In the last four months I've had occasion many times to shave four and five day growths off my face, and I have to admit - moderately aggressive DE razors are much better for doing that, than using cartridge razors, especially when one is in a hurry.

And was I in a hurry - my back went, and I couldn't stand or sit for more than a minute and a half without being in agony.

Which made shaving an interesting exercise.

I'd rest on my bed, jump out and rush to my bathroom, quickly put shave cream on (Australian oily shave creams for less nicks), shave a third of my face with De razor, rinse face off, then go fall back in my bed again for five minutes waiting for the pain to subside. Then do the next third in the same manner. And then the final third. .

It was a painful 20 minute effort.

I had tried using an electric razor while lying down in bed, but I no longer felt that electric was giving me a good enough shave and it made my face sore..

I'm over all that now, thank heavens, but I'm still in the DE habit for now.