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    Default Free Daniel Josier Discovery Set With Any Order

    Did anyone else get this promo email from Daniel Josier?

    Can't see any mention of the offer on the website and oddly it appears they've removed the £30 6 pack sized sampler from the main site and replaced it with a £17 twin pack instead. I'm going to email them to see what the deal is because if they're throwing in the 6 x 5ml pack for free as illustrated then its a bargain as the juice is well worth £95/100ml and I'm still working my way through the uber generous sized samples that I gave my initial impressions on here.

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    Default Re: Free Daniel Josier Discovery Set With Any Order

    Will be interested to find out what the situation is with this
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    Default Re: Free Daniel Josier Discovery Set With Any Order

    Interesting. Yes please report back!
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    Default Re: Free Daniel Josier Discovery Set With Any Order

    Would I be correct in assuming that this e-mail was received only by UK recipients?
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    Default Re: Free Daniel Josier Discovery Set With Any Order

    Right, the promotion is for the 6 x 5ml pack as they got back to me and confirmed it but the email was in my spam folder so I've only just saw it. If you're in the States the fragrances are available from Osme Perfumery in Miami and its worth mentioning the UK promo to them to see if they'll honour the same deal over the pond.

    Bois d'Iris is getting my strong thumbs up at the moment as I've been wearing it for a few and its a wonderfully seductive woody iris as the name suggests that elegantly floats around you for a good 10 hours with a nice cloud of powder, vetiver and vanilla. The remarkable transparency of these frags really is something as they are well put together.

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