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But of course, I think Ensar works with some truly wonderful distillers and Oud hunters and has really grown quite a name & business in the world of Oud. A few of his oils are legendary for good reason: Nha Trang LTD, Kyara LTD, Oud Ahmad. Pretty undeniably great stuff. The price is quite outrageous but the oils are beautiful.
I think you touched on a great point here that many are missing. The distillers that Ensar employs are often legends in their field and masters of their craft who need people like Ensar to buy their product so they can make a living too. It’s often FAR overlooked in the Oud world where consumers assume the vendors are solely responsible for everything but I can’t imagine Ensar without his team and the wonderful people behind the scenes who help bring it all together.[/QUOTE]

I am fine with the vendor. That is not what he sold himself as to build his cult. And even the messiah/saviour persona for Oud world is a few years old. He is a master perfumer now, and his cult giddily buying into it. And it is a cult, as I seriously doubt all of the fanboys have got such developed noses.