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    Default How to Clove Steam Distillation?

    I'm doing Steam distillation of clove for making of clove oil, but at the end of Steam distillation i only got water, Please guide me in details method of clove oil Steam distillation.

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    Default Re: How to Clove Steam Distillation?

    Hi runasyrst! I am not engaged in distillation, but I know the closed group in Facebook. Maybe there receive the answer. Artisan Essential Oil Distillers,

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    Default Re: How to Clove Steam Distillation?

    Yeah, I think that would be a good bet. And with questions like these: PLEASE tell us something about the method you used! It's impossible to say ANYTHING otherwise..

    What amount of clove did you use? Did you crush them beforehand? Did you soak them in water? Did you put them in the water you distilled or on a grid above the water?

    I've done a few trials with distillation recently and the main reasons I think I haven't yielded a proper amount of essential oil are: Firstly it takes quite a lot of material to get an essential oil, especially in materials like clove that are hard and a little unwilling to give up their oils.. Second is that I still need to look in to proper 'separating agents" like xyleen, which help more oil separate from the hydrosol.

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    Default Re: How to Clove Steam Distillation?

    About a month ago I steam distilled essential oil from about 500 grams of dried clove buds obtaining 16 grams of pale yellow oil. I found it rather easy. The oil I got is heavier than water. I let it separate for two days, removed most of the water with a pipette and let the rest of it dry. I used a very simple lab glassware setup.

    Having matured for a month the oil attained pleasant and surprisingly mild odour.

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    Default Re: How to Clove Steam Distillation?

    And some details:

    My setup:

    Heating mantle
    1000 ml round bottom flask for water
    2000 ml reservoir flask for the clove buds
    Distillation bridge with a thermometer
    20 cm Liebig condenser

    For the collection/separation I used a somewhat intricate setup of my own design that helps me catch tiny amounts of oil but wasn't needed. A beaker, a test tube and a pipette is all one needs.

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