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    Default New Jersey - AMERICAN DREAM MEGA-MALL!!!!!!

    I almost can't contain my excitement, but American Dream Mega-Mall will be opening in East Rutherford, NJ this October. While I am very curious if there will be a proper niche fragrance shop, we do know that the mall will feature the new Barney's flagship, as well as Saks, in addition to individual designer stores.

    Let's keep this thread open and post updates as we hear them. NJ frag heads unite!

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    Default Re: New Jersey - AMERICAN DREAM MEGA-MALL!!!!!!

    I can't believe this thing is finally, actually happening. While I'm excited to see where it goes I can't see what it can offer fragrance-wise that we don't already have access to between North Jersey and Manhattan. I'll definitely check out the Barneys and Saks.

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