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    Default A perfume that smells like Aesop Reverence?

    Iím completely in love with Aesopís hand soap Reverence. Is there a perfume that smells exactly the same? The notes listed are Bergamot Rind, Vetiver Root and Petitgrain. I could probaby find a scent including these notes, but as all of you know, this definitely doesnít mean it smells the same. Anyone?

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    Default Re: A perfume that smells like Aesop Reverence?

    omg we're in the same situation! i'm looking for a fragrance that smells like Aesop Resurrection lol i have the handcream. Reverence is sooo nice as well

    I hope someone can lead you to something adequate

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    Default Re: A perfume that smells like Aesop Reverence?

    So - ever since I bought a tube of Reverence, I've been toying with essential oils to try to recreate the smell because it's INCREDIBLE and I want it in everything.

    I don't know of any pre-made perfumes that smell identical, but if you're up for a little DIY project, you can make a perfume oil that's really close - and also can be used in a diffuser, or added to whatever products you want.

    The proportions of aromatic oils in Reverence are (loosely):
    -4 parts Bergamot
    -4 parts Bitter Orange
    -2 parts Javanese Vetiver*
    -1 part Grapefruit
    -1 part Sandalwood*

    *It's important to use Indonesian or Javanese Vetiver. Haitian and Bourbon (from Madagascar) Vetiver essences tend to be more sweet/savory/nutty. Only Javanese Vetiver oil has the dry, smoky, spiciness that makes Reverence so unique.

    *I used the AuraCacia Sandalwood oil that's been diluted in Jojoba oil. That's mostly what you'll find in a supermarket, and it works just fine.

    Good luck!

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