very nice.

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    Default Re: Daniel josier

    Quote Originally Posted by thrilledchilled View Post
    Bois D’Iris apparently is a dead ringer for Dior Bois D’Argent. It’s very nice.
    Just purchased this one. I can't find it in the database here.

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