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    Default NEW: Angela Ciampagna - Laetitia!

    Laetitia opens the new collection. In the past, the most important European perfume-houses used to dedicate at least one piece of their collections to children.

    The aim of this noble tradition is to bring the youngest among us closer to the Fine Artisanal Perfumery.

    With its experimental olfactive pyramid and its mix of perfumery raw materials and food-grade flavorings, Laetitia is a scented water handcrafted in the fashion of the greatest perfumes.


    No alcohol, no frills.

    Top notes: Aquatic Chord, Cyclamen

    Heart Notes: Melon, Watermelon

    Base notes: Maltol, Musk

    Laetitia was launched in 2018.

    The nose behind this fragrance is Angela Ciampagna.
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    Default Re: NEW: Angela Ciampagna - Laetitia!

    I like the idea behind it but I’m not convinced how ‘child-friendly’ these aromachemicals truly are.

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